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Bailey King has been working hard as an assistant chocolatier at JP Chocolates in New York City and crossing her fingers she is the one that is going to get the promotion to be announced soon But Bailey gets a phone call from her grandmother with some bad news, her grandfather s health has gone downhill Bailey just knows it s pretty serious since her grandparents are Amish and simply using a phone to contact her is no small thing in the Amish community Bailey decides to take a few days and head to Harvest, Ohio to make sure things are alright with her grandparents Shortly after arriving however Bailey finds herself walking into the kitchen of the Amish candy shop, Swissmen Sweets, that her grandparents own and where Bailey learned her love for chocolate, but instead of chocolate Bailey finds that a local developer that had been pressuring her grandparents to sell has been murdered in their kitchen Not only is Bailey s grandfather now a suspect even with his poor health but also Bailey herself so she needs to stay and find out just what really happened in that kitchen Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower is the first book in the new cozy mystery series An Amish Candy Shop Mystery As with most cozies that I find myself enjoying this series has it s own unique setting bringing the main character to the small town charm with her Amish grandparents Just infusing the Amish ways within the story added it s own bit of flavor that was hard to not like getting to know a bit about The characters in here have a wide range of personalities to get to know but I found them all likable, although I do believe Jethro, a pet pig, might have stolen the show at several points in the book The author did a good job slowly building the list of suspects as Bailey begins to investigate the small town that kept me wondering just who the murderer would turn out to be in the end I will certainly be interested in seeing what happens in this small town and with these characters in any future installments to the series I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit This book has everything I look for in a cozy mystery It takes place in a small town which just happens to have a large Amish community There is a murder, a wonderful protagonist, food, some romantic tension and a strong family connection There is also a recipe included at the end It is the first in a new series by Amanda Flower I have read other books by this author, and I enjoy her character development, plot development and storyline A winner in my books.Bailey King is up for a huge promotion at JP Chocolates in New York City as head chocolatier Just before the announcement, her grandmother calls her to say that her grandfather is in the hospital in Harvest, Ohio and is very ill She loves them very much, especially because she developed her love for chocolates spending summers with her grandparents and working in their sweet shop she heads off and arrives to see her grandfather s health failing and he collapses outside his store He has just had an argument with an English developer who wants to buy his store Because her grandparents are Amish, they have no electricity in their apartment above their store, so Bailey has to charge her phone in the kitchen of the store When she goes to retrieve it the next day, she finds the English Developer dead in the kitchen with the fudge knife sticking out of his chest Of course, Bailey becomes a suspect not only because she observed the argument and may have killed him because of her grandfather, but her prints are the only ones on the knife.There should be plenty of suspects but the police have decided that Bailey or perhaps her grandfather might have done the murder A very handsome deputy has a special relationship with the Kings and Bailey finds herself comparing him to her boyfriend back in New York As she investigates, she finds out that many of the Amish that sold their businesses to the victim, also had a reason to kill him Bailey continues to search out information to find the real murderer.I loved this story The characters are very believable and very engaging Maami, Clara King and Daadi, Jebediah King are wonderful people with huge, generous hearts Even with his heart condition and weakened state, Jebediah puts the needs of others first and never loses his strong work ethic Clara, a strong woman in her own right is the perfect helpmate While Bailey is not Amish, she clearly has the same values as her grandparents Their close bond remains even though she is living in New York Her father left the Amish faith when he married her mother many years before.The pace of the story moves nicely not only trying to catch a killer but finding out that the Kings had committed to making desserts for a wedding and they are not allowed to use their kitchen Bailey jumps in to help and finds out things about the groom that she shares with the police The wedding itself is interesting, the mother of the bride especially The groom is the son of the murdered man and the wedding is going on as planned Seems a bit odd to Bailey There is a lot happening with quilting bees, community dinners, and even a pot bellied pig that is invited to the wedding The mystery was a twisty one I thought I had it figured out but was very surprised by the reveal Amanda Flower has given her readers a terrific story to savor I am ready to read the next one in this series A great book for any cozy mystery reader to enjoy. Dollycas s ThoughtsWow What a fantastic start for this series Bailey King is up for a huge promotion at JP Chocolates in New York City, but she receives a call that her grandfather is very ill in Harvest, Ohio Her grandparents are the ones that introduced her to everything chocolate at their Amish candy shop, Swissmen Sweets Hoping it will be a quick trip she rushes to be with them Her grandfather pushes away any concern but she can see he is failing.Adjusting to their Amish ways she has to charge her cell phone in the shop kitchen as their are no outlets in their living quarters above the shop When she sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night to retrieve it she almost trips over the dead body of an Englisch developer, a man with a grand scheme to buy all the shops in Harvest There should be plenty of suspects but the police have decided that Bailey s grandfather is their prime suspect His shop his knife case closed almost A very handsome deputy has a special relationship with the King s Bailey doesn t know what it is but she knows she isn t going to take her sweet time jumping into his case Her grandfather is innocent and she is going to prove it or fudge things up royally I loved this story The characters are very believable and very engaging Maami, Clara King and Daadi, Jebediah King are such wonderful people with huge hearts Even with his heart condition, Jebediah puts the needs of others first and never loses his strong work ethic Clara, a strong woman in her own right is the perfect helpmate While Bailey is not Amish, she clearly has the same values as her grandparents Their close bond remains even though she has been away in New York.The story moves right along not only trying to catch a killer but following the King s as they deal with not being able to use their kitchen Commitments have been made and must be fulfilled Bailey takes on providing the desserts for a wedding she is surprised is still taking place With this event we meet characters, Amish and Englisch, from the bridal couple and the bride s mother to the ladies of the church plus a cute little kitten and a potbellied pig too.The mystery was a twisty one I thought I had it figured out but at the big reveal I was completely surprised They may not have chocolate covered red herrings in the candy shop but this story is full of those buggers.Amanda Flower and her unique writing style has given her readers a terrific story to savor She has blended captivating characters, a marvelous mystery, a charming town, and scrumptious chocolate in a way that is sure to please every cozy reader Pure bliss this book plus anything chocolate Assaulted Caramel Amanda FlowerASSAULTED CARAMEL is the first book in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series Bailey King is an assistant chocolatier at JP Chocolates in New York City and has been praying that she is going to be getting a huge promotion very very soon But she has just received a phone call from her grandmother saying that her grandfather is very ill and his health is declining quickly Even though her grandmother tells her not to come Bailey is on the next plane out, leaving her life in NYC behind without a second thought Once she is there, she learns that Tyson Colton is buying up all the Amish businesses and wants to turn the Amish community into an Amish Disneyland He is trying to buyout Bailey s grandparents candy shop and he is bullying them and is very persistent They are the last holdouts and Bailey can t understand why the rest of the business owners have agreed to sell Bailey is so upset and cannot sleep She decides to go down to the candy shop, the only spot with electricity to check her phone to see if her secret boyfriend has left her a message She steps in something sticky, thinking its some chocolate only to discover it is blood and not just any blood but Tyson Colton s blood He is dead and Bailey becomes the police departments number one suspect ASSAULTED CARAMEL is filled with twists and turns and I was instantly hooked and in everyone s business It is a very quick read and when the mystery of who killed Tyson was solved, I was in shock I had no idea ASSAULTED CARAMEL is a wonderful start to the perfect Amish cozy series All of the characters are very interesting and believable, so much so that I felt as if I ve known them for a long time While Bailey isn t Amish, her grandparents are and she has the same values as them As I was reading I could tell Amanda Flower had done her research as it is the best cozy I have read in a very long time There are plenty of suspects, the action is face paced, and there are many surprises There is also a bit romance and I can t wait to read the next book in the series, Lethal Licorice, to see what happens with that Amanda Flower sure knows how to pull at her readers heart strings and I m so excited to continue this series What an amazing start to a series I could not put it down,Amanda flower is such a talented writer and I can t wait to continue on with the next book. .As you enter this book, you will discover the small serene town of Harvest, Ohio I found this sweet, cozy mystery a delight, especially with an Amish twist Although it wasn t totally an accurate Amish reverie, since it omits the day to day, Pennsylvania Dutch patterns, and church attendance altogether It is interesting but not as captivating as I wish I didn t really get a feel for the characters themselves, only snippets of visual descriptions and others perceptions of them.Bailey King s visit to check on her Amish grandparents upon hearing about her grandfather s poor health, leads to unexpected trouble She accidentally stumbled into a murdered real estate man, at Swissmen Sweets, her grandparent s shop Being considered the prime suspect, she decides to investigate, hoping to find leads to direct the police to the actual murderer Many secrets of those people in the town ended up being revealed, including Bailey s Secrets can t be maintained forever.I listened to this book through Hoopla The narrator is Rebecca Mitchell I m not sure I actually cared for this rendition It did make my mouth water for some yummy chocolate though This is a clean wholesome stand alone book with unexpected twists, which I appreciate very much I enjoyed the unconventional storyline, but would not recommend it to those who prefer traditional Amish literature. |Download Book ☫ Assaulted Caramel (Amish Candy Shop Mystery, #1) ⚉ Sometimes You Need A Sweet Tooth To Take A Bite Out Of CrimeBailey King Is Living The Sweet Life As Assistant Chocolatier At World Famous JP Chocolates In New York City But Just When Bailey S Up For A Life Changing Promotion, Her Grandmother Calls With News That Her Grandfather S Heart Condition Has Worsened Bailey Rushes To Harvest, Ohio, Where Her Grandparents Still Run Swissmen Sweets, The Amish Candy Shop Where She Was First Introduced To Delicious Fudge, Truffles, And Other Assorted DelightsShe Finds Her Grandfather Is Doing Better Than She Feared Unfortunately, The Same Can T Be Said For A Local Englisch Developer, Whom Bailey Finds Dead In The Candy Shop Kitchen With Jebediah King S Chocolate Knife Buried In His Chest Now The Police Are Sweet On Her Grandfather As The Prime Suspect Despite The Sincere Efforts Of A Yummy Deputy With Chocolate Brown Eyes, Bailey Takes It On Herself To Clear Jebediah But As A Cunning Killer Tries To Fudge The Truth, Bailey May Be Headed Straight Into A Whole Batch Of Trouble Bailey King lives in New York City, working as assistant chocolatier at JP Chocolates She learned to love chocolate and making candy from her Amish grandfather When she receives a phone call that her grandfather is very ill, she drops everything and rushes to Ohio When she arrives, she discovers her Daadi is not only having health problems but he s also being pressured to sell his candy shop to a local developer, Tyson Colton Several other Amish business owners have been pressured by Colton as well Bailey is so upset that night she can t sleep She wanders down to the candy shop from her grandparents upstairs living quarters, only to discover something horrific Tyson Colton s dead body bleeding all over the store s kitchen floor Immediately Bailey finds herself the main suspect in the murder How can she prove her innocence, make candies for a local wedding, and make it back to NYC in time to find out about an important job promotion I loved this book It is hands down the best cozy I ve read in a long time The setting and characters are interesting and engaging except for one annoying woman I wanted to throttle.but I was supposed to hate her ha ha The mystery was well paced, exciting and had plenty of suspects and surprises I was reading an advanced readers copy on my phone..I stayed up til 2 am to finish it, reading in bed I felt like a kid again reading under my covers with a flashlight I am not surprised at all that I loved this book Amanda Flower never disappoints me I enjoy her Magical Bookshop series too She also writes the Living History Museum mystery series and the India Hayes series Assaulted Caramel is the first book in the new Amish Candy Shop cozy series A second book in this series, Lethal Licorice, will be coming out in February 2018 For information on the author and her books check out her website at I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley Opinions expressed are entirely my own. I am a huge fan of this author so anything new either in an existing series or the start of a new one I will automatically read This was a one day read for me as I couldn t put the book down I was so engaged I just kept turning pages to learn who killed Tyson and why Ms Flower has an incredible writing style that transports her readers to whatever the story take them I know that when I pick up one of her books I will be entertained by an engaging mystery, quaint locations and characters that are authentic and genuine I am eagerly looking forward for to come in this series This was an fantastic start to a new series.A full review will be posted to my blog closer to release date.I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy provided to me by the publisher, Kensington, through Netgalley. Bailey King is most likely next in line has head chocolatier at the prestigious JP Chocolates in New York City when she receives a call from her Amish grandma in Ohio that her grandpa s heart condition has taken a turn for the worse Family is always first for Bailey so even though the position at work she s wanted for a long time is at stake, she hurries back home to Harvest, Ohio and the shop, Swissmen Sweets, that she has fond memories of as a child Bailey always came to stay with her grandparents in the summer and she wasn t about to abandon them now Grandpa is rallying when she gets there but when she finds the body of a not so nice businessman in her grandparents kitchen, Bailey becomes the prime suspect in this man s murder so she is trying to beat the clock by proving her innocence since she can t go back to NY until the case is solved Her BFF Cass from New York comes looking for her and gets pulled into the investigation by Bailey Hopefully they can succeed in finding the killer before the killer decides to make them his next victims.I never would have guessed the killer in this All along I had one person in mind so it was a really awesome twist I knew at one point but I think the author was deliberately giving some clues so readers could think towards that I enjoyed the growing love hate friendship between Bailey and the yummy licious deputy named Aiden It ll be fun seeing what happens next The book s ending was also really good, everything wrapped up very neatly but enough information to make a person want to read in the series.This book was overall a really enjoyable read Not only was it set in my home state of Ohio but it s very apparent that the author has done extensive research on or lived near Amish country herself I can t wait till her next book comes out since I ve really grown to think of these characters as friends I want to revisit.