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!Free ♭ Polar Quest ⚉ When Archaeologist Annja Creed Reluctantly Agrees To Help An Old Colleague On A Dig In Antarctica, She Wonders What He S Gotten Her Into It Turns Out That Her Former Associate Has Found A Necklace Made Of An Unknown Metal Depicting Three Snakes He Claims It S Over Forty Thousand Years Old And That It May Not Have Earthly OriginsAs The Pair Conduct Their Research, Annja Soon Realizes She Has To Worry About Than Being Caught In Snowslides Because Everyone Is Hiding Something From Her Friend, To The US Military Personnel Guarding The Site With No One To Trust And Someone Out To Kill Her, Annja Has Nowhere To Turn And Everything To Lose Be careful about how you choose your friends Not everyone is as they appear, and at the ends of the Earth, it s important to have someone who has your back Great job with one sucker punch to he gut, kind of surprise Awesome read I liked this one better than a lot of the others because it wasof a mystery, whodunit rather than trying to be the first to find some relic or treasure She s getting clever with her sword I couldn t stand listening to how cold it was there, though Haha Other than that, this one was good Sorry to hear how it turned out, but there were some twists, and it wasn t bad. 3.5 stars.It s nice to know that Annja s spidey senses are not always infallible Seems she s been tripped up by people who are supposed to be friends a few times now And interesting that regardless of the history between her and Garin, he always seem to come through for her Although the relationship seems to have gone backwards again in this episode Anyway, I still wish I could visit Antarctica sigh I started reading these books in order, and got bored I think the first half dozen are written by the same ghost writer, and his work leaves me cold So I just started picking and choosing depending on my mood.This one is all kinds of goofy The plot line kind of reminds me of the Dan Brown s Deception Point I think , and well there are some serious, serious issues I had with, well stuff being dropped off in Antarctica without a welcome wagon, hacking a military network over a satellite phone in under 5 minutes, security protocols on a military base becominglax after a murder More of what I read this series for But when will Annja learn that just because Garin may not care about her objective, doesn t mean he doesn t care about her It took me forever to finish Polar Quest, but that s because I started up school again and had no personal time whatsoever to read I did finally get some me time, and i must say this one definitely caught me off guard Every chapter had me guessing, and in the end I was sorely wrong Very well written, Archer Fantastic job. More of a mystery than finding treasure..To me not alot of action compared to the other books in this series..It would have beeninteresting if the artifacts would have been from aliens but instead it was all fake..to steal a nuclear generator..pretty boring..I feel bad for Annja she gets betrayed again.. Plot Summary Annja Creed is a part time archeologist, part time tv host of Chasing History s Monsters, and full time adventurer.When archaeologist Annja Creed reluctantly as if she had any choice at all when men in black show up and escort her to her plane agrees to help an old colleague Zachary Guilfoyle on a dig in Antarctica, she wonders what he s gotten her into It turns out that her former associate has found a necklace made of an unknown metal depicting three snakes He claims it s over forty thousand years old and that it may not have earthly origins As the pair conduct their research, Annja soon realizes she hasto worry about than being caught in snowslides Because everyone is hiding something from her friend, to the U.S military personnel guarding the site With no one to trust and someone out to kill her, Annja has nowhere to turn And everything to lose As usual, danger and mystery surround Annja s exploits, and this time the suspense is increased tremendously just because of her location Unable to remain outdoors for very long because of such extreme temperatures, only adds to the feeling of peril that always follows the heroin But besides the setting, the characters are fantastic too And the mystery and suspense culminates to the very end with a fabulous climax Review IMO, this is a pretty good read especially considering where the story takes place Antartica is a really interesting place to create this story, and whoever the writer was this time around, did a pretty decent job of capturing the isolation involved in being stationed there I just wish each of these writers would stop treating Annya like s she a man Taking each of these books one at a time is actually fun and its just too bad that I can t get my hands on them locally, or thru my library instead of waiting weeks, sometimes months between reads.Anyway, Garin Braden, does, in fact make a major appearance in this book, and let s just say that it s not all lollypops and sunshine either Garin makes Annya feel as though he can trust her, when we all know that she can t, no matter what Annya continues to be betrayed by those she believes are her friends, or persons that have known her for years However, our girl always manages to find her way out of troublesome situations, and this one ranks right up there at the top This installment actually delays the reader from finding out who the real villian is right until the very end Nice.There are double betrayals, US Government technology that is so advanced that terrorist organizations want to get their hands on it, and traitors within the group doing the so called dig that is nothing short of a sham I guessed who two of the villians were right off the bat It was pretty much a given after then confronted Annya, who was just off the plane, and was given a ride to a bar, instead of meeting with the local US Marshall for a briefing The other villian, however, didn t as much shock me, as threw me for a loop Rogue Angel, Polar Quest, is the 16th installment in the Rogue Angel series.I lowered the rating due to the dialogue and the fact that certain parts seemed a little stretched. I usually enjoy the Annja Creed stories but I think this was very badly written The word smirk appeared on every page and really began to grate on me The story line was weak and I think the whole thing was just a tag on to what has been a good series.