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This book started out slower than My Soul to Keep, but it s plot was much complex and ultimately, a satisfying read People keep comparing Due to Octavia Butler, and while I understand that Due is also a female, African American writer of science fiction, I think her work stands on its own This is the only book that I have read where part 2 was better than part one The first book of this series is My Soul to Keep and it was a great read, but this one had me on the tip of my seat from the first page I reread this book often and always find myself intrigued and discovering something that I didn t see in my previous read.It s a definite book shelf main stay. #EPUB ⚡ The Living Blood ⚞ Jessica Jacobs Wolde S Life Was Destroyed When Her Husband, David Wolde Killed Both Their Daughter Kira And Jessica Herself And Revived Jessica With His Healing Blood David Was A Life Brother, Member Of An Ancient, Secret, And Immortal African Clan Now Jessica, Hiding With Her Surviving Daughter In Rural Botswana, Attempts To Make Sense Of Her New Existence, And Of Fana S Growing Abilities Jessica S Only Hope Of Teaching Fana To Control Her Dangerous Talents Is To Travel To Ethiopia And Find The Life Brothers Hidden ColonyCynthia Ward Go to the following links with a quickness if you enjoy paranormal scifi and vampire series If you enjoy reading Octavia Butler, i.e Kindred you ll def like these two authors.http www.tananarivedue.com two authors use these genres to pull characters from across diverse backgrounds and time periods to deal with age old questions i.e what would you do if you had immortality or the gifts to heal, how much free will and choice do we really have based on societal structures as well as blending in historical and religious concepts They also set there scenes in places like Ethiopia, Salvador, Australia and incorporate cultural themes and landmarks associated with the people of color of those regions. the only qualm i have with this expertly written story is on page 495 when did the cancer center in tallahassee get a 904 area code i don t recall jarod being moved to mayo or wolfson s children hospitalother than that i am pleased still glad i read this book last instead of first i was curious about the back story of dawit, the lawyer, the alexis marriage, khaludun,and the things that happened in botswana those bees the baby singing stormy weather hurricane beatrice cupcakes talk about a very merry unbirthday tea party with the mad hatter and his friends that was really awesome probably so because i am familiar with the teenage and young adult versions of fana it would be nice to know what happens next maybe skip a generation after the great cleansing i appreciate downplaying of the agony of christ the story is actually a story not some preachy concoction meant to fuel protestant guilt i am grateful for that the foundation for my soul to keep and my soul to take are solid i m talking about 7.5 earthquake proof read this book and everything else tananarive due writes and or endorses buy her work put it on the bookshelf next to octavia butler and nalo hopkinson you can thank me later. Excellent as always from this author, now to the next one in the series. I really am loving this series But now that this one is done, my goodness what else can happen in the next two books, like I can hardly wait to read them Being the second book in the series I can t go into much details, but what I can say is that this book was, to me, way better than the 1st and I loved the first one, so that s saying a lot I read this one really fast, because here were moments where you just couldn t put the book down Btw Jessica, Fans, David, and Alex there was no way I could stop reading at some points And with new people like Lucas who gave me a fright and Teferi It was just amazing FEB 20th Update I realize I had to give this five stars It was just too good, it built on the previous book so well 5 Stars. i was looking forward to a thought provoking page turner and was pretty disappointed too much attention to plot, not enough interrogation of the potentially very provocative content of the book religion cults goodness evil death immortality humanness godliness the unconscious etc also a novel about an american family giving out healing blood in south africa and later botswana , even on the DL, with only the slightest nod to the problem of HIV AIDS in these countries is insulting also really God y and heteronormative in short, nowhere near as good as Octavia Butler s Fledgling still, it was engrossing and i read the whole thing. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS GALORE The Living Blood struck me most forcefully as an exploration of parenting in the right hands, speculative fiction takes the study of the interior and exterior, inner and outer limits of humanity to places where, perhaps, realist fiction cannot go The Living Blood is not solely about parenting, but the rapport between children and parents, and the idea of childhood, are very much at the center of it the first book of the trilogy, My Soul to Keep, ends with the death of jessica and david s daughter kira in truly dramatic circumstances i expected tananarive due to leave this stunning ending unexplored i was wrong The Living Blood does plenty probing of kira s death and the terrible burden this death puts on the shoulder of the baby sister who was in her mother s womb when the tragedy occurred if you ll remember, jessica allowed kira to die when she could have saved her, and she did so in a split second decision, out of a sort of intuition that saving her would rob her of her place in heaven maybe The Living Blood could have done with kira s destiny, her grandfather, the place in heaven he promised her throughout My Soul to Keep, and the reassurances he offered that she would be able to see and visit her parents and see them happy as often as she wanted in The Living Blood kira does visit her mom, but these visitations are ghostly and disturbing and probably not really happening kira s apparitions seem, in fact, to be a trick played on jessica by little fana s supernatural powers TD, however, makes up amply for this omission by delving deeply into jessica s grief and the ways in which her love for fana cannot but be tinged by it i found this beautiful, a great feat of psychological lucidity and courage on the part of this author parents are marked by their history in ways we often discount or deny children are part of this history, too, and carriers of its seeds familial history is passed down the generations, enriched each time by new layers of presentness the existence of this historical chain, the continuance the makes each of us the rich product of an intersection of past and present, seems to me often lost to our idea of childhood children are born with the guilt of cain and the screams of abel embedded in their small minds in this way, they are a treasure trove of familial, generational and cultural inheritance at the beginning of the novel we meet jessica again as a mother who loves her living daughter while being haunted by the loss of her dead one correspondingly, fana is a much loved girl who has to contend with the presence of her sister in her mother s heart in the course of the novel TD allows jessica to grow out of this crushing grief, but she never quite deprives her of the richness of its memory, and i, for one, am grateful for it.fana deals with the large presence of her sister by striving with all she has she is between three and four but she s already incredibly powerful to soothe her mother s grief, on the one hand, and have her all to herself, on the other at some point, she decides that the best way to go about this is by blotting out jessica s memory of kira altogether this is a compelling scene jessica does not remember her grief and is therefore happier and relieved at the same time, she feels, and knows, that she has lost something precious, and begs fana to give it back to her i like the way TD understands the shaping power of memory and the value of transforming memories instead of erasing them as if we could ever fill the void they leave i also like the way in which she portrays the relationship between fana and jessica as a loving painful difficult negotiation of roles, and a shared process of loss and gain in the way all children do but few children are represented as doing, fana experiences searing loss from the moment she is born, in spite of her mother s excellent parenting this is mirrored on a purely human level in the parallel story of lucas and jared, who have lost, respectively, a wife and a mother, and are about to lose each other jared is terminally sick with leukemia.the other axis of TD s deep look at parenting concerns what parents can and cannot do for their children, and the moral dilemmas centered around the curbing of both their own and their children s fantasies of omnipotence in the relationship between jessica and fana, it is fana s omnipotence that comes to the fore, and jessica s moral struggle with accepting it, cherishing it, and protecting fana from it, simultaneously in this way, this novel works as the fictional version of a manual on how to parent exceptional children TD looks insightfully at the incredible burdens exceptional children carry the grief that constantly threatens to assail them, the short lived elations, the crushing responsibility and presents in jessica a remarkably tuned in parent in the first half of the book Jessica spends a lot of time trying to understand fana eventually the job of understanding her daughter leads her to take the radical and selfless step of leaving everything behind and looking for help in the only place where help can be found at the same time, and quite heroically, she insists on fana s humanity and childishness, and fights tooth and nail to protect it in the bee scene that takes place during the escape from the colony, Jessica chooses to protect fana from excessive responsibility and loss of innocence over the certainty the fana could rescue them all from demise.in the relationship between lucas and jared it is lucas, the father, who plays with fantasies of omnipotence, and jared who, with the very tangible language of vulnerability and disease, tries his best to remind him of the value of their shared humanity both jessica and lucas do eventually fail this failure is mixed, because it appears in the novel as an apparent success jared lives, lucas becomes an immortal, and jessica, david, and fana create the community that will ensure fana s safe flourishing jessica, though, has abandoned fana when fana needed her most and this has caused fana to provoke a hurricane and experience her tremendous destructive power she may be safe in her new communal family, but she is heavily traumatized and basically catatonic it is interesting to notice that jessica abandons fana for very good reasons, and it is thanks to this abandonment that jared survives and alex and lucas are saved still, jessica compromises, and the consequences of this compromise are dire for fana likewise, lucas and jared are together, jared is flourishing, lucas is happily re coupled with alex and is an immortal to boot but immortality, TD has amply shown us, is at best a mixed blessing in fact, if there is one thing My Soul to Keep and The Living Blood have shown us, the life of the immortal is ultimately a profoundly diminished life it is a sign of TD s depth as an author that she draws very little attention to the failures and successes of her character in fact, she is a remarkably non judgmental author you have to draw your own conclusion pretty much as you would in life and she complicates things, because that s how they are in real life messy, and complex, and difficult so both My Soul to Keep and The Living Blood are very difficult novels to read, not because they don t flow fast and furiously they do , but because they are constantly balanced on the precarious, evanescent, and imbricate line between good and bad. I really enjoyed The Living Blood and will definitely be continuing the series very soon The only slight issue I had was believing that such a young child, even one that is magical and potentially a goddess would be as articulate with the ability to reason the way that Fana does I know that s nit picky since this is fantasy but it is hard for me to embrace that element of the story However I loved everything else about the way the story is unfolding Two of my favorite quotes from The Living Blood The opposite of love, Dawitt told himself, was not hatred, as he had always believed it was only a lack of joy And the Ethiopian fable that introduced one of the last sections of the book A hare meeting a lioness one day said reproachfully, I have always a great number of children, while you have but one or two now and then The lioness replied, It is true, but my one child is a lion Alright, now You can find me at Monlatable Book Reviews Twitter MonlatReaderInstagram readermonicaFacebook Monica Reeds Goodreads Group The Black Bookcase