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Stephen King is best known for being a horror writer, covering everything from evil cars to telekinetic high schoolers But his magnum opus was the Dark Tower series, an epic gritty high fantasy story strongly tinged with horror The Dark Tower, Books 1 3 The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, and The Waste Lands displays the strong first three parts of the series, sweeping you into the Midworld The Gunslinger introduces us to Roland Deschain of Gilead, the last gunslinger of a long dead land The hardened cowboy knight wanders through a wasted world, tracking a man in black who can help him find cue ominous music the Dark Tower Along the way he finds Jake, a young boy who was killed in a car accident in our world But in the name of his quest, Roland may be called on to sacrifice what he loves The Drawing of the Three kicks off mere hours after Gunslinger ends Roland is sick, and being pursued by carnivorous lobstrosities But then he ends up transporting his mind into our world specifically, into the minds of junkie smuggler Eddie Dean, and legless civil rights activist Odetta Holmes and her evil alter ego, Detta Roland draws these two into his own world, but Eddie s withdrawal and Detta s malevolence might kill his quest before it even starts The Waste Lands begins with Roland tutoring Susannah formerly Odetta Detta and Eddie in how to be gunslingers But Roland is not doing well Because of a paradox he created when he saved the boy Jake, his mind is starting to deteriorate In Manhattan, Jake is suffering from the same thing To save them both from madness, the gang draws Jake away from our world But no sooner has he joined them than they come to a ruined city, with an insane mono train and a sinister figure following themAs the Dark Tower lies at the heart of all worlds, the Dark Tower series lies at the heart of Stephen King s vast bibliography this is where he ties everything together, from his classic novels like IT and The Stand to his own LIFE These three books are only the beginning, slowly introducing the main ka tet as well as the ruined, desolate Midworld, but they are absolutely brilliant.King s writing here is full of blood, dust and loneliness, and he weaves in some truly horrific moments of visceral power as well as moving drama And he does an outstanding job setting up a parallel world to our own, with some shared history and beliefs but a very different now And Roland Deschain is an excellent lead character, a mixture of rock hard determination and affection for his friends Eddie comes across as rather annoying at times, but he s evidently supposed to on the other hand, Susannah is remarkably complex with her double personality and her boundless inner strength And Jake serves as a surrogate son for Roland, while displaying his own brand of eleven year old toughness The Dark Tower, Books 1 3 The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, and The Waste Lands brings together the first three classic stories of Midworld, and it will blast you into a world of dust and blood. Book 1 The GunslingerGrim and intriguing with occasional bursts of philosophical genius, but far too vague in detail and plot direction Even after having finished the novel, I have no sense of direction of where the plot is heading or where it was ever meant to be heading in the first place The motivations of the characters, the setting and the story were lost in a jumbled sea of hallucinatory prose and characters speaking in riddles I have so many unanswered questions that I had to sit back and think about what the hell I just read before writing a review.The only thing that kept me going was the relationship between Roland and the man in black I don t know enough about either of them too sympathize with their respective struggles, but they re both so darn interesting that I m dying to learn about them and the things that drive such cold and distant men.Despite feeling a bit unsatisfied with the novel s conclusion, I m curious to see how such a mysterious and intriguing introduction spanned this long of a series I feel like this book was less of a fully realized tale that could serve as a stand alone work and of a massive prologue for the real story Not too impressed, but impressed just enough to want to read the rest of the series to see where it goes Book 2 The Drawing of the ThreeAfter being fairly disappointed with the first book, the second book completely defied my expectations and gave me the deep characterization, coherent narrative and hardcore action that the first book was severely lacking in I was blown away by what a massive improvement this book was over the first one This time, I actually feel excited for the next installment and like I have a better grasp on the world and the protagonist s goal This was a much complete and self contained experience The best part of this book was easily the introduction of Eddie and Odetta, a foul mouthed heroin junkie and a woman suffering from severe schizophrenia Not only were they incredible characters in their own right, but they also brought out some much needed personality out of Roland The three of them being on page simultaneously was a joy to behold Sometimes it was tragic, sometimes it was hilarious, sometimes it was terrifying and sometimes it was beautifully human The chemistry between the three unstable misfits kept the tension and the emotion high at all times Now that Roland has gathered the necessary crew to continue his journey, where will destiny take them I m eager to find out Book 3 The WastelandsThe ridiculously slow pacing, the jumping around between various settings and the lack of progression in many areas definitely got under my skin quite a few times, but the payoff to each of the individual story arcs always left me feeling satisfied and entertained enough to move on to the next one Here s the funny thing though I find myself no longer caring about Roland s purpose or the Tower itself, the thing that I really enjoy about these books are the interactions between the incredibly broken characters and watching how they grow beyond their individual flaws through mutual suffering and bonding Tough times bring people together, as they say.I also enjoyed the introduction of Oy, a silly bird creature that feels like the classic video game traveling companion The four misfits and their furry companion bring a lot of joy, tears and dark humor to life and I care about their bonds with each other than the actual plot and mystery of the Tower itself As much as I love their antics, I hope the future books in this series will make me care about the actual plot and conclusion. [Read Epub] ♠ The Dark Tower, Books 1-3: The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, and The Waste Lands ☦ Popular Books, The Dark Tower, Books 1 3 The Gunslinger, The Drawing Of The Three, And The Waste Lands By Stephen King This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Dark Tower, Books 1 3 The Gunslinger, The Drawing Of The Three, And The Waste Lands, Essay By Stephen King Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Absolutely the best series I ve ever read. Okay, I read each of the Dark Tower books as they came out, but couldn t write separate reviews for each, because really, they re just one long book.Nothing made me sadder than when I finished the last book I love Roland I love Eddie and Susannah I love the terrifying, dusty, romantic land of End World I am not ashamed to admit that when each new book came out, I felt compelled to read each of the previous books over again in order, so that each was crisp and still in my mind clearly when I began the new book.Even if you hate Stephen King Jennifer you have to read The Dark Tower series. The Gunslinger Instantly engaging in its nod to spaghetti western films, this book quickly moves beyond that into the realm of fantasy as we learn that Roland, the gunslinger, is the last member of a knighthood like order, and his world, similar to our own, is said to have moved on He follows his adversary, the Man in Black, across the desert, looking for answers to his life, and questing for the linchpin of all levels of all realities, The Dark Tower.The Drawing of the Three The gunslinger s quest for the Dark Tower continues as he gathers to his side kindred spirits from our world, and through inter dimensional doorways left free standing along the shore of an ocean, brings them back to his world to join him in his quest, and teaches them to become gunslingers too Strange, unexplained synchronicities seem to connect all the characters.The Wastelands Roland and his ka tet, a group bound by a common destiny, follow the path of one of the beams of energy holding reality together, and leading to a central spoke The Dark Tower upon which all universes turn Their journey leads them through the remains of an ancient metropolis where a deranged computer intelligence holds the remaining populace in a state of continual civil war.I loved these books It seems every genre has made it smoothly into this series, with dominant influence from westerns, fantasy, suspense, science fiction and of course, it is Stephen King, horror I find the character Roland truly intriguing It s so funny that King, this incredibly imaginative and prolific writer, has chosen as his hero of this, his self styled Magnum Opus , a character that is utterly without imagination and nearly void of humor Roland, with his mind uncluttered by nonsense, sees things in stark contrasts, and with an unflagging sense of right and wrong He is not a brilliant man, but his singularity of purpose to find the cause of all that is wrong in the universe and set it right, carries him through every situation, no matter how seemingly insurmountable If analysis is paralysis, then Roland is a speeding bullet I just can t say enough good things about this work The plot, the characters, the writing yes Stephen King s writing all kept me enthralled I was so happy when the final book came out I m currently rereading the series via audiobook and it s just as good the second time around When a seven tome series is worth rereading, that s saying something. Book 1 is a bit of a struggle but after that you re hooked Book 7 just makes you want to read every one of them again I thought this was a very well written, science fiction series Although the first book was a BORE and I almost didn t continue reading, I am really glad my brother convinced me otherwise The rest of the series is full of complexity, and very exciting reading Not sure what I think of the ending I would recommend the series to others but would warn them first of how boring the first book is just skim it to get to the good books An over thousand page bind up of all three of the fabulous King The Dark Tower novels the titles of which include The Dark Tower I The Gunslinger , The Dark Tower II The Drawing of the Three and The Dark Tower III The Waste Lands.