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Good seriesLots of action and 40K mayhem, Raine is a solid main character and lots of good supporting characters Looking forward to the next one.Check it out. #Download E-pub ô Fire and Thunder (Black Library Advent Calendar 2018 #3) Ã Advent Calendar Day ThreeTrapped In An Enemy Infested City And Hunted By Their Foes, Commissar Severina Raine And The Th Antari Rifles Must Survive By Any Means If They Are To Strike Back READ IT BECAUSEIt S A Tense And Claustrophobic Story Set In The Ruins Of A Shattered City And Following A Few Brave Women And Men As They Fight To SurviveE STORYSeverina Raine And The Th Antari Rifles Battle In The Labyrinthine Streets Of Balfar, Beneath The Twin Stars Known As The Eyes Of The Emperor With The Cathedral City Of Whend Under The Control Of The Chaos Corrupted Sighted, And The Astra Militarum Being Pushed Back, The Situation Is Desperate When Their Fall Back Route Is Destroyed, Raine And Her Troopers Find Themselves Trapped In The City And Desperate To Survive Is This The End For Them, Or Can They Seize The Day And Claim Victory Read as part of Advent Calendar 2018. Harrison understands how to write a 40k story better than almost anyone Yes, writing Imperial Guard Astra Militarum is a straightforward genre exercise than other factions make it feel like WWI WWII and you re halfway there already , but it s the stylistic choices and the focus on the meaning of a Commisar that elevates these stories Fire and Thunder isn t quite as focused as the first two stories in the series, as we spend less time with Raine herself, but the impact is still there I genuinely would recommend these stories to anyone who likes military sci fi, and I wish I could say that about Black Library titles Another great Severina Raine short story by Rachel Harrison Somehow even darker and bloodier than the ones before We are the true grim dark in this short story A deadly fight through dark tunnel Some nice character progression as well.Great read.