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ARC received for reviewI was so excited to get this to finish Naz and Eva s story then it ends with another cliffy This part was really good, and I don t want to give anything away This one starts off right where the first one ended There s drama, new bad guys plus Dimitri, hot sex and then the stupid cliffy which was worse than the first one I need the next part NOW #Pdf ⚛ Dangerous Desires (Dangerous Beauty, #2) ⛏ He S Everything She Has Ever Desired But There S Only One Way To Keep Her Man Alive Let Him GoWith Nasir S Life On The Line, Eva Makes A Deal With The Devil She Slips Away To Return To Dimitri, The Mob Boss Who Held Her Captive For Years, Only To Step Into A New World Of Trouble Abducted By One Of Dimitri S Most Cunning Adversaries, Eva Finds Herself An Unwitting Pawn In A Dangerous Game Of Cat And MouseWhen Eva Disappears, Naz Is Prepared To Do Anything To Find Her Tracking Her To The Remote Regions Of Portugal Is Just The Beginning Of The Hunt Bewitched By Eva S Beauty, The Darkly Seductive Spy Who Abducted Her Now Has Than Business On His Mind, But The Only Way For The Trio To Defeat Dimitri Is To Work Together Despite The Explosive Desires Threatening To Consume ThemWith A Game So Deadly And The Stakes So High, Naz And Eva S Love Will Be Tested In Ways Neither Of Them Could Foresee Or Perhaps Survive 4.5 stars.Book 2 of this super sexy Romantic Suspense Trilogy.Just as engaging as book one, such a fast read for me and it is a real nail biter at the beginning.AndArgh, silent scream we have yet another cliffhanger That s the bad thing about being the middle book of a trilogy, you are starting off mid story and finishing without a satisfying ending either I really need that next book NOW Also..little tidbit.there is a really interesting love triangle development that starts here in book 2.Killian Eva Naz.It comes with some scorching hot scenes and plenty of action and adventure.TOTALLY LOVED IT J.T Geissinger is essentially one of my favorite authors, her book Midnight Valentine is one of my all time favorite reads received in exchange for an honest review. Rated 4.5 StarsDangerous Desires upped the ante in so many ways especially the intensity The suspense aspect is intense than the first book so too are the sex scenes and Naz and Eva s relationship I loved where the author took this installment and cannot wait to see how it all ends especially after that cliffy I definitely recommend this series.Copy provided by author OMG First of all, you know how much I love J.T Geissinger, right You know how excited I got when I was granted this arc too, right Well, then maybe you could explain to me why I couldn t get invested in the story and why it took me 4 days to read a book I was supposed to devour in a couple of hours As always, I sneaked a peek at the last chapter and found out this too ends in a horrible cliffhanger I got pretty mad at that, since I hate waiting for the next installment I get disconnected from the story, forget important facts and so on If I had known, I would have waited for all three books in the series to be published.I don t think I can give you too many details about it, except for that fact that Eva gets kidnapped by Killian , this beautiful bastard, whom you can t help falling for He s cruel, mysterious, ruthless, caring if he wants too, calculated, a mercenary He has, however, committed a huge crime and it might be difficult to forgive him for it, but he ll also make you swoon and giggle a little, soThe whole book is basically a suspenseful chase, thrilling, heart stopping, but once Naz gets to meet the infamous Killian, you ll definitely laugh at their pissing contest, a testosterone battle full of creative threats What else could you expect from two alphas infatuated with the same bhr agha woman So, if you happen to have missed book 1, I would highly recommend you to wait until November and read the whole series then Trust me, it s worth the waitARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Well Naz and Eva are back and have picked up where they left us hanging in Dangerous Beauty This book is not a standalone and this trilogy must be read in order Because this trilogy is a romantic suspense my review will be quite vague otherwise it will spoil your reading experience Eva left to protect Naz and in doing so a new player is added to the mix of suspense and intrigue Naz only wants one thing, to get Eva back and he will do so by any means possible What I enjoy about these books is that even during the tension of the story there are a lot of lighthearted moments between Naz, Eva and the cast of characters The silly banter lightens the tension of the reality of their story Prepare yourself that this isn t the end of Eva and Naz s journey and I see troubled water for them both on the horizon As with the first book, it s told from dual POV and is full of action, intrigue, suspense, laughs, heat and every emotion imaginable I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this action packed trilogy Talk about being on the edge of my seat I don t think I have devoured a book so fast This starts right were we left off in book one So yes, you gotta read book one first and this is not the last in the series This is a trilogy If you aren t much of a fan of trilogy s, I promise this one is worth it This is such a consuming story I wish I could find books like this one I don t want to give anything away, so I m just going to say this is a romantic suspense story that rides the edge of cliff the whole way through The heroine is in a very dangerous situation and the hero is desperate to protect her I swear there were moments in this book where I could hear the music in the background that warns you something is about to happen and I had to brace for impact I just have to mention that I absolutely love the addition of the new character I m so intrigued by him I will pray to the author Gods that he survives in this series and gets his own book The third book can not come fast enough I absolutely loved this 4.5 STARS She s all there is This is all there is, this powerful thing that lives between us, this fierce and elemental force I m no able to control than I could control gravity. It s a rare dang occasion when I enjoyed the second book in a trilogy even than the first, but man I devoured this one I ve been utterly antsy to get my hands on the second installment of this trilogy ever since the jaw dropping cliffhanger in book one Naz and Eva completely stole my heart in the last book, but it was nothing compared to what I experienced with their story in this one.Eva was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the man she loves, even willingly hand herself back to the devil again But just as she s determined to protect Naz, he s just as determined to protect her But in order to protect the woman he s fallen so hard for, he needs to find her And it s extremely hard to find someone when they go through a lot of trouble to ensure that they can t be found.I don t want to give too much away about the plot in this book, so I won t say anything about it What I will tell you is that there s a secondary character that was introduced here that I m fairly certain I d give an ovary to get a book for Talk about your enigmatic and mysterious characters, because OMG I NEED.Eva and Naz are just as potent together Their cute joking insults and their undying devotion for each other is captivating You can t help but fall for these two They are both so fiercely protective of each other I love that Eva is no one s victim This woman is a survivor and a fighter where Naz is a natural protector And together, they re absolutely incendiary I m in love I m so fucking in love If I lose her, it will end me. I devoured this book in one sitting I couldn t put it down And twist after delicious twist, it continued to own me until the very last page Now if I could just survive the unbearable wait until the conclusion ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on Oh my gosh This author has done it again She pulled me so deep into this story I wasn t even aware of my own surroundings The drama, the suspense, the build up was incredible This picks up right where Dangerous Beauty left off What follows is a chaotic unfolding of danger and drama as Eva fights to protect herself Her innate ability to read people helps her to discern the murky character that holds her captive but fails her when it comes to another There are some intense scenes so surprising, as well as shocking, that I found myself mentally looking around every corner afterwards.Naz is left scrambling to figure out what is going on and in the process we re given some amazing images of how is mind works when it comes to protecting Eva It s the kind of stuff that s my bread and jam I loved his protective mindsetTell him if Eva s in anything other than perfect health when I get there, I ll cut off his arms and legs and hang him on the wall and name him Art And then I ll kill his entire family, all his friends, his pets, and everyone he s ever worked with And then I ll burn down his house and take a rocket launcher to that f ing ship and send it to the bottom of the ocean with him lashed to the mast, and his bloody stumps will attract all kinds of hungry sea creatures who will eat his god mn guts out and lay their eggs inside his skull and gnaw on his bones And then I ll drag up his picked over carcass and cremate it and make urinal cakes form his ashes and p ss on his remains every day for the rest of my lifeAnd when this couple finally find a place of temporary peace, it was beautiful They are just so good together, each emotionally healing the other I loved knowing right here and now that they were meant to be togetherI love her so much in this moment, everything I was before is incinerated I came into this room one man, but I know I ll emerge from it another, a baptism of love so hot it s a fire that scorches me to the bone and leaves whatever I was before a smoking pile of ashes to be blown away by the windLike the first book, we have the fun banter between Naz and Eva Their constant teasing was a soothing balm to the danger that surrounded them It s a constant roller coaster ride of wit, deep emotion, and the horrors they face What was already an amazing series was pushed into the stratosphere when the Killian element was introduced I ll leave that plotline alone since I don t want to spoiler it than to say scary, sexy, fun, interesting please This has a fast pace to it Once you start, you will not want to stop The rhythm is wicked fast with sharp edges to keep you on your toes And then bam Yep, cliffhanger At least this time I knew it was coming But gah Now I ve gotta wait for book 3 Dual POVSafe view spoiler no ow drama om causes some serious jealous possessive moment with the H that was wonderful and so much fun to read he blackmails h into kissing him and he doesn t try to hide the fact that he s infatuated with her from the H he actually rubs his nose in it hide spoiler