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Sometimes it just takes a kiss I know that a simple kiss isn t so simple at all and nothing will be simple after this I know now that when I dive into a Karina Halle book, I need to prepare myself, well maybe I went into this blind Wouldn t want it any other way though So those of you that don t know much about it, keep it that way Just know that this book is amazingly breathtaking My god the feels in this story makes it even that much better You feel it deep in your soul, it s so perfectly told My heart broke, I didn t cry, I sobbed I laughed, I swooned, and god did I hope I d get what I needed in the end It definitely makes a read when it feels like what you are reading is so damn real I can t recommend this one , one of those books that stay with you and lasts a very long time (((DOWNLOAD EPUB))) ⇻ My Life in Shambles ⇜ My Life In Shambles Is An Emotional And Sexy New Standalone Contemporary Romance From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of A Nordic King And The Pact When Valerie Stephens Made The Resolution To Say Yes To New Adventures, She Never Thought She D End Up In The Tiny Town Of Shambles, Fake Engaged To One Of Ireland S Top Rugby Players But There S A First Time For Everything They Say Bad Things Happen In Threes After My Boyfriend Broke Off Our Engagement, I Lost My Apartment, And Was Laid Off From My Job, I Can Definitely Attest To That They Also Say Life Is What Happens When You Say Yes To New Adventures So When My Two Sisters Invited Me To Ring In The New Year In Ireland, I Decided To Throw All Caution To The Wind And Go For It I Was Going To Let Saying Yes Be My New Resolution Little Did I Know I D Spend New Year S Eve Having A Hot And Dirty One Night Stand With Padraig McCarthy, One Hell Of A Sexy Irishman I Also Didn T Know That The Brooding And Intense Sex God Was One Of Ireland S Top Rugby Players A Rugby Player With A Proposition For Me Come With Him To His Tiny Hometown Of Shambles And Pretend To Be His Fianc For A Few Days, Just So That His Ailing Father Can Have Some Peace Of Mind It Sounded Simple Enough It Was Anything But Not When A Town Gets Up In Your Business, Not When The Media Hunts You Down, Not When Your Past Comes Back In The Picture, Not When There Are Real Hearts And Feelings At Stake Not When There Are Secrets That Could Break You They Say Life Is What Happens When You Say Yes To New Adventures This Is My Life In Shambles MY LIFE IN SHAMBLES by Karina Halle is a full length, stand alone, contemporary romance novel To New Years resolutionsWhat if is fear Even if is faithAnd to just saying yes..Valerie Stephen s life is in shambles, they say bad luck runs in three s and that seems to be running true in Valerie s life, first her relationship crumbles, she is currently homeless and then to top it all off she s laid off from her dream job With nothing holding her back any she jumps at the chance of a lifetime when her two sisters beg her to bring in the New Year in Ireland A chance encounter at a pub the three were at has Valerie saying yes to new adventures, from a one night stand with a hot rugby player, which is a first for her, to travelling with Padraig to his hometown being introduced to his dying father as his fake fiance Slowly lines become cloudy and that s where I got caught up with all the swoony moments Karina threw my way I found Valerie s character so easy to connect with, from her hang ups about her body image to her happy go lucky view on life with just the right amount of sassiness thrown in who wears her heart on her sleeve Padraig oh this man made me swoon, he s broody, shrouded in darkness which sticks to him like a cloak, his life is falling down around his ears My life in shambles ticked all the boxes one could ever ask for, this was such a heartfelt emotional story, these two characters were simply sublime, they were perfect for each other, straight away as soon as I started this I was pulled into the storyline, it flowed perfectly, each page just pulled me deeper under their spell I fell in love within a few chapters and couldn t put it down. Generally, I love Karina Halle s books because they make me feel and this was one of them however, it was so very different from what I expected with regard to its mood and tone Despite the passionate and heart felt love story that is told in it, the book is heavy with lots of sadness related to death, accidents, illnesses etc And if you ask me, these heavy subjects cast a shadow over this beautiful love story.I loved the book at the beginning when the couple quickly fell in love with each other Despite being insta, it felt realShe reminds me of the first day of spring Not the arbitrary date in March, but that first real day when the sun is out and the air is fresh and you close your eyes and you can almost feel yourself being reborn again Valerie, I whisper to her Tell me you love me Tell me you love me and I ll tell ye I love you But soon, the dying father view spoiler of cancer hide spoiler Well, well, well As soon as I read the blurb, It reminded me of Hallmark romance movies so it could be considered as too soft and too predictable but let s not forget this is KH book and this woman has got too many credits from me after EIT series we re talking about Dex Foray, my all time favorite book boyfriend, come on So as a devoted reader, even she writes a Christmas card, post it note or daily shopping list, I should keep my mouth shout and keep on reading And when I started to read this book, I took several punches on my faces, because there s nothing soft, easy, chic lit kinda reading A critical disease, death, accidents, scars, too many heavy issues scatter around This book is about resolutions, new experiences, condolences, making peace with your past and forgiveness It s effective, surprising and as I expected it s really poignantly and uniquely written Thanks so much to KH, she didn t disappoint me And my favorite part was our heroine, Valerie s speech to her mother and standing up for herself while she was showing her scars proudly Well, I put down my kindle and gave a full applause to that the interesting thing is her mother wanted to protect her daughter from bullies by pushing her too much with her criticism and she became the worst bully for her own daughter And about our hero, I visualized him as bulky Jamie Dornan meets ten years younger Colin Farrell cloud nine kinda combination I liked them as a couple because they were perfectly completing each other As a summary I love Ireland, I adore small town romance, even some parts are heavy and depressing, I enjoyed the ending It s well done dramatic romance I m happy to read it 3 5 stars 3 Valerie, I whisper to her Tell me you love me Tell me you love me, and I ll tell ye I love you SIGH I don t know where to start my review with this one.I loved it so much, so many great moments, to make you swoon and melt, and the characters were fantastic.The story has everything I was looking for, passion,intensity , it was emotional and the romance was powerful You are fierce, Valerie Stephens A wild bird that could fly away but chooses to stay with me, and I am forever grateful for that Believe me, I am I adored Padraig and Valerie , I felt connected to their story and their romance.Valerie was fantastic, from the first pages I loved her.Padraig has a lot of demons to deal with He is irresistable with his own way.I liked him and together they were perfect My Life in Shambles , is an emotional roller coaster , get ready. I devoured this book Cried my heart out The feels are so big, so sweet, so achy and heartfelt and tender Karina Halle writes real, raw, and beautiful stories, and brings her characters to life in a visceral way I absolutely adored every detail of this romance A total feels fest that gave me life. Each time I read a book from this author, I m inclined to download another one Her stories have depth, a continues pace that kicks in from the first chapter and characters that are so likable This did not disappoint as it had all the feels..Bring your tissues. 4 solid stars A brooding Irish rugby player with a secret A girl searching for herself A one night stand A fake engagement You re going to need a box of tissues and a bottle of wine for this oneWhen Valerie Stephens made the resolution to say yes to new adventures, she never thought she d end up in the tiny town of Shambles, fake engaged to one of Ireland s top rugby players But there s a first time for everything, including falling in love.My Life in Shambles is a standalone contemporary romance available on