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I honestly don t really know what to think about this book I thought the first half was great but the second half was pretty boring Not once did I think to stop reading it but I also wasn t enjoying it either I m willing to check out books from the author but won t be in a hurry. Under My Roof, based on Archanians by Aristophanes, is the story of telepathic tween Herbert Weinberg, whose father Daniel decides to strike a blow for freedom by building a nuclear device, planting it in the lawn jockey in his front yard, and declaring independence from the United States.The Long Island household is predictably turned upside down Mother is out, a local weatherman is in, and he becomes both a hostage and Minister of Information Though troops surround the belligerent ranch house state, the appeal of independence becomes too much for many A daring raid to kidnap Herb and bring him back to his mother snatches the boy prince from his ancestral home Meanwhile, the house is filling up with former American refuseniks Can the refrigerator hold out However, the seed has already been planted All over America, people are declaring their independence, and simply by traveling from lawn to lawn across the country , Herbert is able to reunite with his father and defeat American imperialism with a final burst of his telepathic powers. Middle class dude goes nuts, builds a cheap nuclear bomb out of spare parts, declares his house an independent country, and madcap hilarity ensues All through the narration of the dude s 12 year old son who has telepathy.I figured this would be a supernatural thriller, but it s actually supernatural farce It s a mad mad mad world At times the narrative is insightful and interesting, other times it dissolves into fast track jive The author s action scenes zip through conflicts without any sense of limits or how events unfold At times I couldn t tell what was going on It s as if astute observations via the senses aren t able to bridge the gap between reality and imagination.Hard to take any of this seriously Just when you get a clear idea of how dangerous and out of control the situation is, how stupid people really are, the satire, the mockery comes shining through and we re relieved of tension The story needs a direction, a stance it s all over the place.The 12 year old kid breaks the fourth wall to communicate to the reader I like that, it s a good technique He makes an effective omniscient narrator In a developed story he d be incredibly exciting, but here he s just floating along with the plot.In a way, the story s main strength is also it s biggest problem Everyone in this book s world is insane, nuts, crazy Even the kid They re all in varying degrees of having lost their sanity, which is realistic considering exposure to a mad mad mad world will do that to humans It s a vitally relevant topic for today all of us have lost our way, maybe for good.However, the book provides no concrete answer other than a vague disintegration into autonomous micro countries, spurred on perhaps by suicide or guided by a new telepathic elite who will rule the morlocks below Atomization of the dumb meets the New Mutants Sounds kind of like later is now by DEVO Tomorrow s just a replay If we re to grow up as the book suggests, we need a stronger center than this. This book asks the question that we are all constantly asking ourselves, What would happen if, in the near future when unchecked American aggression is responsible for starting wars all over the globe including with Canada the white menace , a Long Island man decides that in order to protect his family and his home he must build a nuclear bomb, put it in a lawn gnome, and declare his suburban home a sovereign nation The answer, as told to us by the telepathic twelve year old Herbert Weinberg is poignant, cutting and hilarious.This book also belongs to the category of books I lent to girls and never got back The girl in question is my ex girlfriend She s an idealist and a progressive She lives in the mountains in Southern California and teaches science to fourth and fifth graders at a camp She hangs out with hippies and a man who is deathly afraid of cherry tomatoes When she moved out she took my coffee grinder, my measuring spoons, and measuring cups She took these things by accident but now they are sitting in a storage locker in Fresno serving no one I have yet to replace any of these things I think about all of the storage lockers sitting there in cities and towns and each one is a repository for things that are unused Under My Roof makes me think about things like this It makes me think about box stores and corporate America It makes me want to type phrases like the blanding of American life or equal parts insanity and banality But that s not really the point.What s the point then ( Download Book ) ☪ Under My Roof ♔ Herbert Weinberg S Father Is Striking A Blow For Freedom Implanting A Nuclear Device Within A Garden Gnome In The Front Yard Of Their Long Island Home, He S Declared Independence From The US The Household Is Understandably Is An Uproar Mother S Gone, The Local Weatherman Has Moved In, And Year Old Herbert Is Simultaneously A Hostage And The Minister Of Information A Daring Raid Plucks The Lad From His Ancestral Home, But Even While Troops Surround The Belligerent House State Of Weinbergia, The Call To Freedom Has Been Sounded The House Is Rapidly Filling Up With American Refuseniks Can The Refrigerator Hold Out And Will Herbert S Telepathic Powers Defeat Imperialism And Reunite Him With His Father Based On Aristophanes S Archanians, Under My Roof Is Funny, Ambitous Novel My husband said this was a fast and good read To each their own I suppose The story is set several years after 9 11 The US has become embroiled in wars with 40 odd countries In protest, some guy decides to build his own nuclear bomb in a garden gnome and declare his home, property, and family independent from the USA The man s kid who is telling the story is telepathic The army ends up at their house and they end up on the news And that s about it The end Really, this summary tells you almost all that happens in the entire story Interesting premise, but nothing happens Luckily, it is only 151 pages long. A little gem of a dark comedy Unfortunate cover, it looks like a debut short story collection by a female author it s been brought to my attention that I should clarify that statement For the tone and themes of the book, the cover just doesn t work, I very much enjoy a lot of debut short story collections by female authors People building nuclear weapons and threatening the U.S tends not to be a comic subject, especially in YA, but Under My Roof takes nuclear proliferation to a brilliant and funny level Plus it s under 150 pages That always impresses me. In the near future, a man scours dumps, finding discarded fire alarms and such, and builds a small nuclear weapon from the radioactive materials he finds there He then declares himself an independent country, and blunders through the consequences.This is not his story.This is his son s story His son who happens to be psychic.Along the way, they take hostages By accident More or less.It gets weirder from there. Under My Roof is narrated by a smart assed telepathic twelve year old whose father builds a nuclear weapon in a lawn gnome and declares his home a sovereign nation If that doesn t draw you in, nothing will Part biting political satire, part humorous YA novel, Under My Roof invokes a rare sense of optimistic anarchism while daring to imagine a better future Pick up a copy for the smart assed twelve year old in your life. This is short novel that seems to lampoon nearly everything, perhaps including the young adult fiction genre in which format it is presented It s a very funny read with engaging characters, and is quite different in tone and style from most of his other work It unfortunately has about the most boring cover I ve seen on a book, so, as the saying goes, don t judge it by that.