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Ariadne Andy McAllister is a stuntwoman in a family filled with stunt actors After finishing up a grueling film, all Andy wants is to go on vacation somewhere she can lay out and have sex on the beach literally and figuratively Unfortunately, her family has a different idea of how she should spend her vacation It seems her aunt also a stuntwoman went on a ladies retreat some time ago and never returned Further, a rich guest just met with her untimely death, and everyone is worried that something has happened to Andy s aunt Andy s family insists that she go undercover to the retreat and try to find out what happened to her aunt.Dillon Roth is recovering from a crippling accident when he is sent to Terra Bliss, a women only retreat His task is to go undercover as a ladies attendant or slave, as the women like to call them and investigate the death of a rich guest Dillon is assigned to be Andy s attendant Together they discover that there s a mutual attraction but neither is who they say they are.Who Wants to be a Sex Goddess is like cotton candy for the brain it s good in the moment but upon reflection it lacks substance The book is very silly the jams Andy gets herself in are reminiscent of an I Love Lucy episode Keeping in mind the cotton candy analogy, however, it s entirely possible to enjoy this book for what it is fun, frothy entertainment Gemma Bruce is the pseudonym of a popular mystery writer, but here the mystery takes a backseat to the hot and steamy romance between Andy and Dillon The question of Andy s aunt s disappearance is well done, though not particularly mysterious Overall, Who Wants to be a Sex Goddess is candy for the brain if your brain deserves a candy break, this would be a great book to treat it with.Originally posted on Curledup.com Cute little mystery I liked the characters Would have liked plot development, but with the title of the book being what it was If you expect cheesy and fun, but not amazing writing then you ll have fun with it. A 91 year old lady from my church lent me this book, so I was a little surprised by all the truly graphic sex scenes Frankly, I m pretty embarrassed that people will know I ve read this, but it s so bad I felt a social obligation to warn otherson the other hand, the fact that the names of the characters in the book don t match their names on the jacket description should be warning enough.run away This was quick and the idea was fun I will probably read of hers just to see what else she can do I loved the characters and that the womean was completely able and not your typical tragic story in need of a man to rescue her. hahaha not a how to book, but a murder mystery chosen for our book club by the husband of one of our members very steamy This was awful OK, but I read the whole thing anyway I was stuck on an airplane |Free Kindle ☩ Who Wants To Be a Sex Goddess? ⚔ Rub Me Down, Love Me Up Sex Guru Dr Fiona Bliss Runs A For Women Only Spa Where Ladies Unleash Their Inner Goddess, Basking Like Aphrodite In Flowing Robes While Buff Men Cater To Their Every Need But Stuntwoman Andy McAllister Doesn T Have Time For A Massage Not When Her Eccentric Aunt Matilda Has Disappeared Into BlisslandDisguising Herself As A Rich, Mousy Client, Andy Runs Straight Into PI Dillon Roth, Who S Undercover Himself, Investigating The Untimely Death Of A Spa Guest Fall In Love With The Guy She Could Do That In A HeartbeatGet Ready For World Class Backstabbing, Radical Romance, And Hilarious Bitchery And When The Investigation Heats Up, Andy And Dillon Are Ready For Sheet Scorching Fun This book was fun to read mmm, single title erotic romance is leaving me cold Contrived plot Uninteresting characters.