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Wonderful, strange and immersive, The Manual of Detection is one of my favorite books in recent memory The world Berry has invented feels like the movie Brazil crossed with Dirk Gently s Holistic Detective Agency and inspired by classic noir detective stories and films, such as The Maltese Falcon It s dark and grim yet somehow not depressing I couldn t put it down.The surreal narrative begins with the main character, Charles Unwin, who is a clerk at an elaborate and serpentine detective agency, being unexpectedly promoted to detective and feeling convinced it is an error, which he then sets out to correct His efforts to prevent his own promotion, and find the detective he was mysteriously promoted to replace, lead him into a twisted, multilayered conspiracy involving both the Agency, and its most notorious enemies.This is a book worth reading without even skimming the back coverallow yourself to be surprised by all the bizarre twists and turns and odd mysteries Unwin faces Even the climax, despite the complexity of the plot, holds together wonderfully well I loved this Highly recommended. I loved this book for about the first third, was on board for about half but finished it in a fog, still admiring Jedidiah Berry s skill but not at all sure I cared or even understood what was going on Among the book s delights is the description of the world of Charles Unwin, a clerk in a huge, rigidly bureaucratic agency who takes pride in his meticulous documentation of the cases solved by the renowned detective, Sivart Unwin is comfortable with his routine, attaching his umbrella to his bicycle handlebars and pedaling the seven blocks to work in a big, unnamed city where it is always raining When Sivart disappears and Unwin is promoted to detective, he wants only to find Sivart so he can return to his old life With The Manual of Detection and the reports of Sivart s cases among them The Man Who Stole November 12th and The World s Oldest Murdered Man as guidance, Unwin is quickly and reluctantly drawn into a dark, mysterious world in which nothing is as it seems So far so good imaginative and entertaining But as the plot thickens, so does the fantasy And the surreal it got, the less interested I was I made it through the inhabitants of the city all sleepwalking and stealing alarm clocks but by the time we got to dream detection the good guys and the bad guys inhabiting each others dreams for good and ill I was pretty much disengaged. All the elements of noir are present here a dreary setting, half understood mysteries, double and even triple crosses, multiple femme fatales, even a dark carnival filled with surly carnies The voice of the book is flat and even a little too flat and even for my tastes It is well written but I found the characters lacking in motivation and emotion The main character is simply pushed along, with little or no internal impetus, toward the inevitable end He s not really so much a protagonist as a reactionary element The weaving of the story in and out of the waking world and the world of dream is intriguing and well executed, allowing some characters to assume one face in one setting and another face in the other The main character, Charles Unwin, is really the only fully consistent personality throughout but, frankly, this also makes him the most milquetoast character of the bunch And when your main character is dull, well, it takes an outstanding writer to lift the story up from the doldrums Unfortunately the writerly chops aren t quite enough to raise the water level, as it were, to flood stage Still, this is an enjoyable read The strange mixture of hard boiled detective and magical realism is a new twist on two old themes, and no one can accuse the author of being unoriginal in this way Inject a lot pizzazz into Charles Unwin both in his voice and in his motivations and a little into the others except for Emily, whom I thought was great and this would become a four star review very quickly. When I was in my mid teens, one of my friends was rather obsessed with Film capital intended I watched a lot of movies that year, most of which I could tell you little about Brazil remains completely hazy in my memory, only a single screen shot of a greyscale monolith interior, a voice echoing thinly off the bare walls, clear in my memory Try as I might, I couldn t get rid of that image while reading The Manual of Detection Of course, I have to say, but some of it is equally off topic, and there are pictures of art and such, so it really doesn t belong on a serious, on topic review site such as Goodreads So you ll find it at Da tempo non leggevo un libro cos divertente e appassionante allo stesso tempo E un mistery, ma anche un romanzo umoristico e grottesco, un onirico rompicapo con echi di Kafka, di Chandler, di Borges, del cinema di Tim Burton, di Terry Gilliam, di Orson Wells, dei freaks di Tod Browning e del mondo dei fumetti Esordio interessantissimo solo pochi racconti, prima di questo libro, inediti in italia di un giovane scrittore americano dall umorismo molto british e da una splendida capacit visionaria Lo consiglio caldamente. Principi di investigazione onirica Fece un passo indietro Quella poltrona gli sarebbe saltata addosso se lui gliene avesse dato l occasione, l avrebbe divorato Se solo avesse potuto chiamarla per nome, pens , forse l avrebbe ammansita Oppure avrebbe potuto aprire l ombrello e proteggersi da quella vista ma purtroppo l ombrello l aveva dato a Edwin Moore.Una storia straordinaria, ricca di riferimenti e aneddoti, si sviluppa con una trama labirintica, geniale e ingegnosa e un racconto tra il fantasy e il noir che si rivela irresistibile e magico dall inizio alla fine Si ride, si sogna e ci si perde in questo libro, soprattutto ci si meraviglia non con Kafka n con O Brien, semplicemente in modo unico con Jedediah Berry. So, imagine you trip fall down Alice s rabbit hole, tumbling past dreamscapes spooky carnival sideshows before landing with a thump in a smoky jazz bar filled with pajama clad characters from Inception The Maltese Falcon Don t fail to notice the shadow of someone from Minority Report lurking in the deepest shadow See it Right by the deep green poster with an all seeing golden eye Feeling disoriented sore from your fall, you head directly for the bar Bartender Thursday Next suggests you try the Drink Me special begins mixing it before you even open your mouth to speak Into the shaker, she pours Magritte s umbrellasCol Mustard in the kitchen with a gunA decoder ring from a Cracker Jack boxElephant dreamsA ticking alarm clockAnd a healthy shot of rainWith a flick of the wrist, Thursday shakes, then pours your drink over cubes of red leaves before adding a garnish of phonograph record speared on a freshly sharpened pencil She yawns slides your drink across the bar Fog is fingering its way out over the rim as you raise the glass in a toast to clerks, typewriters, biloquists You down the drink in one swallow while simultaneously tossing it over your left shoulder into the harbor, trailing a stretch of typewriter ribbon as it sinks below the surf.Thirsty yet If so, crack open the emerald cover of The Manual of Detection fall right in. In an unnamed city which has certain resemblances to early 20th century New York, many matters are regulated by the Agency, a large, somewhat Kafkaesque organization whose hierarchy runs, in descending order Watchers, Detectives, Clerks, Under Clerks There s not much direct communication between the members of these four strata Charles Unwin is the clerk whose responsibility it is to formalize, index and file the case reports of Detective Travis Sivart, the city s most prominent detective One day he is abruptly informed that he has been promoted to fill the shoes of Sivart, who has gone missing, and is given a copy of the eponymous Manual of Detection to guide him Plucking up all his courage, he goes to see the watcher who has made this appointment, hoping to persuade him it has all been a mistake and to restore the status quo, but by the time he gets there the man has been murdered and soon thereafter Unwin finds himself framed for that crime He spends most of the rest of the book in quest of the elusive Sivart, discovering along the way that there were flaws in the solutions of several of Sivart s most celebrated cases, and that some of the supervillains with whom Sivart has vied are perhaps not what they ve seemed In particular, Unwin learns that the standard edition of The Manual of Detection is missing a chapter, the one on oneiric detection detection through dreams Thus, while much of the novel s action takes place in mundane reality or, at least, the version of it which the author presents to us as reality , there s also much that goes on within dreams, and within dreams that are themselves within dreams, and so on to the extent that it can be hard on occasion for the reader or at least this reader to work out which layer of derived reality is the one currently involved This is the aspect of Berry s novel that I liked In a way the novel s like an expanded account of a dream while the phantasmagoric nature of the events sometimes captivated me, there were also quite a few occasions when it occurred to me that there s a very good reason why people are generally discouraged from telling others about their dreams It also means that throughout the text there s the sense that nothing that goes on, are the people participating, are of any consequence there s no passion in the writing, and cannot be, with the result that it s pretty hard to muster any passion for the reading, either By the halfway mark I was finding proceedings tedious I was also finding it hard to remember, each time I picked the book up, what had been happening when I d broken of by three quarters of the way through I was, alas, beginning to keep count of the pages left to go This alienation from the events of the text is unfortunately bolstered by the book s other major influence if I can use that term loosely surrealism, most especially the surrealism of Rene Magritte just to make sure we catch this, the title page bears a Magritte style hat It crossed my mind at one point that this book might be an exercise along the lines of the detective novel Magritte might have written while I dismissed the notion immediately, it nevertheless did capture something of the feel of the text The trouble is that the great delight of Magritte s paintings is that they portray a world that by definition we can t enter they re windows onto a dreamlike place of beautiful, consciousness enflaming fantastication If you re asked to step through the window and into that world, much of its magic ebbs because of your presence especially if your presence is prolonged to fill 278 pages I d been looking forward acutely to The Manual of Detection it sounded to be right up my street and the book s excellent, imaginative design enhanced this expectation and must confess to being very disappointed I was impressed by much in it, not least the author s first rate imagination, and I ll be looking out for further books by Berry but this one just didn t do it for me. (FREE EPUB) ⚢ The Manual of Detection ã In This Tightly Plotted Yet Mind Expanding Debut Novel, An Unlikely Detective, Armed Only With An Umbrella And A Singular Handbook, Must Untangle A String Of Crimes Committed In And Through People S Dreams In An Unnamed City Always Slick With Rain, Charles Unwin Toils As A Clerk At A Huge, Imperious Detective Agency All He Knows About Solving Mysteries Comes From The Reports He S Filed For The Illustrious Detective Travis Sivart When Sivart Goes Missing And His Supervisor Turns Up Murdered, Unwin Is Suddenly Promoted To Detective, A Rank For Which He Lacks Both The Skills And The Stomach His Only Guidance Comes From His New Assistant, Who Would Be Perfect If She Weren T So Sleepy, And From The Pithy Yet Profound Manual Of Detection Think The Art Of War As Told To Damon Runyon Unwin Mounts His Search For Sivart, But Is Soon Framed For Murder, Pursued By Goons And Gunmen, And Confounded By The Infamous Femme Fatale Cleo Greenwood Meanwhile, Strange And Troubling Questions Proliferate Why Does The Mummy At The Municipal Museum Have Modern Day Dental Work Where Have All The City S Alarm Clocks Gone Why Is Unwin S Copy Of The Manual Missing Chapter When He Discovers That Sivart S Greatest Cases Including The Three Deaths Of Colonel Baker And The Man Who Stole November Th Were Solved Incorrectly, Unwin Must Enter The Dreams Of A Murdered Man And Face A Criminal Mastermind Bent On Total Control Of A Slumbering City The Manual Of Detection Will Draw Comparison To Every Work Of Imaginative Fiction That Ever Blew A Reader S Mind From Carlos Ruiz Zaf N To Jorge Luis Borges, From The Big Sleep To The Yiddish Policeman S Union But, Ultimately, It Defies Comparison It Is A Brilliantly Conceived, Meticulously Realized Novel That Will Change What You Think About How You Think Una detective story, ambientata in un mondo simile al nostro, ma con elementi fantastici.Ritmo vivace, vari colpi di scena, molta azione ed un po di umorismo e sicuramente una lettura di intrattenimento appassionante, se non si dei patiti di realismo e se si accettano certe assurdit giustificate per dall ambientazione onirica di parte del racconto.Ci sono per anche alcuni difetti in primis, i personaggi sono un po scialbi e poi, il finale l ho trovato proprio deludente.Nonostante i vari colpi di scena, e l indubbia inventiva, c un non so che di banale io gi avevo intuito, nella prima parte della storia, parte dei retroscena che dovrebbero sorprendere, una volta scoperti, ed invece no.Per comunque un romanzo ideale da leggere quando si vuole qualcosa di poco impegnativo ma che non sia piatto.