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Having just watched the classic Pretty in Pink, I couldn t help but draw some comparisons to Blane and Andi Rico is hopeful that if she had money, she would have freedom and opportunities Zan s family has a lot of money, but he still feels like his choices are limited He has strong opinions on how people handle their finances, but Rico thinks he can t really identify with what it means to truly not have enough to make ends meet I felt like their cute romance was secondary to the lottery ticket and how those winnings could drastically change the direction of their seemingly already determined futures Her unexpected friendship with Jess reinforces that judgement and preconceived notions can go both ways no one has a perfect life, everyone is going through something I liked the ending, and I didn t really see it coming Since the story was told from Rico s point of view, I enjoyed the inanimate objects telling a piece of the story we might not otherwise get to understand. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Full review to come closer to the release date here and over on Don t pickup this book if you have things that need done I repeat, DON T PICKUP THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE THINGS THAT NEED DONE. Alright, I m a total Nic Stone fan girl I literally did football maneuvers in a ballroom to make sure I got this ARC But, this one felt..off.The story is told from Rico s POV with side anecdotes from the winning lotto ticket, her little brother s toy soldier, and other inanimate objects in an effort to offset Rico s unreliability I wanted a deeper exploration into her partner in crime s thoughts I also didn t like the constant reminder of how poor she was It was redundant and often came across as melodramatic This coming from someone from a low socioeconomic background Things I did love, Jess as a character was phenomenal and exactly who Rico needed to help her put her life in perspective Also, the bathroom scene with Rico and her mom was done to perfection All that to say, I m still a total Nic Stone fangirl, but I didn t love Rico with the same vigor and gusto that I loved Jupiter Charity Sanchez. 4.75 OMG THIS BOOK MY FEELINGS MY HEART THIS BOOK I was very fortunate to be able to read Jackpot by Nic Stone as a ARC and I must say I was not disappointed Not that I thought I would be, because it s Nic Stone and she s a great author obviously Jackpot is a great young adult story of Rico Danger pronounced Don gur and Alexander Zan Macklin, two unlikely partners who adventure on a journey to find a winning lottery ticket that hasn t been claimed yet I really liked this novel a lot The complexities of winning the lottery and what someone would do with that much money are some of the layers I enjoyed throughout this book, but I also I really loved the portrayal of status divide and how it can impact relationships Jackpot was definitely a great read and I m excited for its release in October 2019 Official Rating 3.75 starsInitial Reaction 6 27 19 Oh boy This this is going to take a hot second for me to review There s a lot to unpack Jackpot definitely made me think, which is exactly what I wanted, but let s just say I was not the biggest fan of the character who was making me think for reasons to be explained.Review 6 28 19 All right So, first things first, Jackpot tells the story of a girl named Rico Danger, who comes from a lower class family She s had to sacrifice a lot in order to help her single Mother keep their heads above the murky waters of debt, including a solid education, genuine friendships with people her own age, and a life period School Work Home Repeat That s what Rico s entire existence is like, with absolutely no hope of change That is, until Rico realizes that she may or may not have given a kind, older black lady the the ticket to win a lottery of 1.6 million buckaroos, and said lady has yet to cash it in Then, Rico becomes fixated on finding the woman, alerting her to the substantial load in her grasp, hoping that she herself can get a portion of the reward in the end.Rico collaborates with her wildly rich, not unpleasant looking classmate, Zan the man, to garner information in order to find this woman before the deadline for the lotto arrives What Rico does not expect is for this mission to turn into a journey of self discovery, becoming aware of the effect of money on mankind how someone s sense of self worth is impacted as a consequence.Now, as I stated in my initial reaction, I picked up this book because I knew that it was going to force me to think I loved Dear Martin because it provided me with insight on police brutality and an authentic account of the fear that resides within the black community every day as a result With Jackpot, I also knew that I would learn about the dangers of the lottery, about the trials of money, about privilege and the things that one might take for granted, about how to be a better person, unbiased and reflective I am a middle class civilian, so I live relatively comfortably, not consistently worrying about making end s meet The other day, my mom made a comment about not having a big enough house, yet among all of my closest friend, I am the one with the biggest, neatest house That being said, while I was reading this book, I was immediately prompted to say, Mom, we do have a big enough house We are so blessed to have what we have You re just comparing our livelihood to those of your upper class friends My mom merely looked at me in response, but still, it was not a rebuttal She knew what I said was true Right there, the fact that I needed to correct my mother s ignorant statement when I could ve simply let it slide, shows the sheer magnitude of this Nic Stone s work It s so important to think beyond our own personal bubble because it s when we put ourselves into other people s shoes and understand how their train of thought differs from ours what problems are prevalent in the world that we may push to the back burner because it does not directly affect us that the engines of change are finally fueled I am thankful for Jackpot for making it known to me the burdens of less fortunate than I, how their perception of things may diverge from mine, and how I can possibly use my own privilege to help them with permission.Sadly, I could not rate this book any higher because my reading experience was tainted by the fact that the protagonist, Rico, could be a tad too judgmental Though I understand her criticism towards other characters, she possesses her own prejudices, and I wish that she would have been called out on them than she was There needed to be of a balance, but I will expand on that at a later date.FULL REVIEW TO COME CLOSER TO PUBLICATION DATE. Haven t read this yet, just combatting an absurd rating from someone else who has certainly not read it Will update when I ve actually read it. `DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇞ Jackpot ⇱ From The Author Of The New York Times Bestseller Dear Martin Which Angie Thomas, The Bestselling Author Of The Hate U Give,called A Must Read Comes A Pitch Perfect Romance That Examines Class, Privilege, And How A Stroke Of Good Luck Can Change An Entire Life Meet Rico High School Senior And Afternoon Shift Cashier At The Gas N Go, Who After School And Work Races Home To Take Care Of Her Younger Brother Every Single Day When Rico Sells A Jackpot Winning Lotto Ticket, She Thinks Maybe Her Luck Will Finally Change, But Only If She With Some Assistance From Her Popular And Wildly Rich Classmate Zan Can Find The Ticket Holder Who Hasn T Claimed The Prize But What Happens When Have And Have Nots Collide Will This Investigative Duo Uniteor Divide Nic Stone, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Dear Martin And Odd One Out,creates Two Unforgettable Characters In One Hard Hitting Story About Class, Money Both Too Little And Too Much And How You Make Your Own Luck In The World