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Another great book from the Sisters of Slaughter I have a soft spot for doorways into other worlds stories, so this one really grabbed me from the start There were a lot of things to like about this short, brutal horror novel, and I encourage any fan of the genre to give it a read Solid. THOSE WHO FOLLOW Bloodshot Books is the latest from Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason aka the Sisters of Slaughter After reading their debut, MAYAN BLUE Sinister Grin Press , I knew I was in for another fun and horrific ride I was right Night crawled down the walls of Whispering Creek, dragging storm clouds along with it THOSE WHO FOLLOW is a fantastically imagined horror novel that would have fit in great as a Leisure Books title I love books like this that are original without trying too hard to be different Garza and Lason know how to deliver the goods, and in THOSE WHO FOLLOW, they do so time and time again There are some great prose to go along with the originality of the story, a factor that played a part in this duo being nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for their aforementioned debut tear stained angels that would only find peace in death The story has us following a number of different characters Byron is the main antagonist and he s one loathsome son of a bitch He s a Wanderer He has the ability to walk in our world and another This is where he hides his victims at least, the ones he doesn t kill right off Unbeknownst to his wife and brother, he s been doing his wicked deeds and keeping prisoners in his church for decades But things are about to change.When Byron happens upon Celia, he thinks he s got another young one to add to his stable But Celia has a special gift, and it s one that just might bring a stop to Byron s reign of evil.I won t go into the whole story, since you want to read it for yourself If you enjoy the novels of Richard Laymon and or Bentley Little, I have a good feeling you ll dig this one, too I really enjoyed the ending Lason and Garza know how to keep you on the edge of your seat I could have done without the after ending part although it was fun , I just didn t think it was necessary That said, this is still a hell of a read.Overall, I give THOSE WHO FOLLOW 4 stars Lots of good stuff in here, and definitely worthy of your time. Twin sisters, Michelle Garza Melissa Lason made quite a splash last year with their novel, Mayan Blue Now, the Sisters of Slaughter, as they are collective known, are back with a new novel called Those Who Follow.Celia is a bit of a vagabond who is known to lose a day or a few days here and there thanks to her flask and the assortment of pills which were her constant companions.There s no doubt her confusion contributed to her circumstance in the desert Scrambling from her hiding spot, she fled, cursing her limbs that seemed atrophied with fear A walking nightmare came bearing down on her with ungodly speed The sound of the massive hound s paws tearing the dusty earth beneath it was second only to the thunderous pounding of her pulse in her ears The distance was closed in a matter of seconds and, as it leapt, she was flooded with defeat She awoke a captive in a church with a number of other women, each with a number carved into their forehead representing the year they were taken, the oldest was sixty eight, Celia was fourteen.Miles and worlds away lies Casey who is in an asylum and awakens with the number fourteen engraved on her forehead What does it all mean, who is the mysterious man who would be god holding these women captive in an abandoned church Those Who Follow features other dimensions and the ability to travel from one to another It also has one of the most bloodthirsty, villainous characters I ve seen in quite some time.It took me a bit to really embrace the story the sisters of slaughter were presenting here, but once I got up to speed I totally enjoyed the ride.A dark, violent, and challenging tale which horror fans are sure to embrace.Those Who Follow is available in both paperback and e book formats from Bloodshot Books If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it at no additional charge Also, if you are an Prime member you can read it for FREE using the Kindle Owners Lending Library.From the authors bio Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason.are twin sisters from Arizona They have been dubbed The Sisters of Slaughter They write horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy. Gritty, fun hardcore horror read This book is hard for me to review, I didn t love it, but I didn t hate it Nothing about the book kept on calling me back to finish it, but I knew I had to finish it, I wanted to see the conclusion In the end, I enjoyed this book, but I didn t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.That being said, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, otherwise known as The Sisters of Slaughter are becoming big ish names in the horror genre For good reason, I ve enjoyed everything I ve read by them Especially their short story 44 However, with this story, I m beginning to notice something That is, usually when a book is being written cooperatively the two authors are able to blend their voices Sometimes, we can see through it, other times you can tell which authors wrote this part However, one thing I noticed in this book was writing quality One of the sisters is much stronger than the other, and I really really loved those chapters The other sister seems to not have the same quality of writing Because of this, the book struggles back and forth between the two sisters Some chapters, scared me, made me feel tense, blew me away, sickened me, and drew me in Other chapters felt bland and didn t do much for me as a reader This book is good, don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, just not as much as I wanted to Anyways, this book is a hard one to explain, the best way is, there s a man who is able to travel to a secret place that he has made his home, and he kidnaps women to hold in his church to become his wives He also does awful awful things to these women In the middle of this, he kidnaps a hitchhiker and things don t go as planned This story had a fantastic set up and truly drew me in The pacing of the book felt a little bit wonky, but that s mostly because of the quality of the writing changing so drastically Overall, this was a decent horror story about an evil man who has immense power, and a mentally insane woman who has the ability to stop him If you re looking for a horror story that s exciting, thrilling, and sickening, I would recommend you check this one out.Overall The number 14 is always unlucky. The Sisters of Slaughter show their horror on a long stretch of road and a wander that leads to priest of some sort and the monster that hides inside him Twin sisters telepathically trip around in each others minds and fall into theirs own horrors One in a mental hospital the other one mixed up some weird, gruesome demonic church This book packs a mean punch of modern horror and any fan of horror will see I have a feeling we will be seeing of this villain, for now stay outta of the desert GREAT READ Unnerving Magazine ReviewThis thing opens with hitchhiking and immediately it has a slight leg up in my interest Though they didn t delve far into the act, it still brought about some nostalgic memories of my teen years when it was my only means of travel I suppose it s good that I never accepted a certain ride on a certain road that stole me from this world and plopped me down in a dark dangerous other place where one man is god and the shadow creatures reign beyond the walls of the church I wouldn t be here to write this review Those Who Follow reads as if giving an otherworldly explanation to stretches of road like the Highway of Tears the BC local stretch where dozens have gone missing over decades or ENTER ROAD NAME HERE wherever you reside It s a painful idea turned on its head and then given a doorway thanks to a single bloodline People are stolen, the women kept alive, and nobody has a clue until what s done on one side is done on the other thanks to the twin connection.This tale flows at a frantic pace, the fat trimmed entirely If it s written, it s because something is happening There s magic and lore, the scenery is an easy grab for the mind s eye, and the characters feel completely reasonable oh logic, why can t all use it The devil of this tale is something that s been done before, but fits the casting call a cruel man with an unaware wife at home, drives huge black car, and has a lair fitted with chains and a guard dog.This is a short novel that packs a good punch It s quick and fun, bloody and nasty. Fun and AddictiveA quick, fun, and fast read Feels like a an old Richard Laymon novel If you like his work, then The Sisters of Slaughter are certain to butcher you One of my favorite books of 2017. I m going to say some things in this review that are not kind If you are personally invested in these authors I myself am acquainted with Michelle Garza on Facebook , you might wanna skip this review I m tired of the community drama, but I m not about to stop reviewing I ll just delete your whining and move along with a smile still on my face Go bitch about me in private groups, like other horror aficionados I ve exhausted myself fighting this nonsensical thought that community somehow trumps quality Yes, these ladies are beloved in horror circles, and for good reason Michelle, at least I don t know Melissa whatsoever , is a sweetheart And it is because I like her that I am super critical of her output She also seems to understand that criticism is not hate, something other small press indie authors completely miss On with the review.One of these authors is not good, and that s me being as nice as possible, for me anyway There is a distinct line in the sand, so much so that I cursed every time the lesser of the two popped up on the page Can t count the number of times I said, Fuck, not her again Because, yes, it s glaringly obvious that two authors wrote this, and one of them writes well below average Now, the other author Holy shit is she good When she has an editor, like she did with this book, she shines like a diamond in a pile of offal She brings to mind horrific imagery and dark scenery She evokes strong emotions She can fucking write, son But then the other author pops in and the difference is that of scrolling through a really good, say Dean Koontz thriller one of his stellar outings, like LIGHTNING or WATCHERS , only to suddenly be thrust into a book written by someone who only has the smallest grasp of the English language Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, all of it goes to shit when the other author joins the party It almost wouldn t be so bad if they were both shitty writers But, because one of them is great, the other s subpar writing flashes like a advertisement for a roach ridden crack den located in a middle class suburb It s jarring as fuck and not fun to read.And whichever one of you uses the dialogue tag spoke , for fuck s sake, stop it Just use said This is one of those cases where trying to be different hinders readability Thanks.The editing in this book is far superior to the sisters last outing MAYAN BLUE was a clusterfuck of a grammatical minefield But you can tell that THOSE WHO FOLLOW had an editor With that being said, the book is not clean What you have leftover is the remnants of a good editor being forced to correct and not rewrite whole paragraphs Someone obviously cared enough to clean up the book, but there s only so much you can do with truly awful writing Eventually you just need to scrap the original text altogether and rebuild from scratch But that s not an option because in this case family, not community, trumps quality The story itself is okay I preferred the story of MAYAN BLUE over THOSE WHO FOLLOW, but the editing is so much better in this one that the ratings ended up the same for me.MAYAN BLUE Garbage editing with a rad story.THOSE WHO FOLLOW A cleaner yet banal experience.In summation THOSE WHO FOLLOW is a less fun outing for the Sisters of Slaughter, but a far better reading experience due to a decent editor laying hands on the book Still, there s only so much human beings can do Because, at the end of the day, you can polish a turd until it shines, but you re still left with a shiny turd I will continue reading these authors with the hopes that, one day, the good rubs off on the bad, or the good goes above and beyond and fixes the other s writing But if that happens what s the use of writing with that person to begin with Final Judgment One of these authors is getting better. `DOWNLOAD PDF ⇯ Those Who Follow ↳ A WAYFARING STRANGER Tormented By Visions Of Women Imprisoned In The Middle Of A Barren Wasteland And An Old Man With A Yellow Toothed Grin, Casey Has Been Wandering This Country S Highways Following A Song That She Believes Will Lead Her To Her Other Self A CHURCH IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Held Captive In A Desecrated Shrine, Celia Would Have Given Up Long Ago If Not For A Song That Keeps Her Hope Burning Someday She Will Escape From The Shadowy Creatures That Claw At The Windows Of The Church, The Monstrous Dog With A Taste For Human Flesh, And The Old Preacher With Inhuman Powers A BOND THAT CROSSES WORLDS Two Women Divided By Fate But Connected By Blood Will The Song Help Them Lead The Way To Each Other And Defeat The Forces Aligned Against Them Or Will They Suffer The Dreadful Fate Of THOSE WHO FOLLOW