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Actual rating 4.5 5 stars.This delivered absolutely everything I hoped it would and so much It was full of absurdities, and love, and feminist bad assery, and I adored every beautifully illustrated page All those stories you have told, all those wonderful stories They are nothing to OUR STORY People will tell it in years to come And they will say, that was a story about Love.And about two brave girls who wouldn t take shit from anyone I liked the quirky, whimsical artwork of Early Earth, but was not in love with the vast scope of the myth making, the broad origins of the universe I thought it was just all right Impressive to look at, but it made me a little impatient to read Sorry, Neil Gaiman and company, I m just not that into reading Mythology most days But this book completely turned me around It s pretty amazing One Hundred Nights of Hero is set in Early Earth, but with different characters a bunch of largely misogynist, stupid men, and a collection of amazing women who love, who dance, who resist patriarchy Early Earth is a feminist queered revisionist fairytale about two lovers Cherry, a fair and lovely young woman from the patriarchal, but what s new Empire of Migdal Bavel, and her maid, Hero Cherry is married to Jerome, who makes a stupid bet with his stupid friend Manfred If Manfred can seduce Cherry, then Manfred can have her and Jerome s castle If he fails to seduce her, Manfred s castle would become Jerome s Jerome gives Manfred a full one hundred days to sleep with Cherry, who is actually Hero s lover, so in one funny, sweet sense this bet is off Something like the Arabian Nights, Hero distracts stupid Manfred for 100 days with a collection of folklorish feminist tales, tales of madness, lust, deception, bravery and ingenuity Stories about strong women and stupid men, mostly, but they are linked, and increasingly entertaining and inspiring Stories about moons and lovers And girls who wouldn t take shit from anyone.The artwork is bold, with splashes of color, echoing primitive cave art in its attempt to connect with ancient mythology, to bring things to a feminist present With a mixture of language that both echoes old English in translation and contemporary snarky powerful bonding girl talk.Do you recall the Women s March, in January 2017 This was released a few months before that but it would have been perfect for it Sure to become a feminist classic, a funny and angry and sweet cry against oppression, against forced marriage, against stupid and unconscionable male standards and expectations for female behavior and bodies. A book of charmingly peculiar feminist graphic fairy tales. One Hundred Nights of Hero is a story about stories, and a story about storytelling, and a story about power the power we yield, and the power we are deprived of I don t know if I can fully review this This book is one that you simply have to experience for yourself All I can say is that this book is deeply, deeply beautiful It is a story of love and loss and with a deep, deep power It s probably enough to say the ending made me cry Please add this.Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ♍ The One Hundred Nights of Hero ☨ A Publishers Weekly Best Book Of In The Tradition Of The Arabian Nights, A Beautifully Illustrated Tapestry Of Folk Tales And Myths About The Secret Legacy Of Female Storytellers In An Imagined Medieval WorldIn The Empire Of Migdal Bavel, Cherry Is Married To Jerome, A Wicked Man Who Makes A Diabolical Wager With His Friend Manfred If Manfred Can Seduce Cherry In One Hundred Nights, He Can Have His Castle And CherryBut What Jerome Doesn T Know Is That Cherry Is In Love With Her Maid Hero The Two Women Hatch A Plan Hero, A Member Of The League Of Secret Story Tellers, Will Distract Manfred By Regaling Him With A Mesmerizing Tale Each Night For Nights, Keeping Him At Bay Those Tales Are Beautifully Depicted Here, Touching On Themes Of Love And Betrayal And Loyalty And MadnessAs Intricate And Richly Imagined As The Works Of Chris Ware, And Leavened With A Dry Wit That Rivals Kate Beaton S In Hark A Vagrant, Isabel Greenberg S One Hundred Nights Of Hero Will Capture Readers Hearts And Minds, Taking Them Through A Magical Medieval World This book was physically stunning Thoughtful words with beautiful illustrationsFeminist tales within a tale Artwork colours work really well.One of the best graphic novels i have ever read. we love sapphics burning down the patriarchy The moral of this story is Tell stories to get out of dangerous situations But not just any stories Smart stories Stories about brave women who don t take shit from anyone.That s simplifying The One Hundred Nights of Hero quite a bit since there is a lot to this gorgeously illustrated book It gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling with its messages of love and independence, yet, it is a very somber and sobering tale It s muted tones create an aesthetic palette that is just as central to the book s essence as are the splashes of excitement in colour and humour The way in which the darkness and the comedy mixes into the artwork reminds me fondly of Kate Beaton s Hark A Vagrant and Emily Carroll s Through The Woods I m extremely taken by this story told here on the art of storytelling so much so that I d stay up one hundred nights and to live them myself as a member of The League of Secret Story Tellers. This book is an absolute delight It had everything I could have wanted a compelling story, wonderful characters, and a sense of bittersweet hope throughout.This book is a celebration of women storytelling, and the ways in which other people mostly men try to stifle these stories and the women who tell them.The art is gorgeous and visually interesting I loved just staring at the pages I want MORE So much I especially adored the ending of this book It s everything I could have wanted. Essentially an f f retelling of a thousand and one nights, the one hundred nights of hero was addictive, funny, brilliantly sarcastic and full of sassy, bad ass women and feminist tales and messages from start to finish With artwork that was quirky, unique and incredibly inviting, a compelling plot and a brilliantly witty reflection on society and the way it treats women, I d without recommend this as a thoroughly enjoyable read.