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This is a story of two evenly matched people, both fighting for what they believe is right when destiny decides their paths to cross.Elspet seeks to free her brother from the Earl of Dalkirk The earl is a wicked man and will not stop to get all he wants, yes, even his earldom Elspet lost her mother and father by his hands Desperate and na ve she trusts a guard of Tiran Castle to help her free her brother Her problem She hasn t coin to pay him She turns thief.Elspet doesn t have luck stealing Her first forage ends very close to rape Her second she pulls off, but has a change of heart That change of heart changes her life.Sir Cailin, still very much a Templar Knight, even after the knighthood was dissovled, seeks his birthright, to regain his claim as the Earl of Dalkirk His uncle has taken the title after killing Cailin s mother and father and got rid of Cailin.He meets a fiery lassie with an agenda of her own His Templar instincts kick in to protect her when he finds her fending off some men Elspet doesn t need to be protected as much as he thinks She s quite the warrior Keeping her out of his bed, however, becomes increasingly difficult as they work together, she to achieve her goal to save her brother and he to regain Tiernan castle.Author Diana Cosby wields her pen as deftly as Sir Cailin does his sword She interlaces a historical setting of danger with tender, blossoming love Her characters and their challenges drive the power of the telling Scenes of love making don t get in the way of the story, rather they contribute to the understanding that flows between Sir Cailin and Elspet Cosby s choice of words describing the feelings between the two was poetic.I loved the read with its fast paced and meaningful dialogue, its boldly descriptive scenes, and its characters, each with difficult and very believable inner conflicts, pulling at my heart strings. Forbidden Alliance Forbidden 4Diana Cosby Elspet McReynolds has no choice but to flee into the forests around Tiran Castle, after her parents are slain, Step Brother is thrown in the dungeon, and her home burned down by the current Earl of Dalkirk.She has found someone who is willing to help her get her brother out, but she has to pay him alot of money that she doesn t have so she resorts to thievery Then she meets Sir Cailin MacHugh who quickly becomes her protector and friend Sir Cailin is the rightful heir to the earldom of Dalkirk, but was rud to have perished at sea.Sir Cailin MacHugh owes his life to the Brotherhood for saving him from a murderous plot But what is the Knight Templar to do about the fearless, sword wielding beauty who has quickly become then just a friend who has enlisted his aid Now he s having feelings and thoughts that he never expected to have as a Knight Templar even though they have been disbanded Now in the face of devastating betrayals that have the traitorous enemies closing in, can Cailin and Elspet claim a love that makes no promises for a future that they may not live to see Diana Cosby is simply brilliant This book was a real page turner Once you pick it up the story will weave around you and pull you in until the end Elspet and Cailin were fantastic together Their chemistry was off the chart and so high that it fairly sizzled off of the pages I really enjoy the historical fiction part It s always nice to learn something new Ms Cosby I believe that your books get better and better every time and I can t wait to see where the next story will take us to. [Free Kindle] ♌ Forbidden Alliance (Forbidden, #4) ⚖ Bound By Revenge, A Woman Turned Outlaw And A Knight Sworn To Reclaim His Birthright Band Together To Vanquish An Enemy Of ScotlandAfter Her Family Is Slain And Her Home Seized, Elspet McReynolds Flees Into The Forests Surrounding Tiran Castle, Where She Resorts To Thievery To Survive And Save Her Sole Remaining Kin There She Finds An Unexpected Protector And Ally In Sir Cailin MacHugh, Rightful Heir To The Earldom Of Dalkirk A Noble Rud To Have Perished At Sea Sir Cailin Owes His Life To The Brotherhood For Saving Him From A Murderous Plot But What Is The Knight Templar To Do About The Fearless, Sword Wielding Beauty Who Has Enlisted His Aid And Awakened His Desire In The Face Of Devastating Betrayals And Traitorous Enemies Closing In, Can Cailin And Elspet Dare Claim A Love That Makes No Promises For A Future They May Not Live To See Elspet McReynolds life has drastically changed since Gaufrid MacHugh, the Earl of Dalkirk executed her mother and stepfather, seized her stepbrother, Blar, tried to rape her and torched her home Desperate to save Blar, Elspet turns to friends for her, but is betrayed When a guard at the castle offers to help her for coin, she turns to theft, but instead of getting what she needs, she ends up needing to be rescued.Sir Cailin MacHugh is ready to claim his inheritance a legacy that was stolen from him by his uncle, the man who claims Cailin is dead and has assumed the title of Earl of Dalkirk He has King Robert s blessing to reclaim his title and his home, Tiran Castle But on the way to meet with one of the king s trusted men, Sir Angus McReynold, he is sidetracked by a woman s scream and finds Elspet being attacked He saves her and insists on tending her injury and getting her shelter for the night Elspet uses his kindness against him, drugging him and stealing his sword She finds a merchant known for buying stolen goods and haggles with him, but she overhears him telling his assistant that the sword is proof that Cailin is the rightful Earl of Dalkirk and that the merchant intends to turn him over to Gaufrid she thinks that he may be able to help her save Blar she takes the sword and goes looking for him.The tale that follows is filled with action, betrayal, twists, turns, kisses, evil villains, surprise revelations, life and death moments and of course a HEA I thought the story was alright, it did drag in places, there were a lot of inconsistencies and I personally found the end to be somewhat anticlimactic and I struggle with these heroes who have been with the Templars since they were children and taken vows as Templars yet are so sexually experienced but that is just me This is the fourth book in the series, but it can definitely be read as a standalone with no issues I am voluntarily leaving a review of an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher. Determined to reclaim his birthright from his conniving, murderous uncle, Sir Cailin MacHugh has returned to his ancestral home to fight for the Earldom of Dalkirk After his uncle ordered his death at sea, Cailin was saved by, and subsequently joined, the Knights Templar Now with their support and that of King Robert the Bruce, Cailin can defeat his uncle once and for all What he doesn t count on is the beautiful girl who has also demanded his help.Elspet McReynolds has seen her parents murdered, her home burned, and her stepbrother imprisoned When she tries to rob the wrong man in an attempt to gain coin to save her stepbrother, she finds an unconventional protector.But as Elspet and Cailin are betrayed at every turn, it seems likely they won t even survive, much less be together Even if they were to succeed, Cailin must still return to fight for Robert the Bruce, leaving them in a dismal situation indeed.I didn t care for Elspet much at first, but she grew on me eventually I loved Cailin and his struggles with his sense of honor and the unfamiliar feelings he develops for Elspet This one was full of danger and betrayal, plus some great romance, and I enjoyed it.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own. Scotland 1308 Knight Templar, Sir Callen was determined to oust her vile uncle posing as the Laird of Dalkirk, and take back his home His uncle had killed his father and mother and tried to have him killed But fortunately he had survived and joined the Templars who really had saved him Now he wants what is rightfully his and justice done.Elspet McReynolds had watched her stepmother and father murdered by the hands of their Laird, the Earl of Dalkirk Burning her house and taking her stepbrother, he almost ravished her but she was lucky to escape Desperate to get her brother out of his clutches, she ends up robbing a man who helped her of his broadsword and tried to sell it for coin.Wow, this was a great story tht held me from the beginning Murder, betrayals, angst and a journey to a happy ever had a few twists and turns I highly recommend this exciting tale and cannot wait for in this series I have to apologize not only did I not know that this was part of a series and I was so lost I was bored so could not continue, so I dont know if it had to do with the fact that I didn t know really know that story line, but I couldn t have cared less about these people.Rcvd and ARC at no cost to author netgalley Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions Take a Scottish knight, a stubborn and willful lass, an evil uncle, heartbreak, battles, twists and turns, betrayals and loyalty and add a whole lot of steamy passion and you ve got a story that grabs your attention from start to finish I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Cailin and Elspet s story So much action throughout and a few surprises thrown in for good measure I thought it was well written and I now look forward to reading books by this author I was given an ARC of this book via NetGallely and am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Tension and distrust dog our leading characters Having a soft spot in my heart for the mythical and romanticized view of all things Knight Templar, I was excited by the premise The wrongful accusations and slaughter of warriors who d vowed to protect the innocent, men who d given their lives to serve the Brotherhood s cause sacrificed without hesitation by the duplicitous French monarch King Philip The Templars have been secretly disbanded, and the brotherhood lives on to support new causes.Out of this understanding rises the Forbidden series stories.I the was captivated I adored the Knights Templar connection.It s 1308 in the snow covered Scottish Highlands Elspet McReynolds, of Tiran Castle, in naught but the clothes she stood in is fleeing the treachery of the Earl of Dalkirk as he murdered her stepfather and mother and dragged away her stepbrother Blar, is confronted by two ragged brigands degenerate laden intent on her Not good A woman s scream in the depths of the quiet forest galvanizes Sir Cailin MacHugh into action A fabulous beginning My Knight Templar, Cailin, is definitely meeting my romantic expectations, the rescuing of a damsel in distress Unfortunately that damsel has her own agenda that runs counter to Cailin s and the two will find themselves going toe to toe at almost every turn.Here s Cailin, whose the real heir to Dalkirk, the current Earl being his treacherous uncle, attempting reclaim his inheritance, following Robert the Bruce s instructions without attracting attention to himself, and he rescues the woman who will turn all that upside down Why Because she s absolutely focused on her own path without thought for how she impacts others.I grew exasperated with Elspet and her inability on important occasions to just think before she acted I wanted to adore Cailin but in the end his interactions with Elspet were just too wooden Sure there was some chemistry happening between the two, but I just wasn t convinced.So three stars for the first parts of the story I m truly sad that for me, the story didn t have the Aha resolutions it s beginning promised.A NetGalley ARC 3.5 Stars Series Forbidden 4Publication Date 8 6 19Number of Pages 214This book was certainly exciting and action packed While it is part of a series, you don t need to have read the other books in order to enjoy this one It was a good story, but I almost quit reading it before the half way point because the heroine was so very, very annoying She was one of the most TSTL, selfish, self centered, reckless, inconsiderate and foolhardy characters I ve ever read I honestly couldn t understand why anyone, especially our hero, would come to love her Luckily, there were fewer situations that allowed her to show her TSTL side after the 40% mark or so She hadn t changed just didn t have the opportunity to show that side of herself.Elspet McReynolds led a happy life filled with love until she didn t She adored her mother, step father and step brother then the unthinkable happened their Laird, the Earl of Dalkirk, had his knights attack and burn her home, hang her parents, and capture her and her step brother He had planned to use her as his mistress, but she managed to escape from Tiran Castle and now she has to save her beloved step brother from the dungeon if he hasn t already been killed.It is freezing cold and Elspet is on foot with no money and no resources She had been to friends she thought would help her, but they were going to turn her over to the Earl Now, she is even desperate to save her step brother he must be suffering terribly When she sees two travelers, she decides to steal their coin so she can bribe one of the castle guards to free her brother Except those travelers discover her and give chase and are about to ravish her when out of the snow comes a hero to rescue her.Sir Cailin MacHugh is traveling in stealth His father was the former Earl of Dalkirk and Cailin is the rightful heir Both his father and mother were murdered by his evil uncle who also arranged for Cailin s murder Luckily, Cailin escaped that fate and soon joined the Knights Templar Now, after the secret dissolution of the Knights Templar, he has returned to claim his birthright with the support of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.As Cailin is riding through a nasty winter storm, he hears a scream then another and rides to the rescue He takes the woman, now injured, to the inn in which he is staying so that he can assess her injuries and determine how best to help her So, imagine his shock and dismay when he awakens from a drugged sleep to find his sword missing along with the young woman Furious, he sets out to find the woman and his sword that is the proof of his identity.Thus began an exciting story filled with betrayal, alliances, friendships and a matchmaking king.My rating for this book is 3.5 stars and it could have easily been 4.5 were it not for the TSTL heroine I guess the thing that disappoints me most is that the author has a military background and should surely know what constitutes a smart, cunning, savvy heroine and it certainly isn t acting the way this one did I think you ll enjoy this book if you can get past the heroine in the first 40% of the book.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.