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A very educative book on the dating scene. The book feels rushed in some chapters Just enough to give you the impression its a work of fiction Nevertheless, Milly seems to have really loved this man. WOW this is such a good book, reading it can make a difference in my life wonderfully narrated stories This has to be one of the best books i read while growing up A single read just didn t cut it Got me hoooked from the beginning. re reading (FREE BOOK) ¹ My Life with a Criminal: Milly's Story (Heinemann Frontline Series) Ù John Kiriamiti S Best Selling Novel My Life In Crime Has Become A Classic Here Milly, His Girlfriend, Tells The Poignant Story Of Her Life With The Bank Robber They Were In Love, And He Was Gentle, Kind And Considerate But After She Moved In With Him, She Discovered His Double Life She Remained Devoted, But The Stress Of His Life Bore Its Toll, And Finally They Parted This Sequel Novel Is Also A Bestseller In Kenya We d sneak this book into class and read the hell out of it in between an exercise book Heck, we even fought over who was next in line as the administration would, in retrospect , allow as few copies as possible to sneak through Oh, banned books, that s how you get kids to read, ban good literature