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ARC provided by Netgalley and the Publisher.This was one of favorites of this series so far I love a reluctant hero who is determined to change for the better and an unassuming heroine who gradually gains confidence to discover how truly bold she is. Viola Astley has never felt like a real Wilde, even though she grew up with them after her mother married the duke She s shy, small, and prefers the company of her pet cows over a society ball She even has her eye on the new vicar and a quiet life in the country But the family has decided she will have a debut season, so off to London they go Devin, Duke of Wynter, is in search of a wife He s decided one of the Wilde sisters will do, but obviously not Viola she s not a real Wilde, after all Until they meet and she challenges and intrigues him He s determined to make Viola his duchess, even though she seems to be in love with the vicar This was a charming story about learning to love yourself and accept love from others I look forward to the next installment of the Wildes. I got an ARC of this and I absolutely loved it. Say Yes to the Duke is my favorite so far in the Wildes of Lindow Castle series Yet it took me a while to warm up to this book as initially Devin s arrogance was hard to take Through the superb writing abilities of Eloisa James, I began to see his indifference and detachment were masks that he wore to hide his hurt Viola has been known as the shy daughter, but she is determined to overcome this to get the man she thinks she wants Viola creates strategies with the help of her sister Joan to counterbalance her anxieties around strangers As the story develops, Viola becomes a formidable woman with great kindness and heart This book is about accepting love and affection It is a very romantic book.I liked the secondary story as well between Mr Marlowe, his fianc and Caitlin Devin s cousins and Viola s sister Joan are prominently featured and I loved the interaction between all these characters Thank you NetGalley and HarperCollins for the ARC ( Download Book ) ♴ Say Yes to the Duke ♏ A Shy Wallflower Meets Her Dream Man Or Does She In The Next Book In New York Times Bestselling Author Eloisa James Wildes Of Lindow SeriesMiss Viola Astley Is So Painfully Shy That She S Horrified By The Mere Idea Of Dancing With A Stranger Her Upcoming London Debut Feels Like A NightmareSo She S Overjoyed To Meet Handsome, Quiet Vicar With No Interest In Polite Society But Just When She Catches His Attention, Her Reputation Is Compromised By A DukeDevin Lucas Augustus Elstan, Duke Of Wynter, Will Stop At Nothing To Marry Viola, Including Marrying A Woman Whom He Believes To Be In Love With Another ManA Vicar, No LessDevin Knows He S No Saint, But He S Used To Conquest, And He S Determined To Win Viola S HeartViola Has Already Said Yes To His Proposal, But Now He Wants Her Unruly Heart And He Won T Accept No For An Answer Review of eARC for NetGalley This is EASILY my favorite of the Wildes series so far I don t know what it is, but I have had a hard time connecting with these particular characters in this series Maybe it s because it s not entirely clear how this Yours, Mine, Ours family came to be through all these marriages and deaths and remarriages I still can t suss out where Lady Louisa Knowe got her last name.But that s not what I want to talk about with this book Because Viola s story was so great I understood her point of view, her background, that she felt like a fish out of water in the middle of her stepfamily But also, that her feelings aren t due to anything unkind that her family has done to her She s just different Painfully shy for much of her life, to the point that she gets sick when she s in social situations While her family understands this and tries to make things easier for her, their kindness somehow proves to Viola that she doesn t belong in the Wilde clan.Then you have Devin, the Duke of Wynter I admit, the random asides about his obsession with mathematics didn t have much payoff It was a detail that was shoehorned in there without any reason for it But that took a backseat to the fact that he, too, would rather avoid society if at all possible Also, that he has Opinions about the frivolousness of society and isn t afraid to speak plainly about them He was an absolute treat His backstory about his parents made him very interesting than his supposed math prowess that he doesn t speak when he s angry because his father had a horrid temper and ran his mother off because of it That was a great character moment.The beta couple in here was great too Mr Marlowe the vicar that Viola initially sets her cap for has a complete bitch of a fiancee, Miss Pettigrew Between Miss Pettigrew and her horrible mother, I was so ready for Marlowe to grow a pair and tell them both to pound sand Or for Viola or Devin to do it for him and help him realize that Lady Caitlin is infinitely better At first, Viola is jealous of Caitlin, but they eventually become friends and I loved that.In fact, there are times that I was invested in Marlowe and Caitlin s story that I was with Viola and Devin That s not to say I wasn t interested in the main plot, but that the subplot was beautifully written and even beautifully resolved.Great story, highly recommended I may have to re read the rest of the Wilde series to see if I m missing something in those other books, or if this one is just that much better in my view than the others Nothing wrong with that, but I am being 100% honest. I am in love with the Wilde family and I really enjoyed Viola s story Viola has always felt like the odd one out and that she someone a shy as her did not belong to a family as loud and daring as the Wildes When she meets the new vicar she immediately decides that she is in love and will marry him, despite him already having a fiance Devin is a anti social duke and from the very first charged conversation he has with Viola he knows that they re perfect together He just needs to get her to believe that too Viola and Devin s story was slower than the other books, we don t get their first kiss until halfway through the book, but not for lack of trying on Devin s part I enjoyed seeing introverted personalities and reading how their relationship grew.The only thing I didn t care for was a scene involving a closet towards the end.We get to see a little of the Wildes, especially Joan and possibly what her story could entail And as always we get a good dose of Aunt Knowe, who I m hoping may get her own story or backstory one day. This book makes explicit verbal consent hot.The pacing seemed a little off, or maybe just relaxed than other books by this author Days and, in one case, weeks passed between scenes Not a bad thing, just a different feel.A hang up for me was that we are introduced to the heroine through a few events from her early teen years 12 and 15 She doesn t seem noticeably different as a young woman, so I struggled with a creepy Lolita type impression The age difference between the heroine and hero is not a deal breaker but considerable given her age I can t remember how old the heroine is actually supposed to be 19 22 so it s really close on the half one s age plus seven rule.Recommended for fans of the genre You don t have to have read any of the earlier installments in the series. The thought of a season in London makes Viola want to vomit No, really Because last time she was at a ball held in her home, that s exactly what she did She s so painfully shy that she only dines with the family when it s family only However, when the dreamy new vicar comes to visit, she finds that she has no problem talking in front of him So, it must be love, right I lived how we saw Viola gain her confidence and speak her mind And the fact that, despite his cantankerous introduction, Devin very much respects her.But This was probably my least favorite James book Though that statement alone doesn t say muchI ve loved all her books I felt the entire last third of the book was unnecessary to the main story There wasn t a lot of turmoil between the two MCs either Their story, after Viola tells off Devin in the beginning was pretty bland. Still loving the Wildes, and their wonderful, wacky adventures This book centers on the quietest of the Wildes, a girl so shy that she throws up from nerves on social occasions Such a good new family comes with the love interest, and I m excited to see if comes from that connection Advanced Reader s Copy provided by Edelweiss.