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This book is difficult to find because the title is too similar to many other mystery anthologies that Mike Ashley has edited over the years The cover art even appears on a book called The Mammoth Book of More Historical Whodunnits but I took time to make sure this is the correct book before reviewing it.There are 22 short stories in this collection I ve found that has been the case with most of the Ashley edited mystery anthologies that I ve read before Five of the stories are set in ancient Rome though all during the Imperial period The rest of the stories are in the Middle Ages into the Age of Discovery going by European categories All but two stories take place in Europe while A Moon for Columbus by Edward D Hoch takes place on the ocean and And All That He Calls Family by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer is set in Constantinople modern day Turkey.Because of the time periods covered, these mysterious are a matter of observation and interview, not science though some attempts at a rough scientific idea is applied in a few If you really want lab scenes that are part of modern mystery solving, you won t find them here.For me, this was a mixed bag in terms of stories that kept my attention Isn t the case for most anthologies Very enjoyable collection of stories overall, although I would have preferred perhapsstories set in Roman times or post Elizabethan England There were quite a few stories set during the Dark Ages and the Crusades, eras which I have very little interest in.My favourite stories in this anthology are probably The Last Legion by Richard Butler, telling of the last crime before the Romans sailed away from Britain, and Flibbertigibbet by Paul Finch, featuring a Jack the Ripper in Elizabethan times Finch really captured the grittiness and heavy, oppressive feeling of danger hanging the detective as he investigated the treacherous streets where the desperately poor live. I enjoy these big collections because there s usually a wide variety in the stories.But now I m going to admit I didn t read all the stories in this book Medieval blasted England I am so very, very sick of medieval damn England If you put together all the characters in the mystery novels and short stories set in medieval England, they would outnumber the people who were actually there I ve enjoyed my share, but it seemed like half the stories in this book are set in medieval England There are other time periods and other countries, people Proved by other stories in the book we have some ancient world Rome is starting to become overpopulated by detectives, too and some later time periods the story of Christopher Columbus, Navy Detective seemed to end a bit abruptly.But still, not enough variety I went out of my way to find a copy of this book It was a disappointment Unless, of course, you re really into medieval England. As with all anthologies it was a mix of the good, the bad and the average but with a definite bias towards the good Some of the authors I knew, some I was happy to learn about It did add a number of new entries on my to read list so in this aspect this anthology has been a success and it made me interested in other mammoth books by this author. This wasn t what I thought it was going to be and really wasn t my cup of tea I don t much care for this type of story Most of them fit too nicely into a template of shorts Mystery is presented Seems impossible Investigator guy does one clever thing Then solves it with a tidy summary. I like murder mysteries, and I like history, so this collection of short fiction was a fun read the last two stories, however, were lacking in something to me Either I couldn t comprehend the scenery well in The Vasty Deep by Peter T Garrat, or the pacing felt off in A Taste For Burning by Marilyn Todd. .FREE PDF ☩ The Mammoth Book of More Historical Whodunnits ☦ Three Dozen Mystery Writers Among Them Elizabeth Peters, Edward D Hoch, Tom Holt, Margaret Frazer, Susanna Gregory, Derek Wilson, Marilyn Todd, And Michael Jecks Contrive Deadly Conundrums In The Original Stories Commissioned Especially For The Volume Its Chilling, Suspenseful Pages Include Lethal Doings In Old Byzantium, The Case Of A Serial Killer Loose In Elizabethan London, And Terror In Celtic Wales, While Inexplicable Killings In Medieval Sherwood Forest Make Sleuths Of Robin Hood And Maid Marion And A Perplexing Murder In Ancient Rome Turns The Orator Quintilian Into Perry Mason Readers Of The Immensely Popular First Mammoth Book Of Historical Whodunnits Will Welcome Back Steven Saylor S Gordianus The Finder And His Occasional Employer, The Lawyer Cicero In A Story Never Collected Before In Book Form , Peter Tremayne S Sister Fidelma In Medieval Ireland, And Mary Reed And Eric Mayer S John The Eunuch, The Emperor Justinian S Lord Chamberlain Edward Hoch, Keith Taylor, And Cherith Baldry Also Turn Such Familiar Historical Figures As Christopher Columbus, John De Mandeville, And Geoffrey Chaucer Into Detectives In This New Mammoth Collection Of Historical Mysteries Mystery short stories from Roman to Elizabethan times Gave this up as a waiting room book and finished it off Enjoyed all but the last few, set in medieval and elizabethan times, which seemed less well written andgothic romance ish. I started this earlier but just finished it over the weekend It s a collection of historical mystery short stories Overall, I liked the book a lot with a few stories here and there that I wasn t overly found of It s a great introduction to historical mysteries. Not as good as the third one, but still entertaining.