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Charm School For Cowboys is a Hurley s Homestyle Kitchen Series by Meg Maxwell This is such a funny book I would recommend it for anyone to read Emma Hurley is pregnant She wants to be on her own Emma takes a job working as a cook for Jake Morrow at his ranch Four cowboys work for Jake They are lacking in charm when they are around women Emma teaches them how to act around women Jake has a twin brother he is looking for Jake and Emma have feelings for each other but don t admit it to each other Emma s dad will put the ranch up for sale if Emma doesn t marry Again a funny book. [Read Epub] ☨ Charm School for Cowboys (Hurleys Homestyle Kitchen, #5) ♉ As If Meeting His Birth Mother And Discovering He Has A Twin Brother Aren T Enough To Test A Man, Jake Morrow S Short One Ranch Cook So When Pregnant Emma Hurley Comes Looking For A Job And Whips Up The Best Steak Dinner He S Ever Had, Jake Hires Her On The Spot And When Emma S Father Demands She Marry Or Lose Her Family Farm, Jake Stuns Emmaand Himselfby ProposingAfter Being Left In The Lurch, Emma Can Handle Five Hungry, Romance Challenged Cowboys Well, Except For One The Handsome Rancher And Blue Gulch S Most Eligible Bachelor Who Gallantly Comes To Her Rescue Only Now Emma S Gone And Fallen For Her Pretend Fiance But Jake Isn T Looking For A Forever Kind Of Loveis He Jake was a protective caretaker and planner, while Emma was sweet and too stubborn for her own good They started out as a fake engagement, so I was hoping for relationship development Unfortunately, instead of a slow burning attraction, it felt like Jake and Emma stayed at the good friends level, which in turn had their romance coming across stilted and awkward Frankly, that drove me nuts I was hoping for a really, sweep em off your feet romantic tale Overall, even though I was disappointed in the main charcater s romance, I still thought this was a cute read, mostly due to the secondary characters lack of tact and gruff charm as they tried to woo dates of their own. This is the 5th book I read by Meg Maxwell I loved the food mentioned in the story It sounded deliciousI felt sorry for Emma I m sorry this story was slow I couldn t get into it. Found this little gem at the library on the honor s rack What a fun story to read on a Sunday Pregnant Emma Hurley shows up a Jake Morrow s ranch, saves dinner and end s up with a job Discovering that she is a week too late on tracking the father of her unborn baby s father down, Emma takes a job on the spot as the new cook The 5 romanced starved cowboys on this ranch need all the help they can get and Emma seems perfect for the job. A lovely sweet read This was going okay until about page 150, when Emma and Jake just started misunderstanding each other left and right, which got old very very fast It ended alright though.Except now I m caught and have to find out what happens to the brother Ugh. I ve never read Meg Maxwell s books This is my first by her what a joy to read it I think this is book 5 in the Hurley s Homestyle Kitchen series, although it isn t numbered.Emma 26 has quarreled with her widowed father, who is a control freak and dictates his rules to her.She met a cowboy, Joshua Smith Tex and tracks him down to the Full Circle ranch owned by Jake.Only Tex is dead, killed falling from a horse Emma is 4 months pregnant and needs a place to stay.She is second cousin to the three Hurley sisters living in town and running the local restaurant with their grandmother, Essie.Jake 32 owns the Full Circle ranch.He was adopted as a baby and has a younger brother born to his adoptive parents, CJ 22.Five years ago,upon their parents s death, Jake learned the name of his birth mother Sarah and that he is a twin CJ took it hard and Jake stopped the search for his brother.Now he learns where his brother lives.Emma starts her new job and gives advice to all 5 men living and working on the farm.They range from 22 to 52, all single and looking for love.When Jake proposes to her, Emma doesn t take him seriously, but agrees to a fake engagement.Her father threatens to sell her childhood home, the home of her mother.Eventually he changes his decision in an interesting way.Jake s twin, Colt Asher, finds him.It will be interesting to readabout the people featured in the book.