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Boooring (((Free Epub))) ↞ Song Of Unmaking ☠ Striving To Save The Aurelian Empire, Valeria Reached For Too Much Power Too Quickly And A Darkness Has Rooted Inside Her Unable To Confess The Truth, Valeria Turns To Kerrec, Her Former Mentor, One Of The Elite Riders From The Mountain, Home Of The Gods But Kerrec, Too, Is Deeply Wounded And His Darkness May Be Even Deeper Than Hers And He Is Refusing To Face It Until His Weakness Nearly Destroys The Riders And Their Immortal White StallionsAs Kerrec Is Sent From The Mountain On A Desperate Quest For Healing, Valeria Is Forbidden To Follow But Compelled By A Power She Cannot Understand And Encouraged By Her Own Stallion, She Shadows Kerrec On A Perilous MissionThe Patterns Of Deception And Secrets Have Been Woven, The Threats Of War And Unrest Spread Throughout The Land, The Barbarian Hordes Return And Once It Is Valeria And Kerrec Who Must Gather Their Strength And Their Wounded Magic To Protect All That They Believe InBut Who Will Believe In Them I enjoyed the first book in this series much, muchthan this followup The first book grabbed me and enchanted me The horse characters in that book were muchcentral to the story I ts clear Ms Brennan knows, loves, and communicates with her own horses They are magical, and the relationships in the first book are outstanding.This book was muchabout the human characters with much less horse More war.It was like being on a ride in a familiar setting, opting to take a new and different path, and finding it dark and uninteresting. Like my previous read, The Dawn Star, Song of Unmaking started out slowly and I was worried that I was going to struggle to read it It seemed to suffer from that danger that strikes a second book lack of new action andconsolidation than story I was happy to be proved wrong.The beginning shows both Kerrec and Valeria being typically stubborn and refusing to let anyone know they are still damaged from the events of the first book.Once that is revealed the action really begins, as Kerrec is exiled from the Mountain and Valeria follows him From there they find themselves still inextricably linked to the fate of the world and now Kerrec s sister Briana has been pulled in as well, linked to the horse gods as well as the empire as the emperor s heir.I particularly liked the parallels drawn between Kerrec and Briana, bith called to duty by both the empire and the Mountain Before this, each thought they had to choose one or the other, where now it becomes clear that each is both and they must work together For Kerrec the Mountain s call is stronger and he will be a rider, but he still has a destiny and duty to the empire as well For Briana it is the reverse, her greatest call is to the empire and she will be Empress, but she is still called to the Mountain and accompanied now by one of the Ladies of the horse gods Each has their own place, but each needs to accept the other part of their destiny and their best change to salvage the future is together.As for Valeria, again she finds that she really isthan just a Rider but she begins to realise that raw power isn t enough and she still has much to learn for both her and Sabata to come into their power.Her relationship with Kerrec is almost non existent at the beginning of the book following the damage he suffered and the darkness she carries It slowly builds and changes and is something strong by the end, which was lovely to see.The visit to Valeria s family at the end was a treat, even if the reason why was sad, and I hope we seeof all of them as the series continues.I m glad I have book three on order and I m lookikng forward toof the story I did read somewhere that the story may be going to be six volumes, so the thought that it will take at least another three years to get to the end is a little bit of a downer Copied across from Library Thing 25 September 2012 I just finished re reading thie book, having read it the first time many years ago I had forgotten how wonderful this series is, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it farnow than the first time I read it Beign a bit older andmature, I think I was able to see deeper into the characters When I read the books the first time, I remember being exasperated with the heroine Valeria I was seeing things in muchof a black vs white mentality, and blaming her for making wrong choices Now I see a lotcomplexity in her life and her choices Valeria made what choices she had to make in an imperfect world The author writes characters of such complexity that the become reality in the reader s mind This is a world that drew me in from the first page, and kept me awake through the small hours of the nigth I read Song Of Unmaking in 24 hours It simply would not let me put it down And though I hate to admit it, I shed real tears at the death of a couple beloved characters I have yet to read the 3rd book in this series, but you can be sure I will search for it The Mountain s Call Song of Unmaking are among the best books I have ever read I will admint that I am a devoted horse lover, so that may have influenced my opinion of this series Typically I am disappointed by the depictions of horses in fiction, but Caitlin Brennan got it right In her books, the horses are living breathing Gods, and anyone who has a love for horses will feel the rightness of her depictions of them I cannot recommend this book enough. This is the second book of a three book series White horses are Gods, they dance in patterns that will show the future Their riders are called and then tested to become Riders In the first book Valaria is the first female ever called She disguises herself as a boy and passes all the tests, only to be revealed as female and is told she cannot be a rider Head rider Kerrec takes her as his responsibility and his aide When this book starts, both Valaria and Kerrec are trying to recover from earlier events Kerrec leaves the mountain and Valaria follows They must attempt to save the Empire I thought the characters were well developed and likeable Their struggle to save the Empire dictated they act alone, without the assistance of the military However, they did have the help of the Gods I loved this book I m looking forward to reading the third book in this series. A world easy to immerse myself in I hadn t read Mountain s Call, and indeed, I had this story in my To Be Read pile for quite a while I was digging through the pile one day and saw it Fell in love with the cover all over again And now I ve fallen in love with the story as well It was well written, had a well rounded and thought out world, well characterized, and emotional Now I need to go pick up Mountain s Call so I can see the beginning of Valeria s story, when she answers the call to become a Rider. I truly enjoyed this book, but I found it a little long the end, while enjoyable, seemed to drag on and I felt it was a bit tacked onto the end The insight pyshical, rather than just telling into the culture and world of the barbarians was interesting and I enjoyed that Rhodey was also a wonderful character, probably my favourite it was nice to have a normal guy in there amongst the abnormal, spectacular ones. I couldn t get the first book of the trilogy on the reader, so I started here While it was obvious that there was a previous book, it didn t detract from the story A good job of making both sides of the conflict sympathetic Loved the horses Reading the third book now, have the first on order from the library. This is one of the best series I have ever read I ve read this book twice and it was just as good the second time I highly recommend this series for readers who enjoy this genre.