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~EPUB ⚖ Codex Seraphinianus ⚇ Questo Codice Miniato Fantastico E Misterioso, L Enciclopedia Di Un Visionario Nella Definizione Di Italo Calvino , Continua Da Anni Ad Affascinarci Per La Sua Capacit Di Rivelazione, Che Si Cela Dietro L Enigma Di Una Grafia Chiarissima Eppure Sfuggente Una Nuova Edizione, Arricchita E Aggiornata Dall Autore, Di Un Opera Che Abita Ormai Nella Memoria Profonda Di Tutti NoiCon Allegato L Opuscolo Decodex Che Contiene Scritti Di Pi Autori Sull Opera Di Luigi Serafini This book is the epitome of surreal This book is also one of the damn coolest things I ve had the honor of looking at I m so glad I own this It wasn t cheap to get so this book ain t going nowhere They charge over 500 for this book at Powell s So what s the plot of the book Ayyyyycheldkfifk I dunno Just imagine if you saw the Voynich manuscript and with a shot of LSD, created the brainchild of H.P Lovecraft, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Frieda Kahlo, the Necronomicon itself, your most crazy dreams, and someshots of LSDyou got the Codex Seraphinianusbut I m just barely on the tip of the iceberg here.Just start flipping through this book and you ll stay fixated for quite a while With its bizarre untranslatable language with eerie, incredibly creepy drawings, it s one of the most fascinating things to ever exist in the literary world I m kinda shocked it s notfamous.This book may be creepy, but it s also just beautiful Everyone needs to have at least one glimpse of this book If they did, I think Serafini would be a millionaire with all the copies that would be sold. This book is a dream come true literally Ever since I saw it once on world s weirdest books list, I have wanted to possess it however, the fact that it was very difficult to get hold of a copy and even if one was found, the price would very well drive it out of my reach forced me keep it on a very remote wishlist Until Liz provided me with a pdf copy Thanks, Liz It would be wrong to say that I have read Codex Seraphinianus I haven t In fact, nobody other than the author has It is written in a totally incomprehensible and so far undeciphered language which the author, Luigi Serafini, has steadfastly refused to translate The doubt remains that there is nothing to decipher that it is all a giant hoax, meaningless scrolls and whorls meant to look like profound wisdom This, we may never know.The Codex is an illustrated encyclopaedia of sorts, with sections devoted to botany, zoology, anatomy, geography etc at least, so much we can infer from the layout and the pictures But the country it describes is something imagined by Hieronymus Bosch and M.C.Escher on acid, with some liberal help from Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel In some aspects, it is very much like our world but as one looks closer, the weirdness begins to be apparent Trees which uproot themselves and jump into the water like lemmings chairs which are grown and harvested human beings composed partly of firearms a copulating couple who merge into a crocodile human beings composed of balls of wool and umbrellas from the waist up the eerie images can be enumerated ad inifinitum The funny thing is that, we get a feeling that we just need to understand the language to make sense of this strange and wonderful world being unable to do so frustrates us I found myself constantly pondering what meaning is hidden in those strange squiggles The author may have meant it as a joke, but I think this book illustrates one profound characteristic of language Unless we infuse meaning into those lines and curves, and link them with sounds and meanings, isn t all language nonsense For example, my son and wife can read Arabic, so they stop and read the signboards on the the roadside, but for me those beautiful snakelike markings are just decoration.The highest recommendation for any connoisseur of the weird like me. Remember that time when dad was in the military and he was stationed at Area 51 And he got transferred to that alien planet And we had to go to live there for like three years And we had to learn their language at the school And the writing was some kind of weird calligraphy And we got that science book with all those weird drawings in it Well now you can buy that book on . If the answer s not in here, you re asking the wrong question. This is an art book, oversized, with a fantastical premise To appear like an encyclopedia of the unknown world, the imaginarium, complete with invented language A work of immense ambition and kind of breath taking scope, it is sort of like if Jim Woodring and Charles Burns and 40 fantasy artists combined to create this volume of amazing and strange creaturesonly Serafini did it all, all by his lonesome Originally published in 1981, it was re released in 2013 And it s impressive And some of us seem to be calling it a comic, since it is sort of a collection of comics figures Strange and wonderful, in its way Surreal for sure. OH MY GOD I could trip on this book for an eternity It is the most exquisite, weirdest and amazing book I ve ever come across I could only get a PDF of this book, but going through it was like suddenly soaring up to a new level of awareness, of aesthetics, of pure beauty It is splendidly incoherent, but buried deep within its exquisite babble is an almost terrifying understanding, a glimpse into something that we are yet to attain, a disturbing, tantalizing truth half revealed What makes this book so precious to the point of almost being dangerous I can imagine religious organizations and governments wanting to destroy it in the coming centuries is its ability to make you go Oh. in a sudden gasp of comprehension although you are not sure why It moves you in ways you have never thought before, it opens new possibilities In a world so straightjacketed by various guidelines, rules and assumptions, this book is delightfully whimsical It is a slap on the face of normalcy It is gloriously dismissive of convention by showing us the beauty of unintelligibility, it takes us into a delicious delirium of marvels that blurs the line between the real and the imagined This book encompasses the heights of imagination and fantasy It is also a tempting promise, an insight into the tremendous human potential, it proves the extends to which art can reach if we only dare to imagine uninhibitedly, wildly,like a child before it is conditioned by its surroundings and society Never will I curl up in a corner craving for inspiration, never will I wake up feeling art is dead, never will I call upon my muses in despair, never will a moment pass in boredom I have found my manna I shall take up my pen again, my fingers throb, my heart is beating a tad too fast, my eyes are swimming, my mouth is hurting and my reflection has a disturbingly wide smile My quest for the meaning of art is partially fulfilled. Actually found a copy of this for a steal The little shop had no idea what it is worth and as I read through it I have to wonder why it is worth so much Albeit, it is a strange title and comforting in it s maddness It is kind of like being on peyote If James Joyce and M.C Escher had a child at Rod Serlings home under the direction of L Ron Hubbard Difficult to find a copy of this under five hundred dollars, so I feel very fortunate to have found it at a reasonable book price However, I will probably sell it for a prophet when I am done reading it, since it s ridiculous value can t last forever, right My luck is that I will sell it and in ten years it will be worth a million bucks, oh well, so be it. This a weird art book And by weird, I mean extremely weird o.O Dreamscape compatible, human friendly Earth literature Mostly Codex is a homegrown, hand drawn field guide to somewhere we can see from afar in the little corners of our eyes but never reach Rings of blood become ladybugs, every insect, mammal and metal are all born from flowers, and most importantly carrots can be siphoned out of potatoes Marvelous.Unlike its inter species ancestor, The Voynich Manuscript, which was clearly written by an alien for aliens, Codex tastes better with lentils and doesn t have as many side effects This book also enjoys being taken on leisurely strolls across the surface of Neptune, as you ll know.Though it s beautiful and shows some truly intense dedication, unfortunately it s not human friendly enough to actually read it Well, not without the same amount of dedication that went into writing it, at least.A truly awe inspiring piece of raw, unadulterated imagination at work.