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3.5 stars I am a big fan of Mike Resnick and have enjoyed the first four installments of the Starship series This installment gets 3.5 stars in part because it suffers in comparison to Starship Pirate and Starship Mercenary which I liked a bit than this entry That said, this is still among the best military SF series that I have read with a terrific main character I would also point out that I listened to the audiobook of this story done by Jonathan Davies who has done all of the books in this series and he does a great job as narrator. I m going to write one review for this entire seriesThe Starship series premise had me interested Set well into the future when mankind is at war with the Teroni Federation, one naval officer finds reason to mutiny hence, the first book, Starship Mutiny Over time he becomes a pirate book two Starship Pirate , a mercenary book three Starship Mercenary , then rebels formally against the human government book four Starship Rebel and finally takes on the humans directly book five Starship Flagship.Sadly, the execution was nowhere near as good as the premise The conceits are many most of the books are made up almost entirely of the main character explaining lecturing, really to all of the rest of the characters why is doing, or did, whatever it is he s doing, or has done None of the character possess remotely enough intelligence to compete with the blowhard main character who was so over the top arrogant and annoying I kept hoping he d get killed off Often, the characters are repeating almost word for word things they ve said previously or in the prior books particularly about the fighting prowess of one character Then, there s the references to humans as Man complete with the capital M I thought that kind of sexism was over when Star Trek switched from where no man has gone before to no one.The final struggle against the human government suffers from an unbelievable, and stupid, deus ex machina, required for the main characters to triumph, but not without first some lecturing to the other characters, always too dumb to understand his big plans The bad guys are no better, always doing EXACTLY what the main character predicts they will.Don t waste your time with this series. Starship Rebel was an okay book, certainly not great Maybe if I hadn t seen so many episodes of Star Trek and hadn t been reading science fiction for 40 years, I might have enjoyed it However, the SF tropes seemed tired and worn out here The characters are one dimensional and the plot is very predictable Most of them survive where no human should survive Now, onto my review of the audio production I loved Jonathan Davis narration of The Windup Girl He s got a voice that reminds me of William Shatner s documentary narrations from the Sixties and Seventies Say what you will about Shatner s acting, he had the perfect narrator voice With Starship Rebel, Davis faced a pretty large problem that didn t get handled well Resnick used an awful lot of dialogue indicators in this book Davis does a great job of giving each character his or her own voice, then has to use his regular voice to say he said or she replied On top of that, Resnick feels the need to add the dreaded adverbs to his he saids I may have been able to overlook it in text, but it was just distracting. VOTO ALL INTERO CICLO 3,4Il ciclo Starship di Mike Resnick una space opera militare che fa il verso ad opere certamente pi autorevoli e qualitativamente migliori non affatto eccelsa, ma dalla sua ha una lettura estremamente semplice forse fin troppo e il dono della sintesi.Insomma, un qualcosa da leggere nel pieno della rilassatezza, senza pretendere troppo I 3 libri centrali senza sono senza dubbio i pi divertenti, mentre il primo volume fin troppo arronzato, per i miei gusti, mentre il capitolo conclusivo ha un epilogo da top paraculata.Insomma, consigliato a chi ama la space opera militare e non ha niente di meglio da leggere sottomano. William Cole finally decides to take on the Navy that trained him, attempting to end their abuses on the Inner Frontier This novel is the story of his arc from respectable, gritty rogue to admirable hero I love this book beginning to end My favorite of the series to date.On the re read in 2013, I don t think I liked it as well as books 2 and 3 as it strains credulity a bit, but still, the inspirational ending wins me over completely This is just a great series and I m glad I reread it.2015 The kids continue to enjoy this series to the point where we re reading it much faster than we do most books. I bought and devoured the first 3 books in the series when they were initially released Then I stopped since they only came in hardback Now, picking up the fourth, I look at this Space Opera like tale and see far too many holes as the space travel makes little of Light Years, Parsecs, the ability to navigate The heroes seem to be able to get around in hours, while the enemy, the Republic with 3 Million ships, and of course 3 million officers who can navigate, can t get around anywhere near as quickly They need a week to figure out vectors and courses where our heroes can decide in a minute how to get someplace.Then what really sinks this story is the banter The main protagonist banters all the time, with all the other characters So much that half the book is meaningless words that do not advance story, theme or plot Resnick has a lot of awards Not for this series though, and one can see why in the writing If Book 5, the final book, is available for a penny, I may get it Based on book 4, it is not a read that it is at all engaging. |Free ♉ Starship: Rebel ♷ The Date Is Of The Galactic Era, Almost Three Thousand Years From Now The Republic, Dominated By The Human Race, Is In The Midst Of An All Out War With The Teroni Federation Almost A Year Has Passed Since The Events Of Starship Mercenary Captain Wilson Cole Now Commands A Fleet Of Almost Fifty Ships, And He Has Become The Single Greatest Military Force On The Inner Frontier With One Exception The Republic Still Comes And Goes As It Pleases, Taking What It Wants, Conscripting Men, And Extorting Taxes, Even Though The Frontier Worlds Receive Nothing In Exchange And, Of Course, The Government Still Wants Wilson Cole And The Starship Theodore Roosevelt He Has No Interest In Confronting Such An Overwhelming Force, And Constantly Steers Clear Of Them Then An Incident Occurs That Changes Everything, And Cole Declares War On The Republic Outnumbered And Always Outgunned, His Fleet Is No Match For The Republic S Millions Of Military Vessels, Even After He Forges Alliances With The Warlords He Previously Hunted Down It S A Hopeless Causebut That S Just What Wilson Cole And The Teddy R Are Best At 4 in the Starship series It s 1969 Galactic Era and this exciting, sometimes humorous, series has been set into author Resnick s Birthright Universe His novels and stories span an 18,000 stretch of future history I haven t ventured into the rest of the Universe but the 5 year span of this series makes for good exciting military science fiction.Starship series Almost a year has passed since the events of Starship Mercenary Captain Wilson Cole now commands a fleet of almost fifty ships, and he has become the single greatest military force on the Inner Frontier With one exception The Republic still comes and goes as it pleases, taking what it wants, conscripting men, and extorting taxes, even though the Frontier worlds receive nothing in exchange And, of course, the government still wants Wilson Cole and the starship Theodore Roosevelt He has no interest in confronting such an overwhelming force, and constantly steers clear of them Then an incident occurs that changes everything, and Cole declares war on the Republic Outnumbered and always outgunned, his fleet is no match for the Republic s millions of military vessels, even after he forges alliances with the warlords he previously hunted down It s a hopeless causebut that s just what Wilson Cole and the Teddy R are best at. The Starship series feels and like a popcorn space adventure Though not quite as operatic nor fully developed as some yet still thoroughly enjoyable All too often it feels like my mind is eating a PPJ sammich as opposed to a well prepared medium rare Top Sirloin Which all in all isn t necessarily a bad thing if a fast paced, easy to read quickie is what you want with little to no actual substance Hell, the page count is only 230 pages and Resnick s writing is so easy to read you ll be finished by day s end And you wont be disappointed Resnick comes straight out of left field with the 4th installment of Starhip Rebel and into an all out rebellion against the republic Be warned, in the opening 70 pages of this things go dark very fast and change the entire outlook of the series It is riveting at times when its not jarring from the emotional turmoil and transitions from scene to scene Rebel entertained me when it didn t make me scratch my head at Cole s logic, which at first i thought was kind of endearing but now like a long term relationship i find it to be damned annoying If i do have some complaintsits that the character s dialogue which in the earlier books was witty, funny, and defining has now gone a wee bit stale and derivative of it self All too often you find phrases like give me such and such number of her and i can take over the galaxy no wonder the republic hates you, you make too much sense a captain never leaves the ship in enemy territory all of these crop up several times in each book At first i thought it was a funny running joke, i stopped laughing when it was main characters who were the repeaters to other main characters who virtually hear it all the time Another complaint is the writing of the author himself I don t really know what to make of his writing style, how he chooses to paint his universe is his own thing but its the way brushes he uses that baffle me Its only in the last 2 books, Mercenary and Rebel that i realized he starts to use fore shadowing techniques like little did he know and concluded that it just doesn t work The to and voice of the books just do not lend themselves to be spoken in little did he knows Te first machinations of this appear pretty early on in the series which is fine, but specifically with Rebel they make up a good half of chapter ends All worded differently of course but at the end of the day all it amounts to is little did he know which instantly pulled me out of whatever chapter cliffhanger climax of each scene amounted too Frustrating The last and biggest complaint i have with Rebel is the logic of Herr Wilson Cole He has a crew of 30 aboard the Theodore Roosevelt All ex military and exceptional at their jobs Given the universe the author creates its understandable that there are three shifts when the Teddy R is out of port The captain, 1st and 2nd officers with various crew members assigned to specific functions on the bridge for the duration of each shift Some crew members are inherently going to be better at their jobs the others When each shift ends, the relieved crew members either go the mess hall for eats, or straight to their bunk for a well deserved rest The Teddy R is alive at all hours of the day, being that in space their is no night and day and you could be attacked at any given moment Now keep in mind, each member of the crew are now wanted criminals by the Republic They turned their backs on their families, loved ones and homes of their own accord for the sake and rescue of one Mutineer Wilson Cole out of some misplaced yet admirable loyalty They can never go home again.With all of this in mind, Captain Cole in this infinite wisdom has designated certain individuals who handle his bridge and gunnery stations as the A Team Whenever they fall under fire, or need codes broken, doors knocked down, boarding parties formed, or even simple enough communication trasmissions sent he calls upon them At anytime of day If they are off duty, sleeping or eating he calls them up and boots out the person who is currently manning that station He says things like no offence but so and so is the best I ve got, now git It frustrating what the hell is the point of 3 rotating shifts if you are just going to be using the same people at all times His reasoning being that they are the best at what they do and he needs the best Now, if i was one of the crewmen who sacrificed my entire LIFE that i ll never get back to save said captaini might just be a bit cross when he refuses to use any of my talents when ever the occasion arises that i may implement them by so doing feel useful Which to someone who has literally lost it all, means everything And its not JUST about the feelings, its also flawed logic If he wants the best, he just wakes up and retrieves the best But, BUT..should he fall under attack for days on end he would need to let some of his crew rest and let other take their place so that they can recharge their batteries Then he ll probably feel like he s in a pickle considering he s never used them in a fight before He s never given them any share of the the experience that he retains for his favored few So they cannot be the best, or have any hope of being the best because quite simply he is not giving them the chance to better themselves and be the best All he is doing is letting some of his crewmen atrophy into useless slogs who just keep a seat warm until he tells them to beat it for someone better than them Ugh, i really really hate reading lines like, get me christina, shes the best send Bull down to gunnery, hes the best send val down to bust heads, shes the best..just lazy lazy lazy writing Here s to hoping the last installment of the series addresses and redeems these blunders not bloody likely Cheers. Notevole questo quarto episodio dell astronave ribelle Teddy Roosvelt e del suo equipaggio.Molta azione, razze aliene a gog ed un ironia sottile che non guasta mai.Insomma un grande romanzo di quella fantascienza di cui per lungo tempo si sentita la mancanza e di cui non venogno mai pubblicati abbastanza testi.