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[ Pdf ] ☪ The ADA Checklist (2019) ☪ ADA Website Compliance Is A BIG Concern For Everyone You Definitely DO NOT Want To Receive A Demand Letter Threatening A Lawsuit If Settlement Demands Aren T Met Is There Established Law Requiring Your Website Be ADA Accessible Technically, No, But The Last Thing You Want Is To Go To Court And Get Drawn Into A Legal Battle Even If You Win, You Still Lose And If You Lose, You Really Lose I Ve Researched The US Court Cases And Settlements On The Americans With Disabilities Act Or ADA Website Accessibility And The Overwhelming Momentum Is As Follows You Need To Make Your Website ADA Compliant How Do You Make Your Website Compliant WCAG Level AA Is The Standard For Technical Web Development Courts Are Relying Upon It And Every Governing Agency Is Basing Their Rules On It WCAG Stands For Web Content Accessibility Guidelines And It S The Bedrock Of The Web Accessibility Initiative WAI From The World Wide Web Consortium WC The Problem Is The WCAG Guidelines Are Extremely Technical, Detailed, And Lengthy Most People Take One Look At Them And Immediately Look For SETDI Someone Else To Do It Just Made That Acronym Up, Not Bad Right And You Can T Just Send The Link To Your Web Developer And Tell Them To Update Your Site By Monday The Requirements Are New To Them Too, They Don T Know How To Legally Satisfy Each Bullet Point, And, Beyond That, You Can T Just Become ADA Compliant Through Website Coding And Design Alone A Major Part Of Compliance Comes In How You Upload Content The ADA Checklist Simplifies WCAG By Distilling The Most Important Requirements Under Level AA Standards Into Plain English, Easy To Understand Bullet Points This Is Crucial Because Everyone Who Is Responsible For Or Involved In The Creation, Development, Updating, Or Editing Of A Website Needs To Be Familiar With The WCAG Standards Even Executives Of Corporations Surprise Benefits While Thus Far I Have Only Discussed ADA Compliance In Terms Of Mitigating Risk Of A Lawsuit Or Having To Settle An Accessibility Claim, There Are Tremendous Benefits To Making Your Website Compliant In First, Providing Better Access To People With Disabilities Expands Your Reach Tens Of Millions Of People In The United States Alone Have Disabilities Which Affect Their Ability To Engage And Interact With Websites By Bringing Your Site Into Compliance, You Also Increase Your Exposure To A Larger Audience Or At Least Make It Easier For Your Existing Audience To Interact With Your Website Second, The WCAG Guidelines Are Perfectly Aligned With The Best Practices For Search Engine Optimization Or SEO In Effect, Once You Make The Necessary Changes, You Ll Very Likely Rank Higher In Google Third, This Marks A Great Opportunity To Revamp Your Website And Finally Make Those Changes You Ve Been Putting Off Whether It S A Full Redesign, Better SEO, Fixing Error Pages, Incorporating Social Elements, Etc You Can Use Compliance With The Americans With Disabilities Act As A Spring Board For Other Initiatives Who Is This Book For Everyone Individuals, Non Profits, Small Businesses, Companies, Corporations, Government No Matter How Big Or Small Your Organization Is, You Need To Get Your Website In Compliance ASAP My Strong Recommendation Don T Worry About Being Perfect, Just Get Started Something Is Better Than Nothing Absolutely Do Not Procrastinate Or Get Bureaucratic About This Because Delay Can Cost You Dearly And You Re Going To Have To Do It Eventually Anyway