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[Read Ebook] ⚸ Retro Game Dev Ý Learn To Develop Your Own Games For The Biggest Selling Home Computer Of All Time The CommodoreUsing Modern Tools, This Introductory Book Guides You Through All The Elements Required To Make Two Mini Games A Space Shooter And A Platformer, And Run Them On An Emulator Or Real C HardwareWhether You Re A Retro Enthusiast After A Nostalgia Fix, Or A Newcomer Hoping To Break Into The Games Industry, This Will Unleash Your Creativity Learn AboutAssembly Language CommodoreHardware CBM Prg Studio IDE VICE Commodore Emulator Hardware And Software Sprites SID Chip Audio Effects Sprite Character Animation Background Screen Design And Much Downloads And Discussion Forum Available At RetrogamedevPaperback B W Interior Kindle Color Interior Please Note That The Kindle Version Is Print Replica And Will NOT Work On EReaders It Will ONLY Work On Tablets, Phones, Kindle Fires, Kindle Reading Apps Etc Having programmed other 8 bit computers in the 1980s, I was expecting something with a bitdetail This book isof a follow along and use the CBM.prg Studio IDE to create an some example apps There is very little detail about the hardware registers and how to get the most out of the custom chips. This is a fine book on C64 Development It starts easy and simple, with the basics on 6502 and some specifics of the platforms, and guides you through the creation of two games one simple space shooter, and a platformer.The tutorials are very easy to follow, up to a certain point midway through the Shooter, where you have to start using the given examples to do anything It s still easy to do, but if you are trying to do the projects on your own, there s a bitwork to do.Still, it s a great intro to the C64 It doesn t enteradvanced topics, but that fine, since it s a book about the basics, and it does that really well. A short tutorial in using CBM Prog Studio to create C64 games Morris gives a high level code walkthrough of two demonstration games a space shooter, and a side scrolling platformer game assets available here.Morris did a great job, and I hope he hasbooks like this coming soon 4.5 stars.