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Wow To be honest I didn t care for Garrett much for most of the book By the end he kind of grew on me I will say the author did a fantastic job of adding realism to the story He balances out Callum perfectly Did anyone else catch the tease about a book 2 I would really love there to be another one And am I the only one who thought of 5SOS Lol ConfusingThe first part of the book was intriguing but boring, the middle of the book was hot, especially if you re into D s books, the ending was sweet but it was not meant for this type of book and didn t fit to the overall story sigh , he almost had it. [Read Epub] ☪ Game Night ♷ Small Town Kiwi Lad Callum Bradshaw Is Terrified Of Stepping Outside Of His Comfort Zone And Taking Risks He Is Struggling To Move On With Life After His Fianc Misty Abruptly Ended Their Engagement, Breaking His Heart And Bank Balance In One Go Meanwhile, He Is Left With The Stress Of Running His Fledgling Caf Business And Is Haunted Every Night By A Nightmare Poisoning His Dreams An Energising Remedy In His Life Though, Is His Friendship With Cocky Womanizer Garrick Masters Every Thursday Garrick Holds Game Night At His Swanky Apartment Where The Two Men Gamble And Booze It Up One Evening Things Take A Sexy Detour When Callum Loses A Bet And Has To Clean Garrick S Apartment Naked An Entirely Unexpected Passion Explodes Between The Two Friends And Leaves Callum Questioning His Sexuality And Aching Heart Callum Soon Realises That If He Wants To Explore These Forbidden Feelings Then He Must Tackle His Biggest Fear Taking A Risk Game Night Is A , Word Erotically Charged Tale With A HFN Ending It Is Sexy, Heartfelt And Most Definitely Filthy It Is The Opening Chapter Of A New Steamy Romantic Adventure But Can Be Read As A Standalone It Is Loaded With Hot D S Action Where Characters Do Not Always Make The Wisest Decisions Please Avoid If You Do Not Enjoy These Things Not for me Garrick is basically just a manipulative dick There s kinky and then there s being a forceful asshole Blurghh and the whole taking photos of girls he s been with to add to his PC folder collection without them knowing Gross. So glad I discovered this author After a few too many pages of M F discussions at the beginning of the book, the M M sizzle kicks in and begins to heat up until the 3 way with Tim, which gets blistering hot This is a buildup that s worth the time and effort it takes to get to I love this author s detailed accounting of everything that s happening and Menzy is now my favorite author If his other books are nearly as good as this one, I ll be back for Only a few grammatical errors keep this from being a 5 star review. TwistedLoved it, each and every page.The miracle of writing made cocky endearing and forever.Will definitely read this writer again and again. A very good readI m very bad about writing reviews but with the authors comments at the end of this book made me realize I really need to I loved this book The main characters were deliciously wonderful and wicked, which made the book a page turner I couldn t put down I so recommend this book and I can t wait for book 2. All I want for Christmas is for Garrick to get what s coming to him I didn t believe what he said at the end, and I soooo want Callum to show Garrick what a p k he is The d s stuff was hot, but Callum really needs to stick up for himself and grow as a person Very interested in a sequel for this reason.As for the book, it certainly kept me reading This is definitely not for everyone, even if you like D s Garrick is a manipulative fuck that I could barely stand for much of the book, yet he redeems himself and Callum s journey is really well described Despite some problematic things like lack of negotiation I did enjoy this book a lot Well worth a ready if you re not easily put off I really enjoyed this book This is my second book by Zane Menzy Zane doesn t write your typical m m romance Both of the books I ve read had an edge to them Many reviewers hated this book because Garrick was so manipulative I felt he was only giving Callum what he needed to find himself I think Garrick s jealousy of Tim as Callum s best mate had a lot to do with his behavior Reading one of Zane s books can be a challenge because of the dynamics between the main characters, but it s well worth the effort.