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As good as the basic idea is, this work does not deliver.It is set in Japan but the characters behave anything but Japanese The story is full of unnecessary details that choke the few relevant ones and situations end by feeling shallow. I m honestly not sure WTF I just read Most of the book is cute fluff, although some of it s weird housewife Some of it I don t understand is Takumi Japanese or white He s living in Japan and has the name Takumi which initially made me assume he was Japanese, but he s also described as blond haired and blue eyed Certainly Japanese people can and do change their hair color, but their eye color Then all of a sudden towards the end of the book there is a murder and I don t see how it could be anything other than a murder and I m all, wait, what That being said, Takumi was really fun He was cute, he was clumsy and wasn t just said to be clumsy, he was legitimately clumsy , he was uninterested in drama, he was friendly, he was caring, all in all a nice guy I liked him a lot He made up for a lot of the weirdness that was going on in the book. @DOWNLOAD PDF ⚣ The Most Eligible Bachelor õ Takumi Had Thought He Had Escaped His Mother S Match Matching Attempts When He Came Out Of The Closet After All, It S Not Easy Finding Other Gay Men In Straight Laced Tokyo That Was Until Japan Got Their Very Own Bachelor TV Show The Man They Picked For The Role A Reclusive Billionaire Who Swung Both Ways So Of Course, His Dear Mother Decided To Catch Her Recently Come Out Gay Son The Biggest Fish Of Them All Worst Of All, He Was Picked To Go On The Stupid Show And No Amount Of Whining Was Getting Him Out Of It At Least The Man Was Eye Candy, So Takumi Decided That He Was Just Going To Hang Back And Enjoy Ogling The Man While Staying Out Of All The Inevitable Drama It S Not Like Love Could Be Found On A Reality TV Show, Right , Words A Lighthearted Gay Romance With A HEA 3.5 StarsThis was a very fun take on the Premis of the Bachelor show I really enjoyed the story, it wasn t sickeningly sweet, but didn t have a lot of substance either It was a delightfully quirky romantic comedy. 3 This was such a SweetCute story I really liked adorably cute and quirky TakumiI just didn t get the blond hair and blue eyes thing I actually kind of liked this book, even though it is essentially fluff My final rating ended up around 3,5.First there were a few things that were sort of off for me Once in a while the writing was awkward Stilted Simple I didn t care for the sometimes undertone ofHousewifes are not real people.And Mori kills someone yes, you read that right, it s never specified, but something definitely happened BUT this hit just the spot in regards to a fun, light romance when ignoring the abovementioned points.Takumi is fucking adorable, and for ONCE when a MC is described as clumsy, he actually IS YAY The amount of times that Takumi falls, stumbles and generally makes himself look like a drunk toddler is through the roof, and it was FUN I liked how freaking likeable Takumi was, and I liked that he was a really decent human being.For what this book was, I liked it a lot. Somehow, this book about a reality show managed to be adorable Though this book dragged in a few places for me I m not a reality TV watcher, so some of the details got a little long winded for my taste , I spent the majority of my reading time with a big grin on my face The hero was so adorably awkward and unaware of his own appeal, and his naivety and kindness was charming It was a cute and fun read, and I ll definitely look intobooks by this author. Arghhh.This feltlike a first draft than a completed novel Everything was in short, simple and often awkward sentences that I sometimes wonder if it s supposed to mimic awkward translations from one language to another since this is set in Tokyo with Japanese characters And that s another thing I have to gripe about How is it that Taku chan is pure Japanese but has blonde hair and blue eyes I might have been convinced he dyed his hair blonde but blue eyes And Mori San has amber eyes I would have been ok if this was a first draft but I m not convinced this is full novel material Which justarghgrates on my nerves I love Delmire Hart and I know she can write fabulously so this This was NOT anywhere near her best. This one has harlequin vibe in it I don t mind with that It s quite endearing But now I know that I don t really like harem plot I found it boring. 3.5 This was a fun read The story premise was joyful and cute and charming all at once While the author could have used the reality show premise to infuse this story with lots of drama and incidents, it was surprisingly drama light in a good way think Cardeno C The one major flaw is that while this story was set in Japan, it s pretty clear that this is a Kiwi author s version understanding of Japan and what it means to be Japanese As far as flaws go, this isn t a horrible one but if I was this author s editor, I would have likely suggested they set this story in America or Australia In any case, this is a light fun read and worth checking out if you re in the mood for a drama free escape.