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`Read E-pub ⚜ Lightning õ The First Time The Lightning Strikes Laura Shane Is BornThe Second Time Is Strikes The Terror Startsthough Eight Year Old Laura Is Saved By A Mysterious Stranger From The Perverted And Deadly Intentions Of A Drug Crazed Robber Throughout Her Childhood She Is Plagued By Ever Terrifying Troubles, And With Increasing Courage She Finds The Strength To Prevail Even Without The Intervention Of Her Strange Guardian But, Despite Her Success As A Novelist, And Her Happy Family Life, Laura Cannot Shake The Certainty That Powerful And Malignant Forces Are Controlling Her DestinyThen The Lightning Strikes Once And Shatters Her World The Adventure And The Terror Have Only Just Begun I first read this book when I was maybe 11 or 12 It was my very first Koontz book and it kicked off a lifelong love of Koontz As My Favorite Author For very close to 30 years On the night of Laura Shane s birth a man appears amidst an astonishing display of lightning and thunder He holds her mother s doctor hostage so the drunkard is unable to get to the hospital to deliver Laura At other key moments throughout Laura s life, when tragedy is about to strike and leave her damaged or dead, the man she dubs her guardian appears and protects her Yet in the course of the thirty years that he s protecting her he never ages.Although I confess that one of the stars in my five star rating may be due to that nearly 30 years of Koontz fandom, this is also a hell of good story My mom also raves about it to this day and she never enjoyed another Koontz book To be fair, two of those were The Vision and Whispers, both of which I hope to never cross paths with again But it s also the only book she s ever read that she might give five stars to It s a sci fi suspense with loads of fun along the way.And because I always love teaching Why I Love Koontz 101, I leave you with a quote In tragedy and despair, when an endless night seems to have fallen, hope can be found in the realization that the companion of night is not another night, that the companion of night is day, that darkness always gives way to light, and that death rules only half of creation, life the other half.Here s to another 30 years of Koontz LIGHTNING is one of my go to books It is a book I read over and over again when I find myself in a reading slumpfor a couple of reasons 1 I have read it so many times I don t have to concentrate very much to get through it againand, 2 It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling Why It has two of my book boyfriends in it What is a book boyfriend you may ask.Or may not ask but I will tell you anywaysA book boyfriend is a character I fell in love with at some point in my life I have book boyfriends, movie boyfriends, and TV boyfriends Allllllllllll which have ruined me over the years for real life men STUPID, stupid, fake boyfriendsThe worst of them all is this one who at a young age I thought I would meet the equivalent of some day SighElliot Garfield Where oh where is my Elliot Garfield Bastard anyways moving right along LIGHTNINGLightning strikes on the night Laura Shane is born Which in most cases wouldn t be all that unusualbut Laura was born in January January 1955 to be exact.and what follows each lightning strike throughout Laura s life is a gorgeous strange man Stefan who pops up in times of trouble to rescue her.Pretend book boyfriend 1Year after year Laura escapes death..and most tragedies in her life with the help of her guardian Stefan Whether he is real or not, she is not quite sure of but when she gets older, she meets a man she knows IS real Danny.Pretend book boyfriend 2 in my youth, I pictured him as this as an adult, I picture him as thiswho coincidentally is also one of my TV boyfriend s Denny for those who watch Grey s Anatomy.Eventually she falls in love and settles into a normal life with Dannyforgetting about Stefanuntil tragedy strikes again.LIGHTNING will forever be one of my favorite books It may not be that original the similarities to The Terminator are hard to look past It may not be the most well writtenbut it will always hold a special place in my heart and I will probably read it at least 5 or 6 times in my lifetime. A shocking lightning A BUNCH OF GENRES This was the third novel that I read by Dean Koontz back in 1992.Still at that time 1992 , I read the book in a Spanish translated version since I was still in the process to be able to read on English This is another great novel of Dean Koontz that merges a lot of genresnot only horror thriller that it s what you expect when reading a Koontz s bookbut also fascinating concepts of science fiction, along with elements of military, espionage and romance too FLASHIN LIFE Meet Laura Shane.Since she was born till she is a already grown up woman.During all her life, she has been watched by a guardian angel a mysterious blond man who appears in the most desperate moments of Laura s life.Depending of your familiarity with Koontz s works, you will be able to catch some of his signature elements like the choice of Laura to become a novelist, since in many of his books, usually the protagonist, it s a writer and or an avid reader As I was commenting before, horror fans are acquainted with the name of Dean Koontz, however, this book, Lightning is also a wonderful option for fans of the science fiction genre Since I don t want to spoil much the surprises in the storyline, I prefer not to comment in detail about the events in the plot.However, if you give a chance to this book, you will realize how good is and how entertaining evolved. This novel is a combination of science fiction time travel and suspense, and the result is a book I was not be able to put down The story focused around Laura Shane Starting from birth and to adulthood around 30 I believe The other main character is Stefan A unknown guardian who keeps appearing throughout her life to save her Both are well thought out and well written characters Another character I liked in the story was Thelma Laura s childhood friend Laura goes through early life and several situations starting at her birth come up that should have hurt or even ended her life However, each time she is saved by the mysterious Stefan Who he is or why he saves her is a mystery through the first half or of the book All I will say is the Koontz did a great job adding a bit of a sci fi twist into the story This is one of my favorite all time books I first read this in middle school over 10 year ago after reading another of Koontz s books House of Thunder Since then, I have read this book several times and recommended it to fellow readers often.