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I don t even know where to begin I will admit that the beginning of this book was a little confusing with the crossing of time traveling and different universes But by the middle of the book I was fully entrenched and excited to continue on the amazing journey that was spread out before me The explanations and the amazing detail that they put into this time traveling book was absolutely amazing By the end of the book absolutely everything made sense and I had a deeper understanding of just how time travel could work Hats off to this book and the amazing job done by the two authors I really hope that there are sequels because I want to read I must admit I was hesitant to read this book Time travel and multi universe novels are not my favorite types of science fiction In the past the only author who has written time travel science fiction that I really liked was the great Keith Laumer That being said I decided to read this because it was co authored by David Weber who is at present my favorite science fiction fro both past and present I have never read any of Jacob Holo s works but David Weber always teams up with great authors when he does in fact team up This book was up to the standards I expect when I read anything by David Weber Now about the book There was a lot of action, a cast of interesting characters, time loops, paradoxes and alternate timelines There was also lots of history given which was very well researched and vital to the storyline The story was very complicated and as I am not a writer too difficult for me to describe in a coherent manner I will say if you are a fan of David Weber like I am you will want to read this even if you don t normally like time travel science fiction If you do like time travel science fiction then so much the better I will also be checking out Jacob Holo s books Anyone who writes with David Weber is in my opinion worth looking into. Great promise which turned out to be a bust essentially a time patrol kind of adventure lacking any depth and with the suspension of disbelief flying off the window fairly soon just as a simple example it is mentioned how the leader of the time patrol in the crooked universe the one that created a temporal knot that must be unraveled to prevent the destruction of 15 other universes at the cost of course of destroying this one, so obviously said time patrol leader is opposed to the main heroes goes back in time to spy on his rivals so nobody in the local power structure dares confront him, which shows he can time travel to his immediate past in his universe and come back, but 1 he doesn t think to go back in time and prevent the good guysTM escaping his prison with their secret tech yes he doesn t know about it when the good guys chrono vehicle appears in his universe but he knows it when they escape, so for example why not just go a few days back in time and tell himself to shoot them on sight and 2 when he tries to ambush the 21th century hero of the blurb to prevent the good guys using his knowledge and is thwarted why not go a few days in the past and simply kill him and so on and so forth Some humor saves it from being a complete disaster, but I would strongly recommend staying away from this. This was so horrible I stopped reading after 15 minutes and deleted it. The Gordian Protocol by David Weber and Jacob HoloThe note that this is a standalone novel makes me wonder if that is in response to the backlash of the multiverse series that Weber stopped several years ago without bringing it to any conclusion I know I was highly annoyed that I read three books that just stopped with no wrap up I read on several forums others who were also frustrated This book makes it clear that it is a stand alone regardless of the fact the way it ends sets up a logical sequel at least it was wrapped up Enough ranting, this book deals with a multiverse and time travel The last couple of books I read by Weber were wordy and not a lot of action so I will attribute the success of this book to Holo There is plenty of action and excitement with a solid but knotty plot I enjoyed the paradoxes and the settling of same with regards to time travel I also appreciated the sentiment regarding the dangers of unbridled bureaucracy The characters were often amusing and I liked the way AI was portrayed In particular the hurt feelings on the part of the time machine.This was an entertaining book and I recommend it. This was a really fun and fast paced book Really enjoyable. Writing and characters were embarrassingly simple and stereotypical at times The story was interesting and the battles were fun, but I was hoping for Read this due to the alternate history aspect Turned out it was hopelessly over written time patrol military sf, full of logical fallacies, technobabble, etc Only finished because I was hoping to read a clear description of the historical divergence, and it didn t finally come out until around page 400. I grew up loving Weber books I ve reread the early Honor Harrington books numerous times, I loved the Bazel books, I devoured the sadly incomplete empire of man novels I think at this point it s pretty clear that Weber is prone to ranting about modern politics, and lacks an editor who will rein him in.I was told this was a time travel book I enjoy standalones I thought that maybe having a co writer would rein in Weber s worst impulses Yet the first chapter in an alternate universe has the viewpoint character ranting about a queer person and political correctness on college campuses It s like reading the blog of that uncle everyone has, who watches way too much fox news I don t know if it got better after that I gave up, not wanting to read another hundred page rant interfering with a great story I really wish I could get early David Weber back, with an editor who takes out the ranting and leaves the rest. `Free Pdf ⇨ The Gordian Protocol ☠ NEW STANDALONE NOVEL FROM NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE HONOR HARRINGTON SERIES, DAVID WEBER A Man Of Two Worlds Doctor Benjamin Schr Der Was Far From A Man Of Action In Fact, He Was A History Teacher Chairman Of The Castle Rock University History Department And If His Life Wasn T Perfect, It Was Close Until, That Is The Discussion Of His Star Student Elzbiet Abramowski S Dissertation On Operation Yellow Brick, The Pacific Allies Invasion Of Vladivostok, Staged Through Occupied Japan To Meet Their Imperial German Allies, Was Brutally Interrupted The Psychotic Episode That Turned His Entire World Upside Down Struck With Absolutely No Warning, And It Was Terrifying Than Anything He Should Have Been Able To Imagine, Leaving Him With A Complete, Incredibly Detailed Set Of False, Nightmare Memories Not Just Of His Own Life, But Of An Entire, Ghastly World In Which Operation Yellow Brick Had Never Happened In Which Millions Of Helpless Civilians Had Been Systematically Slaughtered In Extermination Camps That Were Horrific Beyond Belief In Which There Was Still A Soviet Union In Which The Chinese Communists Had Succeeded, The Korean Peninsula Had Been Permanently Divided, Thousands Of Nuclear Warheads Had Spread Their Deadly Threat Across The Entire Earth, And The Middle East Was A Festering Sore Of Bloodshed, Fanaticism, And Terrorism The Knowledge That Those False Memories Had Come From Somewhere Inside His Own Psyche Was Terrible, But With The Help Of Commander Abramowski, A Highly Decorated Navy Fighter Pilot Who D Been Forced To Deal With Her Own PTSD After Crippling Combat Wounds Invalided Her Out Of Service, He S Put His Life Back Together With Elzbiet S Support, He S Learned To Deal With The Nightmares, To Recognize That They Are Onlynightmares That Can T And Won T Be Permitted To Rule His Life Until, That Is, A Lunatic Named Raibert Kaminski Knocks On His Door One Afternoon With An Impossible And Horrifying Story About Alternate Realities, Time Travel, Temporal Knots, And Than A Dozen Doomed Universes Which Must Inevitably Die If The Temporal Storm Front Rushing Towards The Distant Future Isn T Stopped He Has To Be Lying, Of Course Or Completely Insane But What If He S Not A Madman After All What If He S Actually Telling The Truth That Possibility Is The Most Terrifying Thing Of All Because If He Is, The False Memories Aren T False After All, And That Other World Is Just As Real As The One Schr Der Has Always Known And If That S True, Benjamin Schr Der Is About To Become The Greatest Mass Murderer In Human History, Because He Has To Choose Whether He Acts Or Refuses To Act, Benjamin Schr Der Is The One Man Who Will Decide Which Universe Lives And Which Dies, Along With Every Star System, Every Galaxy And Every Single Human Being In It Including The Woman He S Discovered He Loves Than Life ItselfAbout David Weber A Balanced Mix Of Interstellar Intrigue, Counterespionage, And Epic Fleet Action With All The Hard And Software Details And Tactical Proficiency That Weber Delivers Like No One Else Along With A Large Cast Of Well Developed, Believable Characters, Giving Each Clash Of Fleets Emotional WeightBooklist Moves As Inexorably As The Star Kingdom S Grand Fleet, Commanded By Series Protagonist Honor Harrington Weber Is The Tom Clancy Of Science Fiction His Fans Will Relish This Latest Installment Publishers Weekly This Entry Is Just As Exciting As Weber S Initial Offering The Result Is A Fast Paced And Action Packed Story That Follows Our Characters As They Move From Reaction To Command Of The Situation Weber Builds Shadow Of Freedom To An Exciting And Unexpected Climax Daily News Of Galveston Weber Combines Realistic, Engaging Characters With Intelligent Technological Projection And A Deep Understanding Of Military Bureaucracy In This Long Awaited Honor Harrington Novel Fans Of This Venerable Space Opera Will Rejoice To See Honor Back In Action Publishers Weekly This Latest Honor Harrington Novel Brings The Saga To Another Crucial Turning Point Readers May Feel Confident That They Will Be Honored Many Times And Enjoy It Every Time Booklist Everything You Could Want In A Heroine Excellent Plenty Of Action Science Fiction Age Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Anne McCaffrey Compelling Combat Combined With Engaging Characters For A Great Space Opera Adventure Locus Weber Combines Realistic, Engaging Characters With Intelligent Technological Projection Fans Of This Venerable Space Opera Will Rejoice Publishers WeeklyAbout Jacob Holo An Entertaining Sci Fi Action Novel With Light Overtones Of Dystopian And Political Thrillers Kirkus On The Dragons Of Jupiter Thrilling Sci Fi Adventure Kirkus OnTime Reavers