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The second book was decent but didn t match the first book.The conclusion felt rushed and wasn t well elaborated like the first book in this series. Yeah Tom I love it when authors do that..no I m not telling you ll have to read the book While the first book was often tense, this one was down right funny at times The language is so real I know, right and the confusion over colloquialisms hilarious and realistic The BEST however is Harlow s penchant for wine The extra chapter was a welcomed bonus for signing up for the author s newsletter I see many chapters of hilarity in the future.especially over the lack of wine I can relate [Ebook] ☢ The Arcav Kings Obsession (Arcav Alien Invasion, #2) ♪ He Stole Her Life Can He Win Her Heart Just A Few Weeks Ago, Harlow Was Living Her Life On Earth Locking Up Bad Guys And Drinking Beers With Her Fellow Cops After ShiftShe Never Wanted To Be The Arcav King S Mate Unfortunately, She Was Outplayed Now, Harlow Must Learn How To Rule Over An Alien Species, While Making Room For Her Mate S Giant Ego It Turns Out That Alien Contact Has Serious Repercussions For Humanity When Harlow Learns That The Grivath Have A Ship Full Of Humans As Slaves, She Ll Do Anything To Save Them Even If It Means Temporarily Taking Her Role As The Arcav King S Mate Determined To Leave Varian Hunted His Mate Like Any True Arcav Warrior, But Triumph Is Nowhere To Be Found Harlow May Be In His Arms, But She May Never Choose To Stay With Him Willingly When Trust Turns To Deception, Will Varian Knock Down The Defences Around His Heart Tempted To Stay With War Brewing And Betrayal Around Every Corner, Can Harlow And Varian Protect Both Their People And Will Harlow Accept Her Destiny As The Arcav King S Obsession This Is Book Two Of The Science Fiction Romance Series Arcav Alien Invasion You Ll Need To Read The Arcav King S Mate Before Picking Up This Book This Concludes Harlow And Varian S Story And All Following Books Can Be Read As Standalones This Book Has A Guaranteed HEA With No Cheating Arcav Alien Invasion Series The Arcav King S Mate Harlow And Varian The Arcav King S Obsession Harlow And VarianThe Arcav Commander S Human Jaret And AmandaThe Arcav General S Woman Methi And Meghan The Arcav Prince S Captive Korva And Everly The story just got better in this book There was so much emotions in the story, it made me cry, angry, afraid, frustrated and hopeful because after all the pain they went through there is love and it warms my heart.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. This book rivals the first one The storyline was great and had the same flow, intrigue, and great steam The characters were really well developed and likeable with great chemistry and wonderful interactions All I can say is, just keep em coming.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The Arcav Kong s ObesessionI have enjoyed your writing style and look I m looking for your next story to come out I ve never have read any of your books, so now I need to go back to the first book to find out how things progress to the second book Thank you for your excellent writing skills. This book is fabulous It is an amazing story of an older man younger woman story It is fast pace, well written and interesting before you know it you are at the end wanting.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I really liked the characters and especially the character development a good surprise for an alien mate romance, they usually lack in that department , and I can t wait to read the 3rd book This book is a continuation from book 1 This is a great series, with suspense and romance Twists and turns to hook you I can t wait for the next book In this book Harlow still has an absolute need to be trusted to take care of herself She hates being protected and treated as useless Variant struggles to accept this Will they compromise or fall a part Read the book to find out.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I love this series I want another book with Harlow and Varian They are so good together even though Harlow fights it every step of the way Its so different from other books and I love it I ve never been a fan of alien books but this author changed me I have several questions that were unanswered so definitely waiting on next book Highly recommend this series I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.