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This is one of Elizabeth Chadwick s earlier books, but no less enjoyable It has likeable characters and the story of Monday and Alexander is engaging I was sad for the book to finish Loved that Monday a fairly independent woman of the time rather than a simpering pawn Alexander De Montroi was bound for the priesthood Running away from an abusive Prior with a taste for young novices, he joins his half brother Hervi on the tourney circuit He slowly recovers mind and body and trains to become a knight like his brother He has a period of wenching but always has Monday in his heart and mind.Monday De Cerizay, daughter of a lady and a tourney knight is left orphaned and is in the care of Hervi and Alexander De Montroi She knows the brothers well, having been part of the tourney circuit all her life and she is sick of that life and the hardships it brings After a fateful night and too much drinking, Alexander and Monday sleep together Alexander does the honorable thing and goes looking for a priest to wed them Monday cannot abide the thought of living her parents lives and she runs.Fate and circumstances keep Alexander and Monday apart for years and when they meet she belongs to the most powerful man in England who does not give up what he considers his, easily.I also liked there was lots of interaction with William Marshall and his family peppered throughout the book The William Marshall books written by the same author are among my favourite books of hers. What can i say It was really confusing with the constant change of views literally Monday is living her life, and bam a forest is what you see Sorry, but even tho the atory was good and interesting, i m not going to rate it for fear of the nothingness [E-pub] ♫ The Champion ⚆ Alexander De Montroi, A Knight Skilled In Love And War, Joins His Brother Hervi In Normandy He Soon Has A Passionate Night With Monday, A Young Girl In Hervi S Guardianship, That Leaves Her Pregnant And Betrayed By Chance The Two Meet Years Later And Must Face The Wrath Of Unexpected Adversaries While this is not Chadwick s best, her second best is far above many other writers of historical fiction It is always time travel with one of her novels, wrapping you up in the sights, sounds and even smells of the period An interesting concept using the tourney circuit as a back drop, giving you an entrance into an area most of us know nothing about Of course the hero is wonderful, the villains truly evil and true love wins out in the end. This is my first book by Elizabeth Chadwick I can tell, she seems a very good historical fiction writer When I was reading, I was feeling the atmosphere of those times the end of XII century Great descriptions allow you to understand that world and those people Most of all, you learn the truth, not some myths For example about tourneys, knighthood, even about politics in those times In short, it is a good historical fiction book.On the other hand, it is a romance In this case, I would say that most of the part a love story sucked me There are a few twists, which I didn t predict So, that was very refreshing It isn t a melodramatic love story and therefore it seems so beautiful and real In short, it is a good romance.I have only one but After reading about 80% of the book I began to feel bored, a little I think, because plot was predictable There were many interesting scenes and facts yet Nonetheless there was less tension, I guess.Summarizing, I recommend this book to fans of a historical fiction and a historical romance. This book had it s bland moments, but all in all, once I waded through those parts that were bogging me down, I discovered that I had actually enjoyed it I have quite a few E.Chadwick books and though I keep buying them I have a bit of a problem with her female characters I find them lacklustre, depressing and pretty much devoid of personality There are slight glimmers of endearing qualities or spirit, but they never persist It s probably just me Everyone get s something different from each book they read, though I have to say, dull female characters seem to be a bit of a recurring pattern in Chadwick s books And yet her male characters are so well done, that it is what keeps me buying her books off the shelves The Champion s female character was up there with the blandest and yet the male characters were great to read about, so the balance tipped and made this book worthwhile I gave it a pretty good star rating because I rated it only against other Chadwick novels I have so far read A good book and worth your time, I d say, if you are into historical fiction that is love story driven. Ultimately predictable and everything wraps up a little too neatly I keep trying to give Chadwick a chance, but other than The Greatest Knight, I just can t get into her books. The Champion is set during the tumultuous and vibrant twelfth century when the Angevin Empire was at its territorial height, controlling England and extensive parts of France, and when the kings of these proud nations were clawing at each other throats An era where wandering knights and warriors daily battled each other in bloody, brutal combat for glory and riches It was an era were women were often at the mercy of men, where status and wealth were lauded heartily above all other aspects and where the Catholic faith held a ruthless stranglehold over nearly every facet of everyday life This should make for a fascinating read should it not Unfortunately, Chadwick has decided to go down the rather cliched and lackluster medieval path of romance with a capital R Granted this is one of her earlier, less well known novels so I m probably being overly harsh.Maybe romance isn t really my thing Onto the review Our story concerns Monday de Cerizay, a young girl whose father is a wandering knight and mother a noblewoman he eloped with, and her sweet, tempestuous and rather bloodless romance with an arrogant and hot tempered knight Alexander de Montroi, a young man who escaped his hated priory and ran away to join his dependable brother Hervi and become a knight errant Monday lives happily with her much loved and loving parents in haphazard but never dull world of tourneys and soon becomes infatuated with the dark and handsome Alexander, who excels at the twins bastions of knighthood and at wooing ladies Misfortune and heartbreak dog Monday with ceaseless remorse and in her desperation she turns to Alexander for support and he well..screws up BIG time I wont go further as that would go into spoilerville but I will say that despite an engaging start and fairly interesting characters to begin with, I found myself rapidly becoming bored as the story progressed and in the end had no desire to finish it What can I say I m clearly not the romantic or soft hearted type I like my historical fiction to mirror the dark, brutish hell hole that was the medieval world at certain periods in its history Sweet, saccharine sentimentality just turns me right off Spoilers This wasn t a bad book by any means The writing was crisp, subtle and to the point, the historical setting was detailed, evocative with an almost cinematographic feel to it with no wired anachronisms in sight and the characters from loyal, dependable Hervi, sweet, dignified Monday, to hot headed, resourceful Alexander were well rounded, flawed and for the most part likable Why then didn t I finish it 1 Predictability it went the well trodden and uneventful route of historical romance and never once steered its course A let down if ever there was one.2 Too romantic really three years separation, a secret kid and a new boyfriend and you or less make up in a matter of weeks SIGH 3 Superman and Lois Lane waanabes in the case of Monday and Alexander They were not that interesting in my honest opinion 4 OK SUPER SPOILER ALERTMonday after having Alexander s kid in secret goes on to become the mistress of the notorious Prince John, future king of England, and gives him a son Now this baby later dies, Monday has a miscarriage, MA get married and live happily after THE END Now what irked me about this was that MA got a squeaky clean break Monday has no bastards by John and Alexander has been celibate since their last hook up How utterly perfect for them Literally no angst or regret The death of Monday s second son felt contrived and cruel a way to ensure her and A s blissful ending rolls eyes out of head To be fair the moment the suspicion popped into my head, the certain I became about it merely being the ultimate stepping stone to MA s undying happiness and Monday s gruesome miscarriage confirmed it It makes their lives perfect and they shouldn t be Honestly could you have imagine the family dynamic if Monday s kid had lived What if John told her to raise the boy with Alexander or kept him away her How would Monday cope How would she feel Would she have treated her sons differently Alas we shall never find out as Chadwick went with a sanitized, less uncertain direction and IMHO the novel suffers for it Ok I ve ranted way too much here Lets leave it at this This is my first Elizabeth Chadwick book, so i didn t really know what to expect.The book was good, but i got to a point where i was constantly confused I didn t like the fact that it was written in 3rd person I m a fan of 1st person novels, but that wasn t the worst, it was the fact that Elizabeth constantly changed perspectives, points of view I was getting an inside of Monday, and all of a sudden there was a description of a forest, and you re WTH, she was sad or what ever All in all the book was good, so was the plot, so not counting my being confused, i loved it If you are considering reading it, i urge you to do exactly that.Phew Now that that s out of the way, i can read Queen of Shadows Author Elizabeth ChadwickPublished 01 12 1998 first published 1997 Recommended for fans of historical romancesI absolutely loved this book It was one that intrigued me straight away with its beautiful cover, it stood out on the shelf This book is not my normal type of book with it being a sort of historical romance novel The characters that are featured in the novel are very well described so that when you close your eyes you can imagine them and image the places they live in The novel is set in the 1100 s in Normandy, and see s the adventures, the ups and the downs of a girl called Monday This book quickly captured my mind and was one that I could easily get caught up in, the characters are all very likeable and realistic which makes it all that bit easier to get caught up in Mondays life and you feel for her when she has to suffer through hard parts of her life This is the first book that I have read by this author and it certainly wont be the last one I read by her, it has me completely hooked on this genre I thought that this book was brilliantly written and keeps a great pace throughout making you want to keep on reading the novel.