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First book from this author and I have to say it was a great read Loved it [Read] ☨ Fortune ♠ A Mother S Ultimate Sacrifice A Brother S Dark Obsession And One Woman S Desperate Fight For Survival Something Dark And Dangerous Had Long Shadowed Skye Dearborn S Life She Had Seen The Fear Of It In Her Mother S Eyes It Was There, Locked In Her Memories Of Blood Spilling Across A Gleaming Floor In The Sound Of Her Own Screams And In The Terror She D Felt The Night Her Mother Disappeared Then Fortune Smiled On Skye With Help She Was Able To Put The Horror Behind Her And Look To The FutureBut Now That Same Fortune Is Leading Her Into The Arms Of Danger And Back Into The Nightmare Of Her Past For The Evil That Has Haunted Her Dreams Has A Human Form A Man Obsessed With Skye Since Her Birth A Man Who Alone Knows Who Skye Dearborn Really Is After writing category romance but before writing thrillers, Erica Spindler wrote romantic suspense novels Shocking Pink is the best, and Cause for Alarm and Bone Cold aren t far behind Fortune is like a Gothic saga, page turner crack for the sheer amount of weird shit You d be forgiven for mistaking this for a V C Andrews novel Am I showing my age The Monarchs are a jeweller family who think they re up with Tiffany s At any one time, a brother sister duo is in charge he the businessman and she the creative The gifted one Currently the grandfather and his sister are leading the company, though they re getting on years The father s generation is being skipped because he s deemed not up to the task, and there s no gifted woman So now to take over is Griffin Monarchand his half sister Grace.Once Grace s mother Madeline catches young Griffin molesting the even younger Grace, she runs away with her daughter, changing their identities Grace is gifted, so Madeline worries the Monarchs will keep her at any cost not just for the business, but for Griffin s incestuous interest.Now mother and daughter are Claire and Skye Dearborn, the latter s name sounding horrendously like a soap opera character or celebrity spawn, or wannabe celebrity spawn Way to fly under the radar Anyway, they join a travelling circus, where Claire works as a fortune teller She s gifted not artistically, but she can sense the future.Skye is creatively gifted, and such an annoying shit that even though you ll feel sorry for her, you won t like her Such a pestering pain in the arse, and I m not the only one who thinks so Chance McCord escapes from his Amish life to work any job, and schemes his way into the travelling circus He s a little older than Skye, who desperately wants him to be her friend, even though she pisses him off relentlessly He gives into her eventually because he feels sorry for her That doesn t stop Skye from being an annoying git, though.Meanwhile, the Monarchs have sent a private investigator after Claire and Skye Claire figures that the only way to keep Skye safe is to separate from her Oh yes, Skye has abandonment issues Claire plans to send the PI off track, then sneak back to retrieve her daughter Only Skye and Chance run off from the circus.The pair has managed to score a trailer, a car, and a job for Chance He works whilst Skye stays in the trailer to be seen in public would endanger her Skye s abandonment issues, jealousy, hormones, and irritating personality came into play, and she falls in love with Chance, who s not keen on that because Skye is jailbait and Chance is practically raising her So while not technically incestuous, it still seems a lot like it Consider that Skye is so beautiful and talented that she could snag any guy, and the two guys she ends up with as an adult are her half brother and her guardian I told you Fortune has weird shit Anyhoo, after Skye s sort of boyfriend a homeless squatter who rooms with other homeless squatters tries to date rape her Chance intervenes , Skye and Chance move away They find a home, work, and school with a childless couple, and Chance decides to get his life back Yeah, the themes of this novel aren t subtleabandonment issues for Skye.So she becomes a talented jeweller, and Chance a public relations guru Meanwhile, Griffin Monarch has discovered that Grace Monarch and Skye Dearborn are one and the same, and offers her a job but doesn t tell her she s a Monarch Griffin also hires Chance for PR, just to mess with them both And here s where the weird shit really comes into play the Monarchs not only know that Skye is one of them, but they shut their mouths whilst Griffin courts Skye And she wonders why she vomits after they shag.Then Skye falls in love with Chance again, and Griffin becomes murderously jealous He decides to get rid of those who are keeping Skye from him her best friend, Griffin and Skye s grandmother, Chance McCord, etc Then when he still can t get Skye to love him, Griffin figures that if he can t have her, no one will So he tries to kill her, too.P.S As a child, Griffin tortured Skye s kitten to death and made her watch He also drowned his other half sister a non gifted Monarch The Monarchs really are an effed up bunch if they never suspect that Griffin s been psychotic all his life and they still let him shag his half sister Rich people, eh Never want their name besmirched, even if it could save lives But, Tez, you say You ve just summarised the novel Where s the review Well, now you know the nitty gritty details, you know whether Fortune is for you Despite its over the top batshittedness, it s still quite a page turner If nothing else, it s good snark fodder Enjoy. Very good Omg another epic read by Erica Spindler I hated Griffen What a horrible man But sooo suspenseful The romance was awesome too She writes it very well I love these family sagas. Spanning years. Just wonderful I m So looking forward to going through my whole Erica Spindler collection I have them all And a few I ve read before. But so long ago that I can t remember them all that well So it s good I absolutely loved this book, could not put it down Yes some of it was a little bit hard to believe but the suspense and romancethan made up for that Looking forby this author This was a great read Completely and utterly unexpected story line I loved the twists and turns and the suspense was incredible, it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout This was such an amazing read It s been ages since I ve read a book that had this brand of edge of your seat, nail biting thriller and suspense that I devoured it in one day finishing in the wee hours of the morning just because I couldn t stand not knowing how it would end This is the second book of Erica Spindler s that I ve read the first one being Red I liked Red but I am completely enad with Fortune I love how Spindler was able to weave together various themes into one coherent story a mother s desperate love for her child the unspeakable evil in a man an unlikely friendship that eventually ended with love ever after and the lengths people would go to for their ambition and for the fulfillment of their dreams Fortune is a richly evocative story with highly developed characters you can t not know how each of the main characters think and feel and yet, it was done so suavely that nothing even remotely approached over the top, detail intensive writing The pace was just sublime perfectly timed so that each period of time within the characters lifetimes were given the due attention they deserved It was almost a pity to end the book I highly recommend this for anyone who just wants a good book to keep them up at night or keep them company on a cold rainy armchair reading day. 4.5 an epic adventure mystery romance i love Spindler and Fortune was no exception.