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This was the first book I read on a e reader It went very quickly, perhaps too quickly I felt I was eating empty calories or swallowing without chewing I did greatly appreciate the magnification and the bright backlight of the e reader But at what cost or tradeoff to the reading enjoyment I remain quite agnostic about reading in this format Please recognize these factors in my review I enjoyed the story and the writing I think the premise of an escaped African slave who becomes a vampire and her life as a Black lesbian in about 2 centuries was innovative but I did not realize how radical or revolutionary it was at the time the book was published in 1991 until I read background information about the book, linked via the e reader Here are a few quotes easily taken and transferred via the e reader She held the girl s body and mind tightly, letting the desire for future life flow through them both, a promising reverie of freedom and challenge The woman absorbed Gilda s desire for family, for union with others like herself, for new experience Through these she perceived a capacity for endless life and an open door of possibility When their eyes met, the exchange was a spark as sharp as flint on steel. ok constantly wishing I could give books to my teenage self, but rn RLLY wishing I could slam this one back in time, directly into my own face if I could have had a black lesbian vampire taking me through time, showing me what black queer love community have looked like can look like through time place, I would have been unstoppable but also like what Jewelle Gomez has given to us is a vulnerable reflection on the hard work of loving she touches on many kinds of love , and how challenging painful it can be I m so emotional.im sorry lastly u gotta read the 25th aniv expanded edition so u can have Alexis Pauline Gumbs make u cry w her afterward, the entire text of which I feel like I should just get tattooed onto my body [Read Epub] ☢ The Gilda Stories ♴ The Winner Of Two Lambda Literary Awards Fiction And Science Fiction The Gilda Stories Is A Very American Odyssey Escaping From Slavery In The S Gilda S Longing For Kinship And Community Grows Over Two Hundred Years Her Induction Into A Family Of Benevolent Vampires Takes Her On An Adventurous And Dangerous Journey Full Of Loud Laughter And Subtle Terror Yes, my spouse got me to read another novel When left to my own devises, I tend to stay up into the wee hours of the morning and don t rise again until well into the afternoon, I hate garlic, and I avoid direct sun exposure These and other habits might expose me as a vampire, except that the closest I come to drinking blood is an occasional glass of sangria I m not really interested in the vampire genre of popular literature, but this one is different Vampire literature is usually about how evil it is to be one of the creatures of the night, either through the vampire s own angst, or the violent, compassionless and ghoulish tendency of the undead to prey upon their mortal food sources Gilda isa celebration of life seen through the eyes of one who has it in abundance, and shares her experience with the reader in the light of her times, through oppressive and inspirational periods of American history, and on into a surmised future still endangered, but still celebrating family connections that were made throughout her long life.Gilda carries much for the reader to identify, with none of the Gothic disturbances of similar literature As I was reading I came to the conclusion that there is a free flowing identification with Gilda that the author imparts to the reader in that one still shares the same hopes and dreams whether one shares the blood or not Being kosher presents an interesting conundrum at this point blood being forbidden in a kosher diet Still, being alive or being dead is quite binary, and therefore, all of us who live are by definition undead I have to recommend The Gilda Stories, for the poetry, not just in the usage of the language, but in the poetry of the heart Besides, these are great bedtime stories for all of the undead among us. I wanted to love this but found the protagonist pretty dull and too right all the time My illustrious book club co leader Liza pointed out that Gilda functions as a Black lesbian superhero which I get behind 110% would love to see this as a graphic novel or movie lots of action and so much scene transhistorical storyline epic potential As a book, the language and description kinda drag and the protag has too much darn integrity to fully capture my interest. I couldn t get past the 2nd episode I found the whole thing terribly boring and realized it was time to give up when I started skimming whole paragraphs The narrative was too slow and internal and the language and ideas were repetitive, fixating on the same things again and again family, exile, the past, sharing, social fabric, oral tradition blah blah blah The story didn t seem to move and felt like I was turning a lump of lead over and over expecting to find something different on the other side I hate quitting on a book, but this just wasn t doing anything for me. holy shit.. 2.5 stars The Gilda Stories are a series of episodic tales spanning 200 years, beginning in 1850 and ending in 2050, that follow a black, lesbian vampire Gilda is a young girl when she escapes slavery and is changed into a vampire as a young adult The bulk of this story is centered on Gilda s aimless wandering as she comes to terms with her immortality and her connections to her found family Before I air out my grievances, I ll start by addressing all the themes I loved Gilda and her family take a very thoughtful approach to feeding and drinking blood They do not kill humans and even look at the feeding asof an exchange or symbiosis Vampires need blood as a life force so they also make sure to leave something behind For instance a pleasant dream or resolve to do good This exchange and writing surrounding the exchange when a vampire feeds were probably my favorite parts of the story Gilda has deep, meaningful connections with her vampire chose family The idea of a found family is very common for queer folx and queer folx of color I loved how Gilda is accepted and connects with other vampires which are her family In a way, this is a vampire story used to explore queer identity and connections to both familial and intimate relations over bloodshed and death view spoiler I loved Sorel and Anthony because, frankly we get to know them the most, and Gomez takes the time to develop their characters over many others There are even moments when vampires like Bird guide Gilda in her mind with their telepathic connection These connections are so pivotal to Gilda s story hide spoiler As I enthusiastically told friends I was reading and immensely enjoying this cycle of lesbian vampire stories, I would get vaguely patronizing smiles in response I guess anything vampire related gets that reaction these days forcing me to trumpet all theGomez s dazzling ability to intricately braid together the stuff of history, race, desire, time, and im mortality into a series of narratives that are not only compulsively entertaining to read, but poignant and thought provoking as well While there was admittedly a slight sense of diminishing returns as Gilda s life narrative progressed over its 200 year trajectory, the central character of Gilda herself fundamentally invariable as the distinctive contexts around her change like so many grade school dioramas remains ceaselessly riveting Capsule review from the post My Year of Reading Queerly over at my blog, Queer Modernisms. First and foremost, I am not one for vampire novels Vampires on the silver screen, or even the TV, I can deal with But I m afraid Stephanie Meyer ruined vampire literature for me If you re a Twilight fan, I m very sorry, but I deplore the entire series for a number of reason if you d like them, well, leave some comments and I ll write up a separate post for that Anyway the vampires I like are the ones from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike, I ll find a leather jacket like yours someday and bleach my hair for Halloween Ding, got my costume for this year The whole craze of the blood sucking undead is something don t understand Maybe I m looking into it too much but the infatuation of the immortal seems a deep rooted issue when people question their own mortality whether they are thinking of this consciously or not, the fascination with vampires stems from our fear of death Books that have death as the most dire of consequences do not typically agree with me, as death seems to the most natural of occurrences once you make friends with that dreadful thing I mentioned before mortality, and so vampire syndrome the want to live forever and have airbrushed, yet chiseled abs, bores me to now end.But The Gilda Stories takes a much different approach Indeed, though the protagonist, and her friends are vampires, this is only a cunning construct the author uses to tell a much bigger story.Deep down The Gilda Stories is about who we call family and why, where we call home and how we find it, how to constantly feel like an outsider and still be yourself The vampire aspect of this books is secondary, Gomez only uses it as a way for her protagonist to live forever Unlike most vampire novels who have a very US THEM complex going on, between humans and vampires, The Gilda Stories uses this in other ways Yes, Gilda is a vampire, and so immortal, set apart from humans, but she is nevertheless connected to humans in aintimate manner than humans are connected to each other.The structure of the this novel is quite intriguing There are 8 chapters, each taking place in a different year The first chapter is in 1850, the last 2050 The way Gilda and her friends change with the times is skillfully written, and serves as a mirror, a way for us to look at ourselves.I can imagine that it would be easy to read the back cover of this book and dismiss it as escapist fantasy But that would be a poor assessment of this novel The issues it deals with are serious issues Ones that do not let the reader escape from there lives, but makes them think about our cultures from the past, present, future Who will we become how do we want to shape our world Do we have the power to shape it ourselves In the end The Gilda Stories will appeal to a larger audience than the Vampire Faithful In fact it may turn some of the Vampire Faithful off because the plot is based in humanity, not the creates of the night A good read Look for it in your independent bookstore before going to the internet