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First book by this author read at the suggestion of GR friend Very good Will read Baby Angelina daughter of Melissa Jack was so moving I hope there s a sequel. It s all too much.A couple discovers they have to give up their adopted baby because the birth father did not sign away his parental rights Interesting premise Then it all falls apart.Don t worry, no spoilers here The birth father turns out to be a teenager but not any kind of teenager a dark brooding teenager But not any kind of dark brooding teenager a dark brooding teenager who doesn t get along with dogs , has a suspicious past, has gang ties and is the son of a judge But not any kind of judge a super powerful Federal judge But not any kind of super powerful Federal judge a sinister super powerful Federal judge with secrets to hide The psycho teen taunts and spooks the family with his strange behaviours, warning them that they had to keep him happy or he won t sign the papers saying things like I own you now So, the parents decide to do everything they can to save their child , start their own investigation and high octane action ensues, twists and turns and murders and intrigue and double crosses ARGH ENOUGH it was just too over the top for me. Epub ♗ Three Weeks to Say Goodbye ☲ Jack And Melissa McGuane Have Spent Years Trying To Have A Baby Finally Their Dream Has Come True With The Adoption Of Their Daughter, Angelina But Nine Months After Bringing Her Home, They Receive A Devastating Phone Call From The Adoption Agency Angelina S Birth Father, A Teenager, Never Signed Away His Parental Rights, And He Wants Her Back Worse, His Father, A Powerful Denver Judge, Wants Him To Own Up To This Responsibility And Will Use Every Advantage His Position Of Power Affords Him To Make Sure It Happens When Jack And Melissa Attempt To Handle The Situation Rationally By Meeting Face To Face With The Father And Son, It Is Immediately Apparent That There S Something Sinister About Both Of Them And That Love For Angelina Is Not The Motivation For Their Actions As Angelina S Safety Hangs In The Balance, Jack And Melissa Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Their Child A Horrifying Game Of Intimidation And Double Crosses Begins That Quickly Becomes A Death Spiral Where Absolutely No One Is Safe How Far Would You Go To Save Someone You Love I read this book in one sitting, from 8pm to midnight, even though the story wasn t really good I liked the premise, a young couple has adopted a baby, only to learn that the teenage father never signed away his parental rights The young man s father decides his son needs to own up to his responsibility, and they want the baby But there s something off about the man and his son, and the child might be in danger As I read, the danger facing the child seemed contrived Instead of working through the legal system, the adoptive parents try to buy off the kid, which doesn t work since his father is a wealthy federal judge So then they hire a crazed mountain man, the uncle of one of their best friends, as a hit man Another friend tries to dig up dirt through his network of society friends, and is later beaten to death for his involvement As it turns out, the judge is involved in a convuluted blackmail scheme with a pedophile, and the baby is part of his payoff The situation comes to a head during the exchange baby for incriminating evidence, and the adoptive father is there with his cop friends to save the day Really This is probably 3.5 stars I did like this book, the subject of it though is hard to read without getting very angry and worked up I spent most of the book feeling tense and hoping that my guesswork would be incorrect.I will be looking for by this author I so wanted to like this book I think if the characters were fleshed out a bit it would be a wonderful book It was not at all believable but I didn t care about that part I mean it s a story. I d probably bump this up to 2.5 stars, but this book just didn t work for me I loved Blue Heaven, and i think I was expecting something similar I think authors make their antagonists interesting when they have realistic but flawed or bad motives The cops in Blue Heaven were bad guys, but bad guys that grew cold and cynical and ugly over the years The bad guys in Three Weeks were justevil Evil for no particular reason except that they were, I don t know, born that way And that made the story infinitely tedious to me The writing didn t flow as easily either it just felt choppy and ungainly Jack and Melissa McGuane have adopted a baby At 9 months old, she s the love of their life, until the agency says Whoops Sorry for the screw up The teenage father didn t sign the adoption papers 18 year old Garrett, who I think is your standard teen sociopath, gets his father, a Federal Court judge, involved in this mess and he tells the McGuanes they have, you guessed it, Three Weeks To Say Goodbye to baby Angelina But of course, both the baby daddy AND his father are not what they seem cue mustache twirling evil , and Jack needs to take them down before they take away his baby In 3 weeks Hopefully without killings someone in a fit of rage and going to jail And then there s a subplot regarding Jack s job that is somewhat related, but mostly uninteresting, and I just couldn t get too attached to anyone in particular Which was too bad, because I totally wanted to But I couldn t So, blah. Based on the reviews I d read about this book, I did not have high hopes I must say I was pleasantly surprised I found it hard to put down Yes it is not a new plot, but it s well done and the characters are likablewith the exception of the few you aren t supposed to like This was my first book by C J Box and I look forward to. THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE Thriller Jack and Melissa McGuane CO Cont PoorBox, C.J StandaloneSt Martin s Minotaur, 2009, US Hardcover ISBN 9780312365721First Sentence It was Saturday morning, November 3, and the first thing I noticed when I entered my office was that my telephone message light was blinking.Jack and Melissa McGuane finally have the child they longed for having adopted Angelina nine months ago Their dream has become a nightmare as they are told the baby s father never signed away his parental rights It s not, they find, the boy who wants the child, but his father Judge John Moreland is wealthy, powerful and very connected in Denver and beyond What he wants, he generally gets, and he has the law on his side It is clear there is no way Jack and Melissa and fight Moreland within the system With the help of two of his childhood friends, they find the son runs with gang members, the Judge is not as upstanding as he appears and the combination is very dangerous.It is so frustrating when you are a fan of an author s writing, and then they disappoint Box is a very good writer His style was there the ability to draw the reader in from the beginning, increasing the tension with every step and bringing it to a dramatic climax The sense of place was strong and the dialogue worked What let me down was the plot and the characters Hackneyed and ludicrous are words that come to mind for the plot The story was so contrived and I knew where it was going every step along the way There were no surprises The characters were black or while there were no shades of gray at all They only thing that remotely saved it for me was the last chapter If you are looking for an airplane book to distract you for a few hours, this will do If you are expecting something up to Box s usual standard, I expect you will be very disappointed. Fast paced and exciting but somewhat unlikely characters and the final scene highly unlikely also the English was lacking in places Also it really annoys me when people write about babies or toddlers without ever having met one or done any research as here we have a walking talking nine month old However I finished it in a day so that s something.