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Not as clever or as much fun as Flatland, or as well written as The Planiverse It doesn t address the concept with the witty social satire of Flatland, or the serious consideration of what two dimensional science might look like in The Planiverse The second half is rather interesting and has of a storyline, dealing with the actual sphereland concept of the title, but the first half is random and boring. As a sequel, and expansion no pun intended on the ideas presented in Flatland I thought, eventually, this book had something to offer It did provide me some insight into the ideas of curved space and an expanding universe My critique is that it took too long to get there and there was a lot of superfluous elements like the reselling of fairy tales I didn t think it used the Flatland setup in an inventive way It essentially copied what happened in that book, multiple times over, changing the knowledge component each time so that was disappointing but their wise it is a good follow up. #Read Epub î Bol-land: Een Roman van Gekromde Ruimten en Uitdijend Heelal ¹ Best Book, Bol Land Een Roman Van Gekromde Ruimten En Uitdijend Heelal Author Dionijs Burger Jr This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Bol Land Een Roman Van Gekromde Ruimten En Uitdijend Heelal , Essay By Dionijs Burger Jr. Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You An interesting book that I thought wanted to do way too many things but rarely sticked to one thing I liked the parts with the Sphere and the king of Lineland though It was a likable book just pales in comparison to its predecessor Flatland. Light doesn t travel in straight lines, you may have heard, but this book will develop the motivation as well as your intuition for the concepts There is no better way to understand the nature of our space than to follow Hexagon along on his journey.The serious, almost forceful tone of the updated social commentary seems to miss that the original was a satire and quite a clever one at that , but even with the interspersed fairy tale adaptations, the book remains short and easy to read with a satisfying ending. In the 1960s a Dutch mathematician, Dionys Burger, decided to attempt updating E.A.Abbott s 1890s classic fantasy on dimensional mathematics Not quite as surprising and fun as the original Flatland, Sphereland nonetheless works well as a sequel Burger attempts to include some of the changes in our view of spatial geometry since Einstein, while keeping to the simple dialogue approach of Abbott If Flatland hadn t already seen the light of day nearly a century earlier, Sphereland would still stand well on its own To quote another GoodReads reviewer, this book is ridiculously cool. This is about the only GOOD sequel to Flatland It takes the next logical step, which was to take the flat 2 D world of Flatland and have the denizens begin to infer, from large surveys, that their world is curved on a sphere They can t SEE the curvature, but can see that their largest triangles don t add up to 180 degrees Brilliant It helps understand how we 3 D creatures could infer that our world is curved in 4 D but not be able to SEE that curvature. The main character here is descended from the main character in Flatland by Edwin A Abbott and the story picks up soon after the end of the first book This time the inhabitants, with the help of the Sphere from before, learn their world isn t flat at all, it s curved oOMore educational and much entertaining than the excreble An Episode of Flatland by Charles Howard Hinton If you enjoyed Flatland, you will love this one. Using our view of a two dimensional world as a model, Burger attempts to show us what we cannot see about the limitations of our own 3 D world from the perspective of a 4 D one Moving constantly between the 1 D world Lineland to the 2 D world Flatland , our current experience in the 3 D world Sphereland is the jumping off point to begin comprehension of the 4 D world Unfortunately, like the characters in the novel, we too are limited in our ability to visualize the dimension above us, but we can easily see the one below Fascinating if verbose experiment in physics storytelling Next I m reading Rudy Rucker s Spaceland, which I gather is an attempt to fully explain the 4th dimension, General Relativity, and beyond What I hope to learn is whether space is curved around a universe sized sphere or simply undulating like the waves on the ocean, the gravity wells caused by the mass of bodies. Edwin Abbott ought step up from his musty grave and administer a crushing curby on Dionys Burger for raping his quaint Flatland A Parable of Many Dimensions Let this be a lesson to all of us about trusting people with such ridiculous first names Dionys GOMBIZ.