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It's such a fun series. This was mostly just little side stories. Nothing significant really happened. But they were all fun, so that's fine. Skip this chapter

This entire book is nothing more than a giant fluff book. There is ZERO reason to read it. Nothing happens at all in the entire thing save for Mike sees her old friends. But event that is anticlimatic. I waited for this volume for so long and am so disappointed, The story makes no real progress until the last few pages then ends abruptly on a cliff hanger and proceeds to a side story chapter, This volume also has various side stories mixed in at different parts that honestly no one cares about as they contribute nothing to the story to the point of barely even being able to be called filler and are just fluff to take up pages. I really like this story and want to read what happens as it advances but with the wait between issues and then issues that don't advance the story at all it makes me hesitant to continue. I will however give the series a little longer to pick up but you could probably skip this volume entirely and miss very little. This series started out well. The premise is entertaining, and the initial volumes were charming. However, the author has written herself into a corner by allowing the characters' abilities to inflate. As of v.4, the protagonist can defeat elder dragons, and has magical superuser privileges, so there are no real challenges left except social ones. In v.5, the series makes the transition to situation comedy, which does not take advantage of the strengths of the series. Still loving the story

I am still interested in this story, Mile/Adele makes me laugh every time she says something outrageous as if it was the most natural thing in the world Sadly boring

My expectations were totally destroyed by this fourth book. It was messy and hard to follow the story. Hope it will get better in the next. |Free Kindle ⚑ 私、能力は平均値でって言ったよね! 5 ☥ 祝、累計万部突破!

友情、努力、勝利! なによりカワイイ!!!
今度は、マイルをめぐり『赤き誓い』と『ワンダースリー』が激突! ますます盛り上がります!


その最初の行き先は、マイルの祖国! ?

書き下ろしストーリー章も収録し、出逢いと感動がいっぱいです! Another gutbuster, but I am starting to notice it meandering aimlessly now. I still enjoy it though and would still recommend it. I'm still in. Too much padding in this one.

Too much padding wita boring "bonus stories" in this volume and not enough of the main plotline. I for one found this annoying.