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I found the world building and character names a bit confusing at first but I haven t read the first book After a few chapters I fell right in to the flow of the writing and fell in love with the H and h I loved watching the heroine Fledge s confidence grow And Mirry I didn t think I could fall for a feathered and tailed bird man but fall I did The conflict was engaging and kept me turning the pages and so did the sex scenes which were very, very hot What puts this on my 5 star shelf though is what can only be described as that pang I get in my chest from some books Mirry s love gave me the pang. Holy Hannah was this book hot, hot, hot I so want to finish the series now Fledge, the Story Witch of the Ten Nations Fair finds Miriliel the Burnished in a cart and thinks he s dead She can t let such a beautiful being just be dumped like garbage, so she gets help and sets about preparing him for burial But he s not dead And he wants her He s also on a quest to find his comrade, Janarnavriel who was also ambushed as the same time Mirry believes Jan is dead and he wants to make sure that Jan is laid to rest in the ways of their people.Jan was taken hostage by an opera singer possessed by a demon who wants to next possess him The demon s next conquest will be Fledge Jan believes Mirry is dead as well, but the memory of Mirry is what gives him the ability to fight back and keep his sanity. @Download Book Û Tailspin (Phoenix Rising,#2) É Book In The Phoenix Rising SeriesFrom His Magnificent Tawny Wings To His Wicked Feathery Tail, Miriliel The Burnished Is Masculine PerfectionOne Glance And Fledge Knows She S Outclassed After All, She S A Small, Ordinary Circus Girl With No Education, No Looks And No Prospects Mirry S Not Only A Warrior Of The Aetherii But Also A Scholar Of Renown Mesmerized By The Power Of His Personality And Her Desire To Be Mastered, Fledge Gives Herself Up For Lost But She Can T Help Thinking If Only She Had Wings, She D Soar With Mirry In A Mating Flight For The Ages If Only Mirry Has Lots Of Things On His Oh So Clever Mind An Ageless Demon Captured His Friend, Janarnavriel The Noir, And It S Using The Dark Warrior S Beautiful Body For A Perverted Playground All Mirry Has To Do Is Rescue His Friend, Finish His Encyclopedia And Educate Fledge By The Time He S Finished, She Ll Know How To Read, Write And Submit For Her Pleasure And His In Between, He Needs To Kill A Deathless Demon, Sort Out His Complicated Feelings For Jan And Show Fledge The Secret Of An Aetherii OrgasmNot To Worry He S Made A List What can I say I absolutely adore Mirry 3 3 3 What s not to love about a handsome hero with wings, pointed ears and a prehensile tail Syneca s cover art caught my eye immediately in my first foray through Ellora s Cave bookshelves back in 2007 After reading the blurb, which ended with In between, he needs to kill a deathless demon, sort out his complicated feelings for Jan and show Fledge the secret of an Aetherii orgasm Not to worry He s made a list I knew this was a book written just for me As a longtime Sci Fi Fantasy reader, with a soft spot for dragons and other flying characters, I lusted after Tailspin for almost a year before I had online access to money and could purchase it I bought Gift of the Goddess and devoured it first to get to Mirry.I fell in love with Phoenix, the world Denise Rossetti created while reading Gift of the Goddess and in Tailspin to my delight, even of its culture, flora and fauna is introduced Against this rich backdrop the story of Fledge, Story Witch of the Ten Nations Fair, Miriliel the Burnished and Janarnavriel the Noir, Aetherii Scholar and Warriors, had me enthralled Denise s writing style is a perfect blend of image provoking descriptions, exciting well crafted plot arcs, easy to love believable characters, an exotic but familiar setting, hot hot erotic scenes and lively dialogue A definite keeper and one of the few eBooks I have in paperback as well.So if you are looking for a story you can enjoy from the opening paragraph till you close it s last page, do buy Tailspin and the other three books in the Phoenix Rising series I do not believe you will be disappointed. Loving a wee re read of Tailspin, on to Strongman now and then looking forward to reading Guilty as Sin for the first time. The angst was really well done here and as a beader, featherpearls sound totally awesome. TOUR FANTASTIC LANDS WITH A GUIDE OF SURPASSING SKILLI love the writing of Denise Rossetti Period She combines my two favorite genres, fantasy and erotica, and she does it well I first met her in Gift of the Goddess some years ago now, and I have read everything she has written since Everything Several times I even like the serialized short stories on her website To give you some idea of how much I like her work, I originally bought her writing in ebook format I now have all the paperbacks I couldn t take the chance that someday my Kindle would expire or my computer would destruct and I wouldn t be able to access her books so I bought them twice.Ms Rossetti is one of first authors, along with Joey Hill, that made me realize I like M M erotica It was the search for books like Ms Rossetti s that drove me to write my own I won t pretend I do it as well I highly recommend Ms Rossetti to anyone wishing to travel in fantastic lands with a tour guide of surpassing skill just make sure you have ice water at hand to calm the heat I m sorry, Ms Rossetti, for waiting so long to post this review I have delighted in your writing for years Now, I m off to to your backlist to make amends. I really enjoyed this book the writing was great and concise, and the characters were great Although it is set in the same world as , the author doesn t bog the reader down with details and recaps The book opens with an angelic prisoner, then goes to a dusty forgettable girl who finds an angel in a pile of dead animals The pace isn t rushed yet there aren t any wasted words, no backtracking Mirry, the angel in the pile, is sooo male, in that he is completely oblivious to how imperious and contrary he sounds Fledge, the dusty forgettable chick, follows her heart and does what any woman would do shakes her head and keeps going The sex scenes were so good, and so much fun well, words fail me Suffice to say, I had to go get everything else by this author, reviews to follow 4.5 stars I loved this story Fledge and Mirry were magic and made magic The scenes leading up to and the Mating Flights themselves were well written and true to the characters Written so vividly, I can see them in my mind s eye view spoiler I hope that Jan recovers and returns to them, but even if he doesn t, they are a strong couple unto themselves hide spoiler