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4.25 stars Reviewed for Wit and Sin Sparks fly when a guarded, conventional duke meets a spirited, unconventional lady unimpressed with his position in Project Duchess Sabrina Jeffries kicks off her Duke Dynasty series with an engaging romance filled with likeable characters and a mystery that s bound to keep this series interesting.Until age ten, Fletcher Grey Pryde had an idyllic life with his mother, stepfather, and four siblings But when he was taken back to England by his uncle, Grey s life changed forever Though he clearly loves his family, he keeps them at arm s length and has walls around his heart But when his stepfather dies, he doesn t hesitate to go to his mother s side He s prepared for memories to bombard him, but what he s not prepared for is his mother s newest project preparing the lovely Beatrice Wolfe for her debut Beatrice is his half brother s cousin and she is a breath of fresh air to Grey She is forthright and sees value in people, not titles Beatrice knows all too well that being a duke doesn t make a man a gentleman The two of them come from very different circumstances, yet it s clear they re made for each other from the start I loved watching Beatrice and Grey fall in love They re unfashionably honest with each other, which helps break down some of the walls around their hearts I enjoyed their dialogue and the chemistry that sizzled between them Ms Jeffries makes it incredibly easy to root for them because they re such a likeable, well matched couple.Love, however, may not be enough for Beatrice and Grey to get their happily ever after It isn t a difference in station that makes things difficult, but rather a mystery Was Grey s stepfather murdered The possibility seems increasingly likely and in his search for answers, Grey is forced to delve into Beatrice s family s secrets Both Grey and Beatrice are pulled by duty, loyalty, and love and their burgeoning relationship may not survive the answers they find How things work out, I ll leave readers to discover on their own.Grey and Beatrice are the heart of Project Duchess , but their families add depth to the world and make the book stand out Grey s mother has been married and widowed three times, all to dukes, and I adored her and Grey s brothers and sister the bright and vivacious Gwyn especially The family dynamics were every bit as engaging as the romance Between the overarching series mystery and the delicious tension between Gwyn and her future hero, I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens in the next Duke Dynasty book FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Blog Tour starting on June 24th Email Amy at hfvirtualbooktours gmail.com if you would like to host @Download Book Ð Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty, #1) Ê From New York Times Bestselling Author Sabrina Jeffries Comes A Sparkling New Series About An Oft Widowed Mother S Grown Children, Who Blaze Through Society In Their Quest For The Truth About Their Fathers And In The Process Find That Love Just Might Conquer All A Series Of Stepfathers And A Difficult Childhood Have Left Fletcher Grey Pryde, Th Duke Of Greycourt, With A Guarded Heart, Enviable Wealth, And The Undeserved Reputation Of A Rogue Grey S Focus On Expanding His Dukedom Allows Him Little Time To Find A Wife But When His Mother Is Widowed Yet Again And He Meets The Charmingly Unconventional Woman Managing His Stepfather S Funeral, He S Shocked To Discover How Much They Have In Common Still, Grey Isn T Interested In Love, No Matter How Pretty, Or Delightfully Outspoken, The Lady Beatrice Wolfe Gave Up On Romance Long Ago, And The Arrogant Duke Of Greycourt With His Rakish Reputation Isn T Exactly Changing Her Mind Then Grey Agrees To Assist His Grief Stricken Mother With Her Latest Project Schooling Spirited, Unfashionable Beatrice For Her Debut Now That Beatrice Is Seeing Through Grey S Charms To His Wounded Heart, She S Having Trouble Keeping Him At Arm S Length But Once Grey Starts Digging Into Her Family S Secrets, She Must Decide Whether Her Loyalties Lie With Her Family Or With The Man Whose Lessons Capture Her Heart Anyone Who Loves Romance Must Read Sabrina Jeffries Lisa Kleypas, New York Times Bestselling Author Lydia, the 4th Dowager Duchess of Armitage has married either very well or very badly, depending on your prospective She has married three dukes, all who have left her widowed, the first two in a three year time span The third duke had at least hung around for 30 years From those marriages Lydia has produced three dukes, one spare and one daughter It will be these adult children who are at the center of Sabrina Jeffries new series the Duke Dynasty Jeffries is getting off to a stellar start with her first entry, Project Duchess Those who know Lydia have no doubt that at least the second and third marriages were love matches The very recent death of the 4th Duke of Armitage leaves her heartbroken To help her grief Lydia has taken on a two projects The first is the rapprochement with her oldest son, Fletcher Pryde the 5th Duke of Greycourt The second project is the simultaneous launch into society of her daughter Gwyn along with a niece she never really knew, Beatrice Wolfe Since it is a long time until mourning ends and the launches launch, Lydia has time to remove all of the rough edges from Beatrice There are many since she grew up roaming the estate when she wasn t serving as companion to the late Duchess or reluctant hostess to the widowed and now late 3rd Duke of Armitage.To help with this grand project, the Dowager Duchess has enlisted to help of Greycourt After meeting the acerbic Beatrice, Greycourt has found himself less resistant to this idea than he would have first supposed.Although Beatrice is the grand daughter of a duke, fate has ordained that she and her war damaged brother, Joshua, reside in the Dower house Joshua holds the job of head gamekeeper on the Armitage estate a job far below his status but one suiting the reclusive Joshua just fine Beatrice had made herself useful in other ways, being an efficient manager of estates, homes, and people, if they lose their residency in the dower house they will be homeless and destitute, so Beatrice does her best for the Armitage estate.In Project Duchess Duke Dynasty 1, Jeffries introduces all of the adult children who will be starring in the forthcoming books with teasing glimpses that perfectly whet the appetite.Fair warning though, rough seas ahead, with Project Duchess tackling dark issues a serial killer, physical, mental, sexual abuse, and PTSD These threads don t overwhelm Project Duchess but make it deeper and absorbing than the usual HR.I m greedy I wish authors could just stream books as do so many of the cable and internet channels with their series Especially with a series that starts out so wonderfully.There are heartbreaking back stories, intricate plots, and characters whose stories one can t wait to read and that s just with the first, Project Duchess.Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. Two and a half stars.Fletcher Grey Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt is summoned to his stepfather s estate when he receives news that his stepfather Maurice has died unexpectedly His mother had married three Dukes and had five children, three of whom were now Dukes in their own rights following the deaths of their respective fathers Grey has never forgiven his family for sending him to England to live with his abusive uncle when he was only a young boy, leaving him to grow up alone.When Grey arrives he mistakes his stepfather s niece Beatrice Wolfe for a maid or a representative from the undertakers, he is arrogant and abrupt for which Beatrice cuts him nicely down to size.Originally Grey intended to spend only a night with his family before returning to London, but when his stepbrother Sheridan shares his suspicion that Maurice was murdered, and indeed that his brother Armie was also murdered before him, Grey feels compelled to stay and help with the investigations, especially when suspicion falls on Beatrice s older brother Joshua.Meantime, Grey s mother is determined to present Beatrice at court when she presents her own daughter Gwynn, ashamed that Maurice s brother Armie didn t do for his niece She forces Grey and his brothers to help in coaching the girls in the etiquette of high society, including teaching them to dance.At first Grey cultivates Beatrice s company to further his investigations into Joshua but soon he is intrigued by her honesty, her beauty and her wit But his childhood has made him slow to trust others, especially with his heart, and a lowly woman with no dowry is not a suitable candidate for the role of Duchess of Greycourt.I really enjoyed the start of this novel, the idea of a woman who had been married three times, the hint of mystery, the feisty heroine and the supercilious hero catnip I tell you Unfortunately, all too soon the focus of the novel turned to page, after page, after page of heavy petting and sexual encounters with little to no plot development On and on it went, full of florid language like his large staff and references to ravishing and plundering , it felt repetitive and frankly derivative I was also massively disappointed by the end view spoiler which left the identity of Maurice s killer a mystery hide spoiler Formulaic, tropey in the worst way, uninspired, and tossed together like a bad salad Not even 300 pages and I had to force myself to not skim large chunks of it I just was not captured by anything here My mind wandered so long and so far while I struggled to read this book I decided to fold the laundry so that I could have a few minutes away from it I even put the folded laundry away That s how unexcited I was about these characters and the plot what little there was of one at least.There is no legitimate chemistry between Grey and Beatrice and I lost track of the number of times I rolled my eyes or flat out had to put the book down over the shit they did and said Grey pops a stiffy every time she s in his general vicinity and it s always for reasons he doesn t want to examine too closely I never believed that he felt anything genuine for her, just physical attraction I know the aristocracy are repressed, but COME ON PAL A little self reflection and emotional intelligence isn t going to cause you to lose your standing to Society or turn you into a weeping Byronic mess Just stop thinking with your dick for five seconds Please.And Beatrice Beatrice was so focused on hating Grey for half the book that those swoopy feelings in her gut whenever he was around sounded like an impending IBS flareup than any kind of romantic attachment These two ran lukewarm then cold and it was taxing to read Physical lust is not the same as being emotionally engaged with a person and you can t change my mind The smutty bits were AWFUL If I ever have to see the phrase earthquake in her soul when describing an orgasm again, the offending book will be buried in my garden as fertilizer and maybe serve a useful purpose Vaguely referenced feelings and motivations that didn t make sense dragged down what little actual story there was and just didn t inspire me to want to care about these characters For example, Grey keeps thinking about how bitter he was about Things Did I care about this and how it shaped him into the man he is No No I didn t Because he did not display any depth of character or redeeming qualities At all Finally, there was a lot of foreshadowing about an overarching plot but little of it actually interests me The only character I m actually curious about and want to read of Joshua Wolfe We see far too little of him but his page time was the only thing that had me actively engaged with the story Which is why I ll read the next book, dammit Jeffries knew what she was doing when she made him the focus of the next in the series.In summary, I can t recommend this to anyone Save yourself and go find something else to read. The beginning of this title was great and I liked the meet cute but instalust soon reared it s ugly head I liked the hero and heroine and their backstories but I just find the whole they met two days ago but are super attracted to each other thing annoying I felt like a lot of this was just setting up for the next books to come, which I will read because I love Sabrina Jeffries titles I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I m just back from Le Festival du Roman Feminin in Paris where I was lucky to meet a bunch of awesome authors, so I have a bit of struggle put back my feet on earth.This is my second read by Mrs Sabrina Jeffries, I do remember my first one, I liked it but I had mixed feeling about the heroine.But here, she outdid herself and crafted a great young woman, with no weak knees how I dislike women who become puddles of drool at the sight of a man Beatrice is strong woman, she was shaped by her upbringing and the behavior of her uncle toward her Instead of undermine her character, it strengthened it, she blossomed in a woman who speaks her mind and lets nobody thwart her projects Sure, it renders her less prepped to face London society.Fletcher Pryde has ressentes his family since he was estranged at ten to be raised by his uncle and guardian Worst, his uncle abused him to have him comply to his wills He changed him to a man who refuses any emotional involvement Why his life is turned upside down when around Beatrice, he feels a compulsion to be close to her, to hold her, to kiss her when at the same time he suspects her to might been part of some wrongdoings I loved they were able to tell what they have in mind, that they do not shy away and ask instead of turning around They are far from perfect as their faith in the other is put to test at each bend Their trust is balanced between their certitudes and hearsay and rumors They each time come to realize when they have made mistakes and then they try to fix them, as it often done by blurting out before thinking but words can cause great pains Why the truce they made to be true when they are together is often challenged as they must compromise between sentiments and secrets.As a first in a series, the storyline introduced a wide range of characters, will each of the sibling get its story I just wondered why Gwyn, Grey s half sister, never had a debut, even when they were not living in England If I figure out my sums, she is in her thirties, I do like my heroines not fresh out of the nursery which it is a spinster s age than a debutante s, but she acted rather like a very young woman instead of an adult one In all, it was a good beginning in this Duke Dynasty series, there are plenty of great tales in the making.I was provided an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the editor Kensington Books Zebra but I had previously preordered my own copy, so here is my true and unbiased opinion.5 stars Beatrice Wolfe has too much experience organizing funerals When she is called upon to help her Aunt Lydia after the death of her husband, she does so without hesitation But when Fletcher Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt arrives, and not knowing who he is, she doesn t hesitate to speak her mind regarding his rudeness Just looking at him, she knows exactly what a man of his ilk are like and she wants nothing to do with him.Grey is instantly taken with the woman who gives him her blunt rebuttals to his inquisition When his brother shares concern that the woman s brother may have been involved in a murder, he offers to spend time with her to learn what he can Soon, he s battling a mixture of emotions that offer him no peace except to claim Beatrice as his own.Poor Grey He had an awful childhood that left him untrusting of people in general Trying to fit in with his half siblings, he struggles with old wounds even as he hungers for Beatrice and the satisfaction that her presence brings to him I loved that he adored Beatrice for her hoyden ways and her straight forward honesty The very thing that would keep her from finding a suitable husband, and the things his mother s project would fix, were the things that drew him to her Sigh Exactly what I look for in a historical romanceShe was perfect for him in every way And all she asked was that he let her look inside his very soul.He should let her It meant nothing, right It meant everything It meant sharing his secrets with her, taking hers on faith, trusting her to hold his heart in her hands and not crush it, the way everyone else had Because apparently he did have a heart if he were to judge from the searing pain in his chestBeatrice was amazing She was so kind and caring, always ready to help at a moment s notice With the weight of the her and her brother s world on her shoulders, she s fighting to do what needs to be done to assure they are not cast aside and found homeless But as suspicions of murder arise, she can t help but worry that they are true She was a strong heroine, determined to solve her problems in the best way society would allow Her ability to speak her mind to Grey and stand up to him made me like her even.This has a lot of steam for a regency, but I LOVED it If I want to read a flat historical romance, I ll pull out one of my momma s old books Instead, this is what I want A romance with suspense, mystery and intrigue all laced with sizzling passion With enough uncertainty and drama to keep the story moving and a pace that matches it, I found myself reading this within an afternoon I couldn t stop Project Duchess sets up this series as we meet the characters that I assume will have their own books There isn t a one of them I don t want to know about With the possibility for danger and mayhem as this series progresses, I m eagerly awaiting the next book.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Kensington Books All thoughts and opinions are my own.Dual POVSafe view spoiler no om drama h is virgin ow drama is caused by the ow s mother and the H is able to quickly deal with it while the h never doubts that he will H is rud to be a womanizer and rake, but he has actually been celibate for years hide spoiler Series Duke Dynasty 1Publication Date 6 25 19Number of Pages 352This was an absolutely wonderful introduction to Sabrina Jeffries new series There is an overall mystery to the series, I ll not tell you what that is but you ll discover it in this book We meet and love the five children of a duchess who has had three husbands all dukes She had one child, Fletcher Grey , with her first husband two children twins Marlowe Thorn and Gwyn with her second husband two children, Sheridan and Heywood with her last husband The series revolves around solving the mystery introduced in this book, the children learning about their fathers, and each of them pursuing and finding their own HEA s I found each of them intriguing and can t wait to get to know them better in their own stories The next story featuring Heywood will be a novella, A PERFECT MATCH released in an anthology Seduction on a Snowy Night with authors Madeline Hunter and Mary Jo Putney Then, in February of 2020, we get Gwyn s story The Bachelor Fletcher Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt, had a lovely family life until he was ten years old He lost his father when he was very young, so he didn t remember him, nor does he really remember his first step father However, his second step father created a happy, loving family for all of them That idyllic family lasted until Grey was ten and the uncle his father had named as his guardian came to claim him He even thought he might want to go with him Then he saw his aunt and uncle s true colors and his nightmare of a life began He quickly walled off his heart and all emotions He became cold and always, always in control He also distanced himself from his family and had little interaction with them even after his uncle died.We first meet Grey as he s receiving word that his step father, Maurice, has died He doesn t want to, but he leaves for Armitage Hall He ll do his duty and then leave as soon as he can However, he s not prepared for what he finds when he gets there He meets a sassy young woman standing in the hall and immediately starts making demands as dukes do She was having none of it and gave as good as she got He had to wonder who that sharp tongued woman was Then, his brother arrived and introduced them Uh oh he d assumed she was a servant or merchant of some sort.Beatrice Wolfe is the granddaughter of a duke, but she is penniless She and her brother, Joshua, live in the dower house at Armitage Hall Joshua was severely wounded in the Peninsular wars and he now acts as head gamekeeper for the estate He is grouchy, uncommunicative, etc all those things we associate with PTSD today.Beatrice has handled all of the arrangements for the funeral of her uncle, the Duke of Armitage, who has just died She loves the family and wants to ease their way as much as possible As she s standing in the entryway arranging the funeral cookies, a man approaches and starts making demands and berating her She knows he has to be the Duke of Greycourt just from what she s heard of him Well he s not going to speak to her that way.Grey and Beatrice bicker right along with all of the other siblings in the house It was so much fun to read because I ve known big loving families who bickered just that way Grey can t believe he s attracted to Beatrice but he is and he just won t allow it He s in full control of himself and will absolutely not allow it Right We all know how that s going to end.With a mystery to solve, an acerbic brother to manage and a cruel aunt still reaching out to cause trouble, you begin to wonder if they can truly find their way to their HEA Never fear, Grey is up to the task of assuaging Beatrice s fears and concerns it just takes him a while to get there.This was an excellent read and I can t wait for the next book in the series.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.