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rereadSon of the Morning is the one Howard s book that has stayed with me ever since I first read it six years ago It crosses genre lines like a suspense mystery highlander with time travel Grace character makes a convincing transformation from a book smart , shy woman to a street smart heroine with sheer determination to avenge the death of her loved ones Drawn by dreams and bonded by fate, the love story of Grace and Niall of Scotland is atypical of the standard romance out there This novel is already 18 years old, and by no means a perfect book But I totally dig it Grace St John is archaeological scholar Fluent in five ancient languages, married to another archaeologist and the love of her life She never imagined that a cache of old documents would soon set her on a path of no return, one in which everything she holds dear and everything she has ever believed in will be put to the test I was enthralled from page one Well, let me back up page one of the first chapter Someone really needs to tell Ms Howard that prologues aren t normally 13 pages long But I digress Grace is a scholar, a tad overweight, a bit nerdy She speaks five ancient languages fluently, she s married to the only man she s ever had sex with, sickeningly in love with him She doesn t wear makeup and one of her best friends is a teenage Bill Gates I was truly at a loss as to how this could be a love story but I was so wrong This entire novel is a love story, in differing degrees and once I had a chance to sleep on it and think about it, I came to the conclusion that Ms Howard truly outdid herself This is brilliant.The story starts out with Grace working on translating some ancient Celtic papers that hint at a lost treasurepriceless than gold It s written in several languages Old English, Latin, Old French, ancient Gaelicright up her alley and area of expertise But someone wants these papers and they will kill to get them Grace watches her husband and brother brutally murdered right in front of her eyes, protecting her whereabouts love of a husband family She goes on the run with nothingthan her laptop, the papers and the clothes on her back Her teenage hacker friend helps her to clean out her bank account so she can leave the area until she knows whats going on love of a friend On the run, scared out of her mind, unable to conceive what s happened so far, she ends up in a series of towns working for cash, living in ratholes but all the while working on deciphering the Celtic papers.It s while she is in Chicago that she begins her transformation love for her husband, brother and self She discovers that the papers detail the story of one Knight Templar Black Niall who is guarding a treasure of untold riches In shock that her family was slaughtered, that she herself is the target of a madman, for treasure With the help of a boardinghouse landlady and a scrappy street fighter love of friends she begins her change from mousy, nondescript Grace to a woman who will stop at nothing for vengeance She loses weight, changes her name and appearance and learns a few self defense techniques Her husband and brother will not have died in vain I really loved Grace This story is as much about her as it is about the treasure If you ve heard the saying that you don t know what you can accomplish until you have no other choice this is Grace It s heartbreaking to watch her exist, because that s all she is doing for a good part of the book Unable to let herself grieve for her lost family, she becomes nearly anorexic, unable to sleep Surviving but not living Don t get me wrong, she doesn t turn into some badass chick overnight or at all she just does what she has to, when she has to, in order to carry on Eventually she discovers a way to actually time travel to the era of Black Niall a spoiler I won t give away in the hopes she can prevent the killers from locating the Treasure and yes, that s capitalized for a reason.The relationship between her and Niall romantic love and the position that Niall holds love of God and mankind are spoilers which I won t get into but let me just say they are powerful At this point, I could not have put this book down had I tried The ending was wonderful 5 stars and a recommended read @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⛓ Son of the Morning é All Of Linda Howard S Novels Are Wonderful But This Exceptional Time Travel Is Her First Foray Into Paranormal Romance And It S Not To Be MissedGrace St John, A Scholar, Unwittingly Discovers The Knights Of Templar S Secret Treasure Suddenly, Her Life Is Upturned When She Spies Her Boss Murdering Her Husband And Brother With No Reason To Live, Except To Extract Vengeance, Grace Becomes A Fugitive Of The Law As She Attempts To Find An Explanation For This Horrible ActGrace Simultaneously Translates Th Century Medieval Documents Written By Black Niall This Embittered Knight Reaches Into Grace S Subconscious And The Two Begin To Share DreamsYears Apart A Scholar Specializing In Ancient Manuscripts, Grace St John Never Imagined That A Cache Of Fragile, Old Documents She Discovered Was The Missing Link To A Lost Celtic Treasure But As Soon As She Deciphers The Intriguing Legend Of The Knights Of The Templar Long Fabled To Hold The Key To Unlimited Power Grace Becomes The Target Of A Ruthless Killer Bent On Abusing The Coveted ForceDetermined To Stop Him, Grace Needs The Help Of A Celebrated Warrior Bound By Duty To Uphold The Templar S Secret For All Eternity But To Find Him And To Save Herself She Must Go Back In TimeSummoning The Magic Of An Arcane Ritual, Grace Steps Back To The Barren Hills Of Th Century Scotland, Enduring The Perils Of An Untamed Land To Confront Black Niall, A Fierce Man Of Dark Fury And Raw, Unbridled Desire Driven By A Mix Of Fear And Passion, Grace Enlists This Brazen Knight To Join Her In A Modern Day Search For A KillerIn Their Quest To Protect A Timeless Secret, They Uncover A Love For All Time And A Deadly Duel Of Honor That Risks Everything They Have Not even sure if it makes 3 stars.Most of the Linda Howard books I have read have been solid 4 or 5 stars This one did not make the grade Found it a bit too like the Outlander books which cannot be trumped in my opinion Same premise Time travel, Highlands of Scotland.I really cannot muster up much enthusiasm to write a full review.The human heart had the capacity to love many people Wonderful Exciting I loved the heroine Grace.I read the paperback several years ago and recently listened to the audiobook I think the audiobook was even better The narrator Natalie Ross did a wonderful job.Grace was living a normal happily married life working as an archaeologist translator Then her husband and brother were killed and she became a fugitive fleeing from the powerful people who killed them How she fled, what she did to get away, stay away, live under other identities and outsmart them was exciting and amazing The author creatively transformed Grace into another type of person About 70% of the story was about that and it was great The last part of the story involved time travel and that was a good story too The characters and events were interesting and creatively well done I didn t want to stop reading There is a little fantasy about magical religious power and time travel.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length about 14 hrs Swearing language strong but rarely used Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenesthan thirteen Settings 1309 1322 Scotland and 1996 Minneapolis, Eau Claire, and Chicago, US Copyright 1997 Genre romantic suspense with time travel and fantasy. 2.5 starsI think I went into this with too high expectations I was in the mood for a nice romance novel and add in the fact that I love time travel novels I was super interested I m also a huge fan of anything relating to the Templar s however, I was not expecting it to be the focal point of this novel I wasn t even going to try to compare it to Diana Gabaldon s Outlander time travel novels, because that s just setting any book up for failure as far as I m concerned But imagine my surprise when I realize it s mostly this crime novel where the main character Grace basically spends over half the novel running away from bad guys the time travel stuff doesn t even happen till the last of the book But yes, before the author gets around to the meat of the novel where the two main characters actually meet we ve got a bunch of running from the bad guys, a few half dozen pages spent with her shopping in Kmart, some wig shopping, working minimum wage jobs essentially a bunch of filler as far as I could tell.As for the romance aspect of this book, I found it severely lacking, especially considering that the two main characters did not meet until practically the very end I like my romances where the two characters meet and build up a believable romance relationship, rather than this novel where the two characters continue to have we ll call it dream sex , and when they finally do meet it s a we were destined to be together type of thing The ending, okay, I ll admit by the end it got me and I really liked those two Even had a few aww moments but overall I wasn t satisfied with this story.Interested inof my reviews Visit my blog 3.5 stars, rounded down because Cringe Worthy Terms in Romance Books but hey, time travel, historical romance and an interesting heroine With an actual plot I could even forgive Grace melting into a besotted puddle when the hero shows all his chauvinistic ish manliness let s not forget this was published in 1997.Seriously, this is a very good romantic suspense novel, so much that I actually read the whole book in one day, keeping my suspension of disbelief in high gear, granted, but one sittings always count for something. I recently finished another reread of Son of the Morning This is one of those books that I just have to reread every other year I give it 5 , and would rate it 10 if that were possible.Grace St John is a twentieth century research scholar who has recently begun deciphering some 14th century documents involving the Knights Templar Then her husband brother are brutally murdered, and she is on the run, protecting her life and the documents that someone desperately wants It was interesting to see her evolve from a very loved and protected wife sister to a street smart woman who knows how to fight for what she wants.Black Niall is a 14th century Scottish warrior who is the Guardian of the Templar Treasure Power In the course of a year, Grace discovers just enough to know that she really needs to knowand that she needs Niall s help, which is where the time travel comes in I thought the lead in and preparation for her time traveling was very well done.Readers who picked this up for the romance were somewhat disappointed, but not I There were numerous little vignettes of Niall and Grace sensing the other becoming aware of each other through dreams, and their meeting actually didn t take place until well into the book And even then the romance didn t overpower the story, for which I am grateful, as I think it would have diluted a very powerful suspense tale Don t get me wrong I love the love story of Grace and Niall, but I loved this book because it also had a very well developed plot in both time periods And reading about the mystique of the Templars their secrets is always interesting for me. Re read 11 7 12A medieval Templar assigned to protect a secret treasureA modern woman alone against a powerful sectAn ancient text ties them together before they even meet And then Grace came to Creag Dhu.Read and re read since the 90 s, for some reason, this romance novel always draws me in Probably because it blends different sub genres of romance so expertly and dang, is the hero hot A chick book for sure, I will admit I can see it being a hard one to get into because it s so not romance novely for half the book literally Heck, the H h dont even physically interact until then But I happen to enjoy the journey we are taken on while we watch Grace grow and change into a completely different woman.A romantic suspense thriller with a paranormal time traveling twist that ends up in historical romance territory, Son Of The Morning has it all a fairly predictible mystery plot but that s only because The DaVinci code stole a portion of it P a gutsy heroine who reveals her strength through edge of your seat action and a smokin hot, uber alpha hero like only a romance novel can conjure as well as the gritty sensual sex he lays down on her and you have a page turner that stands the test of time, even after all these years.Black Niall, an ex communicated Templar Knight from the 1300 s turned his back on God when He did nothing to save Niall s brothers in arms But that didn t stop the Scotsman from taking on the job of being The Guardian of God s secrets Still, it s his status as the King of Scotland s illegitimate half brother and self appointed protector of the throne, that motivates him now Until the treasure is threatened by wisp of girl who haunts his dreams.Grace St John s world is turned upside down when her husband is murdered practically before her eyes and all because she discovers an ancient secret hidden in old documents she s been translating Now she s on the run from a cold killer who wants what she knows Determined to finish the work they began to avenge her loved ones, in the midst of it, incredibly, she makes contact with a man, a myth, from another time.It will takecourage than she s ever imagined to stay alive especially when the secret that s been hidden throughout the centuries leads her to Niall and to an impossible place and time.Oh they defeat the bad guys but wait to you see how Note, April 10, 2018 I just did a slight second edit on this review, to reflect the fact that I did add this book to my Action Heroines shelf after all the kick butt quotient isn t high, but it s there.Note, Nov 13, 2015 I just discovered and corrected a typo I missed earlier where I meant to say genre conventions, I d written gene conventions Maybe those are meetings of DNA researchers While I m not changing my assessment, I ve also edited it to tone down some language that I ve decided, in retrospect, was unkind.Time travel A smart, strong inside heroine who learns to kick some butt Secrets buried in long lost documents Medieval knights, and a castle in the Highlands Action Danger Romance sort of Whatcould one want for a great read Well quite a bit, actually, as the merely three star rating rounded up from two and a half indicates At one point, I even flirted with a one star rating, but I thought this onefairly recognized the genuine positives And my wife we read it together as our car book has stated that she d give it four stars, if she were on Goodreads and rating it The positives are real First, the Goodreads plot summary is accurate, but it doesn t begin to suggest Grace s situation in much of the book An intellectual, gentle, slightly overweight woman of about 30, who s never been exposed to violence or significant hardship, in the first chapter she witnesses the sudden, brutal murders of both her husband and her brother, who are her only family and the center of her world Framed for their killings and forced to flee for her life, with no warning and nothing but the clothes on her back and her laptop, she s forced to learn to survive on the street, and off the grid Driven by a determination to avenge her loved ones, take down the killer, and translate the documents that contain the mystery he s willing to kill for, and needing to stay alive to do that, over time she believably transforms into a street smart woman who can take care of herself and fight if she has to She s a very well drawn, admirable character that the reader readily likes and roots for All of the other major characters are also vivid and well developed, including a really hateful villain The plot is nicely constructed, in the main some aspects are broadly predictable, but it also included a couple of major surprises I did not see coming Howard writes well, for the most part there are a lot of finely turned phrases, touches of wry humor that balance the serious tone, and effective construction of scenes and evocation of atmosphere One reviewer complains about the time devoted to her paralyzing terror, right after the trauma of the killings, over crossing a street to use an ATM machine, and to her problem in finding a place to relieve herself but to me this was a way of showing the situation she started from, in all its extreme difficulty, and gets us right inside of her head in the midst of it, with no sugarcoating For me, though, the negatives were significant A major one is the treatment of the Templar angle Since the 1950s beginning with a now discredited hoax which any number of pundits and writers still pass on as fact a pop culture mythology has grown up around the Templars as guardians of Deep Dark Secrets that supposedly discredit Christianity The classical version is that Christ didn t die on the cross, but rather lived on to marry Mary Magdalene and sire the line that became the Merovingian royal family of France Howard leaves out the Mary Magdalene Merovingian scenario, but she creates her own wrinkles on the theme Since my background gives me a strong grounding in both serious historical and biblical studies, I can recognize this as on a par with something you might read in a tabloid sold at the supermarket It s not helped here by the fact that, even taking the book on its own terms, the Templars interpretation of the physical evidence that supposedly leads them to their theological revelations is so logically flawed and implausible as to be ludicrous But this idea isn t introduced until the penultimate chapter And on the other hand, the author does take the existence of God seriously, and has a relatively high Christology and Grace, in the same chapter, offers an excellent simple explanation of theodicy in terms of free will So while Christians will have problems with the book, it won t please die hard religion phobic readers either Howard s writing background and credentials are rooted in the romance genre and though the cover of this edition and the cover copy don t clearly identify this book as a romance, it does embody some of the genre conventions It s no spoiler that Grace and Black Niall will be a couple, since the description and cover copy tell us so One of these is explicit sex of course, not all romances feature this, but this one does, to a considerable degree Not all the encounters are between Grace and Niall and not all of them involve intercourse, but most do These scenes, of course, can usually be skipped over so if you want detailed evaluation of those parts, you re reading the wrong review , except where crucial dialogue is embedded in them But the problematic elements here go deeper for a romance genre novelist, Howard can be singularly tone deaf to what makes for real romance.Grace and Niall, during the course of the book, experience a cross time psychological connection at first, just in dreams that allows them, at times, to experience each other s voice and presence This is never explained, and doesn t really come across as credible But it focuses strictly on intense sexual attraction there s very little if any element of getting to know each other as anything but sex objects That continues when they meet in person Given that Grace, at least, is portrayed as a person who takes sex seriously and has never been with any man but her husband, this comes across, as even she recognizes, as out of character It isn t really plausible either, and rather than making the relationship come across as a love for all time, as the cover copy bills it, it seemslike a heat period I didn t feel any kind of personal emotional connection between hero and heroine for most of the book And while I respect Grace for her past scruples, the juxtaposition with Niall s background of womanizing, and the unspoken implication that this somehow verifies his virility and desirability as a partner, tends, IMO, to reinforce a really unhealthy double standard for males and females.A couplequibbles are worth mentioning Howard has done some historical research, shown by the array of apparently accurate factoids she can muster here and there But it s apparent that her research consisted of mining for factual snippets in areas where she realizes that she s ignorant she does not have a general warp and woof knowledge of the medieval world, and that allows her to make a few noticeable to me, at least errors I was also frustrated with Grace for view spoiler not taking Niall into her confidence immediately when she went back in time hide spoiler