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So I have a problem For the last week or so I ve been binge reading this series in order to get caught up and read this newest book My problem now that I m done I m stuck with a serious book hangover and don t know what to read next It should be very telling to know that this is book 10 in the series and I don t think I rated a single book lower than 4 stars Most are 4.5 5 star reads Starting a series that s this long already can be daunting, but mystery fans can t afford to miss this one Yes, every single book in this series can be read as a standalone, but I don t recommend reading them that way There s always a mystery that s neatly wrapped up within the pages, but you ll be missing out on a lot of the overall goodness of Micky s life if you read this as a standalone Start at book 1 for the full picture and you won t be sorry.A major benefit to reading the books in this series back to back is that I feel like I ve really gotten to see Micky grow as a person over the last few novels Not only that, but I feel like Redmann s grown as an author too The first few books were wonderful, but once this series got to the book Water Mark, it really hit a whole new level of greatness I m completely invested in what happens to Micky next, and even though I know it s unfair to Redmann for me to just inhale a book in a few hours that she s been working on for years and immediately beg for , that s exactly what I m doing I want and I wish I didn t have to wait to find out what happens next A minor spoiler, I was a bit surprised to see that this book had view spoiler no sex in it for the first time in the entire series There s mention of a former relationship, but there s no on page kissing, romance, sex, etc in this one for the first time all series I m taking that as a hint that Micky is really maturing and hope that it means she s ready for her HEA in the next one hide spoiler (((FREE PDF))) ⇯ Not Dead Enough (Micky Knight, #10) ☘ A Woman Wants To Find Her Missing Sister That Should Be Easy For An Experienced PI Like Micky Knight Until The Woman Or Someone Who Looks Like Her Ends Up In The Morgue Micky Finds Herself In A Tangled Mess, Not Knowing Who The Real Victim Is, Or How Her Name Keeps Coming Up In Places It Shouldn T Like Newly Minted Realtor Karen Holloway S House Sale Papers, As The Contact For Another Missing Buyer, One Who Looks A Lot Like Micky S Client The Same Woman The Sister Micky Has To Uncover What The Game Is And Who S Playing Because The Stakes Are Murder What an interesting as well as unsettling series Michele Knight is at it again, reaching out to the downtrodden and solving cases that seem tough to get a handle on It is indeed her saving grace as she continues to work on ignore her personal issues I have enjoyed this series because the main characters are multidimensional and to some extent flawed which in my opinion can make for an excellent read especially if the read is a series The writing provides depth as we continue to gain insight about the main characters The writing provides some funny lines which had me chuckling The story also provided a visit with some characters from previous books in the series which was good to see and we learned a little about Cordelia and what she is doing and possible thinking ARC provided by BoldStrokes Books, Inc via netGalley Can t go wrong with this serie Absolutely love it. This was my first book by this author yeah, I started with the tenth installment in a seriescrazy, right But everything I read about this series said it was a must read So I jumped in the pool late.This book loses nothing as a stand alone You truly can read it, and enjoy it, without reading the previous nine I own the first in the series too, but I bought that one This book I received as an ARC, and so owe a review Otherwise, I would have read the first book first Anyway, this is a wonderful example of classic P.I mystery for lesbians Twisty, head scratching and a real stumperI loved the many layers of the plot I had no idea who had hired Micky until the very end As much as I play the whodunit game, I don t want to figure it out too soon, you know Character interactions were sometimes messy, as they are in RL, and I really enjoyed that bit of realism The characters were real, even the angst over cashing a check The food made me hungry, the cold beer made me thirsty and at times, the rest of my world fell away, and I was right there with Micky at the bar.If you enjoy lesfic, and mysteries, and P.I stories, you definitely want to read this book And if the previous nine stories in this series are as good as this oneget them too I bought the first one and don t regret a thing.Except perhaps never having a po boy sandwich This is a murder mystery that follows Private Investigator Micky Knight This is the 10th novel featuring Micky Knight I didn t know it was the 10th story when I started it and while I think I would have benefited from reading the previous stories first, I never felt lost or confused The story is well written and stands on its own and all back story and necessary character information was well explained Anyone could pick up the story here and feel caught up.Micky is a complex and interesting character she spends much of her time trying to convince herself she doesn t care about others then goes out of her way to help them She can be jaded and judgmental because of her profession and experiences but she is also intelligent and introspective The mystery of this story was very well crafted and constantly kept me guessing The characters were all interesting and fun to follow.This book did not have any romance and while I would have enjoyed it if there was, I never felt like The story was lacking without it.I loved the way Redmann made me thing about other peoples perspectives and experiences From the characters and all of their trials to the people of New Orleans and their struggles It was truly humbling and I am grateful to have experienced it.This is a must read for fans of mystery. I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.Mickey is drawn into a twisted mystery Mickey takes on a case when a woman named Aimee ask to look for her sister when tries to research the women who hire her because she knows when someone not telling the whole truth Things get complicated when she doesn t know if the woman who hire her is in the morgue or if she still alive who the real victim is as she deal with learning this case is then it seems especially with the mob family in Atlanta Georgia Then you have this realtor Karen being drawn into the case as Mickey tried sort out what going on You can tell Mickey still heroine but also tell she lonely an that her ex Cordelia is dating someone name Nancy who isn t a great person everybody thinks she is because can t seem to see Cordelia staying with her I like that we got to glimpse other characters in previous books Joanne Danny Ellie and Alex it was nice seeing them and how they are doing. Thanks to Net Galley and Bold Stroke Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Let me just say I am a huge fan of J.M Redmann s Mickey Knight series Indeed, Redmann has long been my favourite lesbian mystery thriller author Like many readers, however, I was disappointed with her last two books Redmann, than any author I have encountered gives us three dimensional characters that live long in the memory She has the unique gift of making the reader laugh or cry when framing the exploits of her irrepressible heroine, Mickey Knight I must confess I love Mickey She is exceptionally well drawn by Redmann lovable, tenacious and fallible In this book Mickey takes on a rather complex and perplexing case involving multiple series of twins from a mob family in Atlanta, Georgia This was rather a twisty mystery which drew both Mickey and the ghastly Karen Holloway into the web of organised crime and the factious Brande crime family., As we have come to expect from previous books, Mickey saves the day and rescues than one damsel in distress Whilst this was a satisfying mystery, Mickey is still in quite a lonely place There is little engagement with the fantastic cast of characters we have come to love in earlier books Apart from Joanne, we hear little from Danny, Ellie and Alex This, as we come to learn, is down to the machinations of Cordelia s partner, Nancy This, for me, is one of the mystery s still to be resolved in the series Why is Cordelia with Nancy A rather unpleasant scene between Nancy and Mickey suggests Cordelia and Nancy s relationship may not be the loving one we assumed Maybe the relationship is held together by obligation on Cordelia s part Has Nancy manipulated Cordelia into splitting with Micky It is simply impossible to believe that Cordelia would willingly stay with Nancy for any other reason I suspect we have a lot to learn about Nancy and the events recounted in The Shoal of Time which involved Cordelia and Mickey s break up.If so, please J.M resolve these questions in the next book If not for the absence of Mickey s friends this would have been a 5 star review. I should start by saying two things I love Micky Knight and there are no spoilers in this review I will leave you to soak up the New Orleans atmosphere and try to figure out the complicated layered plot by yourself It is worth it Micky is now in her tenth adventure and the character has grown and developed as have we She is no longer the immature player with the poor self esteem although we still get glimpses which adds to the feeling that Micky is real The writing by Ms Redmann is excellent, fast paced, clues dripped regularly, side characters and series regulars introduced as needed to move the plot along All good work, but the winner is the case Micky gets, which grows beyond New Orleans and way beyond her expectations A woman asks Micky to find her missing sister Easy money Micky thinks but still she won t dive in too deep till the cheque clears, as something about the woman doesn t ring true The suspicions prove right when a body turns up but who is it and why does Karen Holloway feature so often in the case And unfortunately for Micky seeing Karen, gets her thinking about Cordelia.The pathos and politics of friends and lovers is very well covered by the author and will be familiar to many readers I m already waiting on Chapter 11 but I may have to reread the others to get my Micky fix in the meantime.I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in return for an honest review. NetGalley This series is 100% queer required reading I don t know when I started to feel this hard for these characters but I think it was sometime during Katrina As the storm hit, and the chasm between Mickey and CordeIa went to new heights, I developed a persistant anxiety that has never fully subsided I spent all of this book with knots in my stomach I can see how that might seem like I am not recommending this series, but it is absolutely wonderful Mickey is the best and worst in all of us, and she lives in a world where her friends and acquaintances only see her through the charged and stressful moments they cross her path I can feel everyone around her misunderstanding her I can also see that I would do the same The vodka bottle she purchases but does not open, only to drink martinis the next day Her battle with alcohol, with guilt, with belief in her self, with loss, she is constantly in dualities And then there is Cordelia The ever present spectre haunting every choice Mickey makes The constant questioning, did I abandoned her was I unlovable She never says it, but you can feel it Cordelia is present in this book, which had me on edge from start to finish I am angry at Cordelia, but I love her all the same I recommend this book to anyone who has read the series and would like another high paced mystery with a melancholy thread woven through.