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S ch ng n, ch a nhi u n i dung c nh ng c th m th t cho h p l c c ng c, nh nh ng kh ng b ng p. Why Take Action This is so far my second favorite book in the series I admit that I am sort of good in imagining things and writing a plan but not really in the execution part It s either I don t have the courage or I am procrastinating So, this book opened my mind to new ideas and learnings about the why s and how s Finished this in one seating in the middle of the traffic inside a very cold bus, but will surely re read it with notetaking This is my third book in Aik Cher s Why Series and unfortunately not all of his books are available to Goodreads so I won t be able to review them all here. {Free Book} à Why Take Action? - A Teenager's Guide to Achieving Success õ In Why Take Actionauthor Teo Aik Cher Of Bestseller Why Procrastinateshares With You A Simple Yet Powerful And Effective Method For Setting And Achieving Your Targets Written In His Usual Light Hearted Manner And Filled With Illustrations And Delightful Stories, This Book Examines The Importance Of Taking Action And The Essential Qualities And Skills Needed To Attain Success It Is A Practical Guide That Will Make A Great Impact In Your Life