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Collection of short stories all about or by Vietnamese Topics and writing styles vary Very interesting look into aspects of Vietnamese culture. This collections of short stories by Vietnamese authors was recommended by the organizers of the trip I ll be taking to the area later this year The stories give the readers a glimpse of Vietnam through the eyes of a multitude of different characters, in different places, and during different eras The writing is literary in feel, which was not unexpected The stories all describe a culture that is rich in history and focused on family I m really looking forward to my trip @Free Ebook ¹ Vietnam: A Traveler's Literary Companion Ç Since Relations Between The US And Vietnam Have Normalized, Many People Are Traveling To This Exotic Country, Previously Closed To A Generation Of Western Visitors Vietnam Provides One Of The First Chances For Americans To Know The Vietnamese Outside The Context Of War Vietnamese Have Been Telling Stories For Thousands Of Years, In Poetry And In Song, In Chinese Script And Then In Vietnamese N M, And Recently, In Novels And Short Stories These Stories, From Contemporary Vietnamese Writers Living In Vietnam And Abroad, Take The Literary Traveler To Extraordinary Places From The Jungle Clad Mountain Ranges Of The North To The Mysterious Silence Of The Old Capital Along The Perfume River Proximity Of The Spirit World, Love Of Family, Exhaustion From War, One S Confucian, Taoist, And Buddhist Obligations, Social Protest, And The Hunger For A Better Life These Are Some Of The Concerns To Be Encountered In These Thrilling Landscapes Contributors Include Nguyen Huy Thiep, Linh Bao, Nguyen Ba Trac, Thich Duc Thien, Ho Anh Thai, Le Minh Khue, Doan Quoc Sy, Vu Bao, Duong Thu Huong, Andrew Q Lam, Nguyen Qui Duc, Qui The, Bao Ninh, And Pham Thi Hoai The stories here are full of atmosphere, containing some gems of characters and language Each one brings in a different perspective and a slightly different take on location, so there s a great variety within the book, even with the focus on Vietnam and Vietnamese authors The most powerful pieces are actually the ones that have less of a concentration on physical place, though, as these tend to be the stories that evolve with attention to complex characters within the larger social or political scheme of things.All together, though, this is a step away from the average collection, and certainly something of a trip in itself I d recommend it to interested readers, and I ll certainly be looking up books in the Traveler s Literary Companion series. This is a collection of Vietnamese short stories from famous native authors The rhythm of many of the stories is different than Western writing, so one story I just couldn t parse Most, though, were interesting and allowed another glimpse into a fascinating country. I really liked this book of short stories, some very touching and felt closer to the country than through most of the other books I have read Definitely recommend it for folks living or traveling in Vietnam. I can t say that I liked all the stories, but it did give me some insight to the culture of the Vietnamese I will be visiting Vietnam in a few months and look forward to meeting the people and seeing their country. A short story collection by Vietnamese authors folk tales, poetry, ancient tales and modern narratives. Collection of short stories by contemporary Vietnamese writers Some are okay Some are straight up strange and experimental. Read for my Vietnam Travel Seminar I didn t love all of the stories in this collection, and don t feel that many of them tell me much about the place which is something I would expect out of a traveler s literary companion I actually did try to read this while traveling through Vietnam, but found I didn t have enough time What s , the book is missing some of the places I traveled to and has some odd, generalized categories like rivers and jungles The jungle category kind of makes sense, as this is a defining feature of the country, but I would have preferred to see region specific stories instead of very vague ones in this kind of collection.Despite my issue with the anthology itself, a majority of the stories are excellent and engaging, and I would highly recommend them as great examples of Vietnamese writers, just don t expect to travel while reading them.