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This series has really got it s own character and I like that the location setting allows a range of characters to appear of varying criminal expertise, in this story quite low, but the focus is on the character development Always Dex has something interesting to dwell on, whether it be her relationship with her brother Ansell who depends on her, or with Grey who often looks after him, and in this story her sister.Because the relationships are bubbling away along with the mystery, the stories are satisfying on multiple levels The storytelling via the art is really effective, having got over some of the kinks in the artist change, and I think I ve gotten used to this version of Dex, even if she is still a bit off from the original Dex is hired to protect some shipments of coffee Affairs go minorly awry Dex uses her attitude and cleverness to save the day This fourth Stumptown volume is about as low stakes as they get, but the characters are still compelling and the vaguely noir humor is pleasant It s a quick, easy read that kind of made me want a cup of coffee. #READ KINDLE Ý Stumptown, Vol. 4 (Stumptown #4) Â Portland S Best Private Investigator Dex Parios Is Back, And This Time, The Case Is A Real Grind When She Picks Up A Simple Assignment To Escort A Package Of Highly Prized Coffee Beans, Dex Has No Idea That She S Stepping Into The Web Of The Barista Mafia And Eccentric Billionaires With No Compunction About Using Force To Get The Most Coveted Coffee Around And To Top It All Off, Her Sister Is In Town Join Eisner Award Winner Greg Rucka And Series Artist Justin Greenwood The Fuse For The The Case Of A Cup Of Joe, The Fourth Case In The Critically Acclaimed Stumptown Series I really didn t want to love this volume of Stumptown I mean it s got a plot that is so incredibly shallow make sure my super expensive coffee beans are delivered safely And really, the threats against the coffee don t move beyond that shallowness.But, it s funny And it s got great characterization, especially as we see Dex interacting with her sister The result overall is an exceedingly readable book that you just want to push straight through And I guess that s ultimately what makes a book 5 stars, if it s plot is vapid or not. Of all of Greg Rucka s various series, I think Stumptown his ongoing series about Dexadrine Dex Parios, a private eye in Portland, Oregon continues to be my favorite Owing a great deal to series like Magnum, PI, Simon Simon and The Rockford Files all influences that Rucka acknowledges the series holds my attention as much through the characters as it does the stories I want to follow whatever Dex s current case is through to the end, but I want to come back because I care about Dex, her autistic brother Ansel, their neighbor Grey, and everyone else.The series also keeps me coming back through its portrayal of Portland, almost as another major character I lived in Portland for a short time back in the 9os, and Rucka and artist Justin Greenwood completely capture what makes the city feel unique in these pages And never so than in this particular storyline, which is slightly lighter in tone than previous volumes This book focuses on Dex s attempts to protect shipments of rare coffee a particularly Portland obsession from entitled billionaires and the Barista Mafia That story is a lot of fun, contrasted with Dex dealing with the sudden arrival of her sister for an unannounced visit.The book also includes a second, shorter tale of Dex on a stakeout Told almost wordlessly, this story is a great showcase for Greenwood s talents as an artist Greenwood is the second artist to work on this series, following Matthew Southworth, who did the first two volumes Greenwood has definitely made the series his own, particularly with the stories in this volume.While I think Rucka s other current work is great, and will always have special places in my heart for his earlier comics like Queen Country and Whiteout, Stumptown is the one I most look forward to these days I wish it came out frequently, but whenever it does, it s always something to be treasured. Ruckuv Stumptown si porad drzi standard a serviruje dalsi PI story Lepsi zanrovku bych hledal tezko, snad jen Scene of Crime. Mr Weekes has shipment of coffee of the finest quality from his company named Sip come in and he wants Dex to guard it She gets a counteroffer from Mr Dove who works for Laidlaw, a businessman dealing in tech, to bring him a few ounces of that coffee without Weekes knowing As soon as she is handed the coffee she is followed by two inexperienced guys from the Barista mafia, but she loses her tail and reports everything to Weekes Dex meets with each group than once until the end when he brings everyone together for a job well done on all fronts Her sister Fuji complicates matters, but Dex handles everyone like a skilled circus juggler view spoiler Meanwhile Dex has trouble at home when Fuji drops out of nowhere wanting to stay for two weeks until she gets set up with her job Dex soon finds that Fuji has no job and is forced to stay at Dex s place After a fight Fuji leaves and is kidnapped by the two Barista mafia guys who mistake her for Dex They quickly realise their mistake, but Fuji takes advantage of their blunder to make a fast buck The next morning Dex get kidnapped by Dove and takes to Laidlaw who asks for a pound of Weekes coffee for a large amount of money Dex overpowers Dove and refuses the offer again.Dex brings everyone to her office for a quick Mexican standoff Weekes, Laidlaw, Dove and the two Barista mafia guys with Fuji She apparently gives the third shipment of coffee to Laidlaw, but it was Starbuck s coffee, the real coffee goes to Weekes, its rightful owner, and the Baristas, revealed to be two former employees of Weekes who were selling their own coffee under the table, get nothing hide spoiler Yep, I shifted my binge read from BRPD to Stumptown Why Because I ended up up with our dinner date plans being totally trashed, aka as in too much time on my hands, the television show to debut soon on ABC, and I like Rucka s work.But, I have trouble seeing this as being a better than average television show In the text pieces Rucka discusses his love for the private eye genre, while saying he s not a great mystery writer That s OK, my experience has been that some mystery writers would benefit from improving their characterization skills The other issue is that I was surprised by how long Rucka drew out some of Dex s character points I don t think a regular broadcast television audience is going to wait 1 seasons to get to some of the important points of Dex s character.It is important Dex has PTSD from her military service It is important to know the main reason she resigned her commission is to care for her younger brother because her parents and sister would not The gambling problem is pretty much put aside, as is the reservation s casino after volume one, and I d argue that s a mistake.That does not mean readers will not enjoy Dex, Grey, TRacy and Ansel The story settings are different and entertaining Northwest soccer culture, coffee subculture and snobs, I mean I was amused.Great no, this is not Whiteout or Atticus Kodiak level of Rucka good, but it is entertaining if you read all four volumes to get a better idea of who Dex, Grey and Ansel are. Bullet Review This is probably not a full 5 star read, but for sentimental value, I m rating 5 stars Sure, fighting over coffee may seem silly if you are a heathen, but if you CARE about the beans and the craft, then it s totes okay to pull a gun on a guy to steal his beans.Wait I thought last volume s soccer theme was the least interesting thing in the world, but then I find that this one is about coffee I don t drink coffee I dislike the smell of coffee I can t stand coming across someone s forgotten mug of coffee around my workplace Yuck.Given all that, Rucka manages to keep me engaged enough to look forward to the next volume I just hope it isn t about sushi or golf.