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!EPUB ☩ Music in the Night ♫ Laura Logan Dreams Of A Glorious Cape Cod Day When All The Dark Secrets Are Swept Away For Laura Logan, Life On Cape Cod Has Been Nearly Perfect, Full Of Magical Days Spent Enjoying The Sea With Her Beloved Twin Brother, Cary But Then, Like The Creeping Of The Tides, The Vicious Rumors At School Begin Cruel Voices Saying Unspeakable Things About The Logans Laura Tries To Ignore Them, But Not Until Handsome, Gentle Robert Royce Moves To Their Town Does She Feel Truly Carefree And Happy Again While Robert S Smile Drives The Shadows From Laura S Heart, She Still Worries About Cary, Whose Gloomy Moods Drift In Like The Coastal Fog And Then Grandma Olivia Issues A Chilling Threat, Forbidding Laura To See Robert Ever Again Alone To Suffer Because Of Dark Secrets No One Will Explain, Laura Obeysuntil The Miracle Of A Glorious Summer Leads Her Back Into Robert S Arms But Dark Thunderclouds Have Been Gathering On The Horizon, And When They Suddenly Burst With Tragedy, They Howl A Name From The Logans Shameful Past That Plunges Laura Into A Silent, Terrible Agony Now Laura Can Only Dream Of The Warm, Sun Filled Life She So Desperately Desires Pretty good book The beginning is a little slow because it s all regarding previous information learned from the first 3 books in the series I felt bad for the tortured soul of Laura To be so happy and in love with someone who obviously felt the same for her to have tragedy strike The character of Grandmother Olivia is the most evil in this book Her despicable decision to commit Laura to a mental institution after discovering her amnesia is unforgiveable The book then reminds me of the movie Girl, Interrupted You learn of Laura s days in the mental hospital, surrounded by supporting characters of the other patients In the end, I feel it was best for her to give her life to the sea, the suicide was inevitible, as it was foreseen in book 3 What was considered her beautiful suicide was a whole lot better than being continually drugged and strapped into a bed I m debating on whether or not to read the 5th and final book in this series, Olivia simply because the character makes me sick. In this whole series I get that Melody is really supposed to be your favorite character She is the title character of the series, and most of it revolves around her discoveries of family secrets, etc., etc But I will be the first to admit that ever since book one of this series, I have been most interested in dying to know really what happened to Laura Logan The mystery is set down in the first book vaguely detailed enough to make you curious of the details In the following book, we are given some hints that pique the curiosity to a fever pitch The third book broke my heart in half when it told me what happened to her and how she died But in this book we get to hear Laura s story from her own point of view We get to see how she feels about her family, especially her twin brother Cary who she is starting to separate from and when we first meet her at the beginning of the book We get to see Laura s excitement and trepidations about her growing romance with handsome newcomer Robert Royce That fateful day they wen sailing is given in detail as are the consequences and the aftermath I will not give any spoilers as to the ending, but if you attach to Laura as much as I did get ready to have a box of tissues handy You ll be sorry if you don t A lot of V.C Andrews language and speech has a slightly dated feel to it or I should say V.C s ghostwriter s speech For example on page 22 when Laura s getting ready for a school dance My fingers trembled as I sifted through my closet to find my most beautiful dress, the pink taffeta Mommy had made for me It was the only formal dress I owned It was a good dancing dress too All week I had been practicing dancing with it on May sat on the bed and watched and then, when she got up her nerve, joined and imitated me We laughed and grew dizzy.Nice, flowly and mostly pretty language but the datedness of it is noticeable at times Plus I was disconcerted at the sex scene less then 100 pages into the book WARNING There is mature content in this book but it is very light and somewhat old fashioned in its descriptions So if that sort of thing isn t for you, its not that large of a factor in this book I like the way we get to see how Laura s family was before the sailing incident that changed things so drastically Jacob in particular is a lot softer of a character than in the other books Sara is less pathetic and slightly assertive and May doesn t seem as lost with her big sister there to guide her If I were to cast this book I would choose Kay Panabaker as Laura Logan Jeremy Sumpter as Cary Logan image error Alors, j tais tr s intrigu e par l histoire de Laura qui n est qu effleur e dans les 3 premiers tomes consacr s Melody et j ai particuli rement ador celui ci D j , parce que pour une fois, le tome 4 n est pas consacr la filles des h ros g n ralement parents ou lev s comme tels , ensuite parce que le personnage de Laura ne connait pas une fin joyeuseDonc on d couvre Laura dans sa famille et le moins que l on puisse dire c est que les sentiments de Cary ne sont vraiment pas clairs en fait, je me dis que les soup ons de Melody quand aux sentiments incestueux qu il avait pour Laura taient amplement justifi s J ai beaucoup appr ci de d couvrir les sentiments de Laura pour Robert et la mani re dont leur histoire se construit peu peu J avoue avoir d test la grand m re qui au final est aussi diabolique que d habitude Tout le passage o Laura se retrouve intern e tait passionnant et m me si on connait le destin du personnage, on ne peut s emp cher de souhaiter une issue positive La fin est vraiment touchante et bien men e et le personnage de Laura tout comme des autres jeunes intern s est bien d velopp et cr dible Ce que j aime la fin, l histoire de Laura et Robert, le passage en hopital psychiatrique Ce que j aime moins j aurais appr ci de lire encore plus de tomes sur LauraEn bref Une histoire tr s bien men e port e par un personnage int ressant et attachant Ma note 8 10 Of all the books I ve read by V.C Andrews, Music in the Night is particularly special to me because it was the very first book I ve ever read by V.C Andrews after borrowing it from a friend Since we were both quite young, we mostly read this book to giggle about the sex scenes only to end up completely captivated by V.C Andrews storytelling that we decided to read the rest of the books in this series, including some of her other literary works Before we knew it, we were both rabid V.C Andrews fans And this book started it all This book is pretty bad, as are all the other books that were written after Andrews died What makes this one stand out as being one of the worst is this It s a diary in which the author dies Am I to believe that Laura had her diary with her out in the water and was furiously writing what was happening in the past tense as she began to drown Aside from that, it s really no better or worse than the other drivel this man has been spewing in the name of V.C Andrews. This fourth book in the Logan series, is about Laura Logan If you have already read the first three books of the series then you already know that she is view spoiler dead hide spoiler I just wish I knew how to quit V.C Andrews.Or, in this case, the ghost writer for V.C Andrews.You see, I discovered that the real V.C Andrews died after completing the Flowers in the Attic series along with only a handful of other books, and that her family hired a ghost writer to write a ton titles under her name The Logan Family Series were among those titles.That s why nothing is quite as juicy or good as Flowers in the Attic.These books are what I like to call my literary palette cleansers When I m feeling like a jaded reader, I will pick up an Andrews novel, breeze through it in a couple of days, and afterward pick up something worthwhile again Andrews novels are like my book equivalent of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I know they are all garbage in absolutely every way possible but I just CANNOT LOOK THE HELL AWAY They suck me in, like, EVERY DAMN TIME I was reading this one at an all day field hockey tournament and had to quietly read under a blanket because I didn t want anyone else to know I was reading this trash Not only is it a totally smutty incestuous novel, but it is most definitely a totally smutty incestuous novel written for fifteen year olds Double whammy.But see, the thing is, this one was just not as good I found it boring in spots, and the absolutely heinous and I mean HEINOUS writing style really grated on me I never got that thrilling, ohmygoshwhatis goingtohappen storyline that so many of her other novels entail Also, I have never actually seen so many names ever written in one passage I love you, Laura I love you too, Robert Laura, your eyes are so blue Thank you Robert Your eyes are also so blue, Robert Be mine, Robert Let s always be together, Robert Catch my drift This fourth installment is a prequel to the first three and is told from the point of view of a character who dies before the action in the first three take place Maybe it s because I already knew the outcome, or perhaps I m finally finally growing out of these awful books but this one just didn t do it for me view spoiler I didn t care that Laura was going to die, or that her boyfriend Robert was going to die, or that she was going to be locked up in a mental institution, or that her grandmother in an insane psycho bitch because I already knew all of these things from reading the first three novels hide spoiler This book was a quick read Finally, the story behind the death of Laura Logan Though this book does cast some shadows on the other Logans, such as Cary and his strange obsession with his sister, it s an interesting story following Laura s trip to a psychological unit and a tumultuous relationship.