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This was a great book It s about a girl named Marnie, who is the daughter of a superstar Her mother died when she was very young She has had to live in the world by herself she doesn t really like her guardian but her mother left behind a lot of money She also attend a boarding school that she doesn t seem to like I thought that the main character was very interesting because we see how her personality changes as she goes through danger At first she is anti social and spends most of her time playing an online game While playing se encounters a player named elf whom believes is her rival It was very ironic how in the end the elf saves her life and they fell in love The end was like a romantic love story and I thought it was so sweet how the elf aka Frank was worried when he hadn t heard from Marnie in a while and went to look for her I think people would enjoy this book because it contains mystery, adventure, and romance I really liked this book After reading all of this author s other books, I was kinda cringing as to what this book might have in store, but I was happily surprised The plot at first was a little confusing, but it still made sense Sounds confusing right That s pretty much an idea of what the book is like confusing and yet makes sense It s also pretty quirky, which I enjoy those quirky books that no one really hasn t told And as I ve mentioned in other reviews of this author s books, I appreciate the way she takes on real life issues in her stories I like reading about different worlds, yes, but I also like stories that tell life as it is, no gloss over the content.Speaking of content, this book was completely clean, which also surprised me given that only two of her other books were close to the level of this one There wasn t any of my personal nemesis the f bomb, or any scenes In fact, there wasn t even kissing Which maybe I was kinda hoping for one kiss maybe in the end, but oh well The romance was still super cute Bit of randomness now Paliopolis sounded pretty cool The Elf was awesome Like, really amazing, and surprisingly very sweet He was just so nice Marnie was sweet and hilarious Her daydreams about things and her sarcasm and wit made her totally my kind of girl But she was also sweet in the way that she was hurting, but really didn t realize it until later, but yeah Have to read the book, I guess, to get what I m trying to say Her character was superbly developed.Max I thought at first was a bit of a jerk, but in the end he turned out to be super nice.Ms Slaight was just she was something all right A mess of something view spoiler I really didn t feel bad at all when she shot herself I mean, yeah, she was sad and looking for love or whatever, but she went about it totally the wrong way And to top it all off, she was physco, so there s the end of the story right there hide spoiler READ E-PUB ⚆ Locked Inside ⚖ As The Daughter Of The Wildly Successful Inspirational Singer Author Skye, Who Died In A Plane Crash When Marnie Was Young, Marnie Skyedottir Stands To Inherit Great Wealth But Until She Is Old Enough, She Must Survive A Dreary Life In Private Boarding School She Endures By Escaping Into An Online Role Playing Game As Much As Possible, And Steering Well Clear Of The Other Girls So When Marnie Is Kidnapped By Someone Who Also Claims To Be Skye S Daughter, She Is Terrified With Her Reclusive Tendencies, Will Anyone Even Notice That She S Gone And Will Her Online Gaming Skills Be Of Any Help To Her In This Real Life Drama As She Did In The Killer S Cousin, Werlin Offers A Compelling Thriller That Will Have Readers Turning Pages Booklist The Pacing Is Fast And The Author Successfully Explores The Layers Of The Theme To Build Interest And Suspense SLJ After reading The Impossible I decided to check out some of Werlin s other work, and I must say I enjoyed this one The main character is somewhat closed off and kind of rude to others but somehow sympathetic anyway I did enjoy getting to know her and finding out what made her tick The account of the kidnapping was scary without being truly disturbing, which I appreciate, since I don t want nightmares All in all, very enjoyable read I finished it in about a day, so it s a quick read, also. Marnie Skyedottir is filthy rich Well she s going to be rich once she turns twenty one and if she graduates high school It s money that was left to her after her inspiring, rockstar mother died, not exactly the way that any young girl wants to get rich Almost as horrible as that is where she finds herself now, at a snobby boarding school It s filed with pretentious know it alls, annoying teachers, and peering eyes Marnie would much rather be locked in her room playing in the virtual world with the elf She just wants things to be simpler, much simpler than being kidnapped by a psychopath and stored in a basement For a book that was written some time ago the characters feel just as relatable today Marnie, while she has some attachment issues, is a relatable main character She has a good heart, but a natural sarcasm that makes it hard for some people to get along with her The character of Frank is a fun romantic interest that would do a lot for her, but is still pretty realistic The coolest thing for me about this book was the mystery behind it When I started reading I thought that the person who kidnapped her would be a stranger, elf , or someone else from the video game world That maybe she had gotten herself into something and they took her because of that It was an interesting turn to find out who had kidnapped her and why I think that is a symbol of good writing when, even after all these years, you can surprise the reader. Locked Inside isn t a fantasy novel at all, which I probably would have realized sooner if I hadn t read it two seconds after I set down Heir Apparent Instead of Giannine, we have Marnie, daughter to the famous ex gospel singer and founder of an almost religion, Skye Instead of virtual reality, we have what appears to be an MMORPG called Paliopolis Instead of adventure and life or death situations, we have an all too real kidnapping and life or death situations Marnie is, like Giannine, a character full of opinions, but she struggleswith her own identity and fitting in with others Marnie uses Paliopolis as an escape and it s only through reading the book that we truly understand why I don t want to give too much away, because this book is best when read without knowing too much about it.The strongest points of the book were Marnie s inner thoughts, her struggle to be someone she wants to be, and her developing relationships with other characters in the book I m not describing her well, because I m trying to avoid actually talking about her Just rest assured that Marnie is complex and unusual in the best way By the end of the book, she still isn t who she wants to be, but she s closer and, hey, who is who they want to be The weakest point was, unfortunately, the strangeness bordering on complete implausibility of some of the situations There are big implausibles that I don t want to mention, but there are smaller, non spoilery ones, too Mainly, for me, the vagueness of Paliopolis For something so important to Marnie, it isn t described very much and, to be quite honest, it doesn t sound like a real game.I know I should give some leeway to Werlin, because she probably isn t a gamer, and she was just trying to write a book about this girl, but I would like to repeat that Paliopolis is a significant part of Marnie s life Surely someresearch or something could have been done Heir Apparent falls into this trap, too, but I mwilling to give Vende a bye since she s assuming a future technology and she defines some gameplay mechanics, such as the dying and sent back to the start thing, which Werlin doesn t really do at all I mean, I love that both of these books are about girl gamers, because most young girls nowadays do game and it s always nice to have that represented But if it rings false to me, I can t help but think that it might turn off younger girls, who have a lot to potentially gain from these books. Marnie s extremely successful mother dies Marnie inherits millions but cannot get it in full until she is 18 Her guardian allows her 50 a week and she is obnoxious about it not being enough even that that is twice as much as I use a week, maybeAnyway, she is at boarding school and is stuck there over spring break so she wastes her time playing online video games She makes a friend She is kidnapped She is kept in a basement The online friend gets the kidnapper drunk They escape They kiss The end I was bored out of my mind with this book I am a huge character person so when I read that Marnie was Nancy Werlin s absolute pride and joy, I was excited for some decent character development Nope Marnie was your typical trust fund baby that pushed people away and then cried about not having friends She was whiny and obnoxious the entire book I think there was one or two sentences throughout the entire thriller novel that actually stirred a slight feeling of suspense This is the third book that I have read by Nancy Werlin and will definitely be my last I was very unimpressed and felt that her novels were a complete waste of energy I would not recommend any of her work unless you want a basic plot line with a low climax and no character development. Marnie Skyedottir is the sole inheritor of her dead mother s vast amount of money Her mother, Skye, was an inspirational writer and gospel singer who died in a plane crash when Marnie was 11 years old Now, Marnie is at a boarding school, hating every moment of it She seeks relief from playing games on her laptop One day, Marnie is kidnapped and now she must fight for her life Has she shut everyone out of her life too much to have any hope of being saved I think I would have liked this bookif it wasn t about gamers I am not much of a gamer, so I would probably recommend this book to someone who was However, despite that, it was a well written book with lots of twists to the plot It was a pretty good read, but I don t think I ll be putting it in my library collection It was definitely a young adult book though because of the emotions Marnie goes through and how she reacts to the people around her as she is still trying to get over her anger and grief and mourning over her mother s death. My patience can only last so long The first half of this book is the complaints of a teenage girl worth something babillion dollars about how pissed she is at the people who are trying to help her and how everyone else are just losers who sell out to the world in order to be cool Except for her, of course She has spiky blonde hair and raccoon eyes to prove to the world that she is Different, with a capitol D.The second half of the book is where the girl, Marnie, gets kidnapped by a psycho and falls in love with a guy who shaves his hair and wears camouflage clothing, caz, you know, he s also Different This book is dumb. A taut and suspenseful book, to be sure But some characters were better writtenrealistic than others I felt that it was trying to be a psychological thriller, but I was not thrilled the main character failed to engage me Even though it s clear that she has some issues in her life, she just reads like a whiny brat which she is and the elegance with which her character development was written only barely made up for it Skye s backstory and Elf seemed set to outdo each other in contrived dysfunctionality The antagonist, though crazy, was, however, believable Pacing was good, thankfully In a word, this book was about insecurity.