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I LOVED THIS STORY There were so many life lessons in this book, like the first one, that I wanted to highlight I read it in two days HONEST I couldn t put it down, I was hassling my friend for the 2nd book I love the changes of each character, though I wanted to back hand Julia I loved the journey that Marcus went through, I loved the fact that Phoebe became a Christian and did everything in her power to do the Lord s will I loved how the memory verses in this story, tied so strongly with the scene situation they were written in I was sooo emotional at the end, and at some parts in the middle, of the story I loved how Marcus went after Hadassah, and didn t turn away from her calling her beautiful An awww moment Most of the struggles and questions that are in this book are questions that I sometimes face and that I hear, and most of the time I have no answers to these questions This, and the first book, have reminded me that I should ask the Lord for the right words and not to think of my own, as I wont get the message across I also laughed at myself, now that I think about it, when Tapatha sp came to EphesusI would ve put the book down if her intentions for Marcus became a reality lol Francine Rivers, Praise The Lord, for your books Oh my, I wasn t ready for this book I am so happy and thankful I read this series This book showcased Marcus s struggle beautifully He truly struggled and found his faith and it was beautiful to watch Seeing the miracles, the faith, it was amazing I highly highly recommend this trilogy. Second in the series I bought the first book not realizing it was part of a series I finished it while my husband and I were out I made him turn around and drive to the closest bookstore You must have the second book in hand before you finish the first Just so you know.The prologue will take you by the throat and threaten to stop your heart It s that gripping What tangled webs we weave.Marcus Valerian has bottomed out Hadassah, now horrifically disfigured, is brought into the life of a local physician who she apprentices under The hand of God is so profoundly involved in her life and her work that she becomes known as the healer Her faith which began as a barely detectable mustard seed, is now the center of her existence Her obedience has cost her, and not only is her body broken, her heart is as well She now must keep her identity hidden beneath the veil that hides her scars But she continues in her role of serving, though now it is expressed through physical and spiritual healing The Valerian family continues down the dark path of materialism and an appetite for As in her previous book, Miss Rivers exposes us to the not so ancient practices and tastes of first century Rome, and the devastating results they bring about in the lives of those who choose them We continue to follow Marcus, who we grew to love and hate in Voice in the Wind His life and the life of his sister Julia, have taken drastically different paths than that of their house servant, Hadassah But there is a larger story at work And the details of each life are woven into an absolutely marvelous picture I don t want to write details, because this book is so fabulous that I wouldn t want to spoil one word of it Suffice to say that I couldn t have imagined a better book than the first But this book was one of the most satisfying books I have ever read You must read the first book to enjoy the second, but let me say it again my favorite book EVER I originally read it 17 years ago, and no book has been it s equal for me personally To be fair, some have come close But nope This book is it for me I think you need to read it. What do you want of God, Roman It was an imperious question from so small a boy, and was said with a curious blend of humility and demand I ll know when I face him Perhaps the answers you seek can t be found in something you can see and touch Amused, Marcus smiled You have big thoughts for a small boy The boy grinned A shepherd has time to think Then, my little philosopher, what would you advise The boys s smile faded When you face God, remember he is God I ll remember what he s done, Marcus said coldly That, too, the boy said almost gently.Marcus frowned slightlyMarcus felt something strange move within him as he watched the boy with his sheep An aching hunger A thirst And suddenly, he sensed an unseen presencea vague hint of something, like a sweet, tantalizing aroma of food just beyond his grasp Tell me everything From the beginning Let me decide for myself what matters And so Marcus did as he was asked He gave in to his deep need to speak of Hadassah And all the while he talked of her, he failed to see the irony in what he was doing For as he told the story of a simple Judean slave girl, Marcus Lucianus Valerian, a Roman who didn t believe in anything, proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ Again, a personally challenging, life changing series Must read. Be still my heart I finished listening to this book last night with a glow of utter satisfaction, but also an ache of regret at needing to bid farewell to the characters I d come to love so well.Are you the impatient type Do you pray and chaff for God s answer I know I do There are people I love who don t know they Lord, and I want their salvation sooner rather than later More often than not, I give up hope that they ll ever turn to Christ This book gave me encouragement It reminded me of God s providence and perfect timing and the Christian s ability to rest in His plan with perfect peace Yes, it s just a fictional story, but it does what G.K Chesterton once explained as the value of fairy talesIt paints a clear picture showing that these shapeless enemies have enemies in the knights of God, that there is something in the universe mystical than darkness and stronger than fear.Marcus Valerian believe the love of his life has been killed by lions in a Roman arena, the victim of his sister s mindless rage and petty jealousy He is broken, angry, bereft None of his old passtimes bring him any pleasure Hadassah and her gruesome end haunt him day and night Driven to find closure, he goes in search of Hadassah s God, determined to curse God to His face if He is real for abandoning His faithful servant.Hadassah is not dead Miraculously spared, she find a new life and a new purpose as assistant to a compassionate physician Her encounter with death has changed her Freed from the crippling companionship of fear, she pours herself into the lives of the patients she serves tending their spiritual needs while the physician seeks to heal them physically Yet Marcus will not leave her mind and heart completely Plagued by her love for him, she prays for him often, unaware that He is wandering through her homeland trying to feel close to her by walking the hills of her childhood. Let me start by saying, WOW, This is one of the best, most moving books I have ever read in my entire life An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers is an absolute masterpiece The story picks directly at the ending of the first book Hadassah, now very disfigured, covers herself from head to toe in veils and does God s work as a healer, working tirelessly with Alexander, the physician who helped God save her from the arena She sees patient after patient, day after day And all the while, she tries to open Alexander s eyes to the wonder that is Christ Eventually, Hadassah learns of the all consuming illness Julia has contracted and knows that God is leading her back to Julia in order to continue her work trying to make Julia understand the salvation God can offer regardless of her past transgressions All the while, Marcus is consumed with bitterness at the loss of Hadassah as he doesn t know she s still alive He refuses to speak with Julia and no longer enjoys the pull of Rome or anything else in life To find the truth about God, he travels to all the places Hadassah has ever set foot, yet he still finds no salvation, until one night, after attempting to drown himself, he is rescued by a man and told the Good News again He knows now that God wants him to return to Ephesus in order that he may forgive Julia for her sin against him just as God has forgiven him his own sins What I Liked THE WHOLE THING From start to finish, I was totally enraptured I shed a few tears but I also felt like jumping for joy The emotional pull Mrs Rivers exerts is absolutely astounding Through the whole book, you are rooting for everyone to be able to find the salvation they need and to be able to see God as clearly as Hadassah Yet you also see the vulnerability of believers, those who s faith isn t strong but whom strive to be stronger You also feel the frustration, as Hadassah tries to import God s message as people hear the words yet don t understand the deeper meaning of what she s really trying to impart I was very much in love with all the events in the book and how strong Hadassah is, as her faith never wavers This series has made me a stronger believer Thank you, Francine What I Didn t Like Not a single thing I encourage everyone, young or old, man or woman, regardless of religion, to read this book It will move you and show you the goodness of one young woman who touched the lives of so many And through them, the lives of even people A wonderful, awe inspiring, belief strengthening book. .EPUB ⚒ An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion, #2) ⚇ A Prosperous Trader, Marcus Lucianus Valerian Has Made A Fortune Providing Sand And Slaves For The Roman Games But Hadassah, A Slave In His Family S Household, Has Enchanted Him With Her Quiet Beauty And Her Staunch Faith In Christ When Marcus Sister Sends Hadassah To Almost Certain Death In The Games, Marcus Feels That His Life Has Been Ripped Apart Now He Is On His Way To Jerusalem To Find Out About Hadassah S God, Unaware That A Miracle Awaits Him Back In RomeThe Political Intrigue Of The Imperial City Provides A Dramatic Backdrop For Marcus Spiritual Quest This Rich And Unforgettable Work Achieves Even Greater Impact Through Richard Ferrone S Dramatic Narration The end of this book was heart wrenching and inspired happy but tears to spill from my eyes, leaving me emotionally exhausted for a good few minutes after putting the book down Yet due to the incredible story and skill of the author, I was gushing with that same excitement one gets after being thoroughly entertained Thank you Francine Rivers You re so great The only reason why I got as far into this book before quiting is because I was listening to the audio version during my commute Even then I could only stand the first 4 of 12 cd s before it was ejected out of my stereo I didn t know that this was the 2nd in a series, but I don t think that had anything to do with me not liking the book There was than enough exposition to get a handle on the people their interconnections I knew 1 2 way through the first chapter that the woman Marcus pined for was alive The historical inaccuracies I could get past, but the blatant demonizing of anyone not Christian I could not While I did know that this would be a novel about historical Christianity, I did not know that the author had such an ax to grind The 3 books of the sires could have been condensed into 1 w out the re hashing of biblical stories we all know The Christians in the story were kind to a fault, loving perfect examples of human beings All of the Roman non Christian characters were mere caricature sin depravity They were physically emotionally ill, thieves, murderers, rapists, loveless completely unable to form any kind of functional relationships with others One even seemed to be suffering a physical illness as a result of her previous sins How Christian is that The only exception was those who were obviously going to become Christian before the end of the book The author made her proselytizing point with a literary sledgehammer When she got to describing the Jews, the book took on an anti semitic tone Perhaps she redeemed herself in future chapters, but that was as far as I could get. I believe I liked An a Echo in the Darkness better than A Voice in the Wind Both are awesome and incredible but everything came together in this one This story is about Marcus s journey But never fear Hadassah is definitely in it This series is so incredible And the ending is Umph Awesome Read it Or miss out