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A book you can easily read in a sitting that s fast paced The author it appears by the ending is influenced by old school Rod Serling Twilight Zone plots The book does mix a good bit of police work and mystery into the plot that it feels a bit like unsolved mysteries at times It s a good bit of story telling Peterson keeps me guessing at the end when I think I ve figured out how things will end for characters, he pulls out the rug from under me. (Download Pdf) ì The Silo ⛓ Derek Morrison Is Just An Average Man In An Average Small Town Everything Changes When Derek Meets Natalie Norton, A New York City Native Who Claims She Has The Ability To See The Future Derek Will Help Natalie Find An Old Grain Silo That She Believes Harbors An Explosive Device That Will Destroy Derek S Hometown, And Start A Chain Of Events That Will Lead To Global Annihilation