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Goodness me I ve read quite a number of reviews prior to picking up this gem Thought I know what to expect, but I underestimated the smut level in this [[ PDF ]] ⇔ A Real Man ☉ VOLUME ONE A Real Man Always Does It BetterThis Volume Contains The First Three Books In The Real Man SeriesBook LumberjackShe Hasn T Been With A Real Man Until NowBook VirginShe S The Only One He Ll Ever WantBook Baby FeverI M Going To Put My Baby In Her Great series of books Super fast and steamy. If you ve read enough of my reviews, you know I love me some hot, insta love, uber alpha stories And this is a whole collection of some Each of these men is a hot, take charge, alpha And I love them all Each story is different but each story also has a hot alpha who knows what he wants and will get his woman And care for her and protect her I haven t read Jenika Snow s books before but I will definitely be on the look out for A Real Man Volume 2 I can just imagine the swoony men 3 Lumberjack Vivian Clarke needs a break after discovering her boyfriend was sleeping with other girls in the office She decides to take a week and recharge at a cabin in the woods but when she gets lost she must decide whether to go to the cabin she finally finds or spend a night in the woods.Jake Braxton moved to the middle of nowhere 5 years ago after catching his girlfriend in bed with his best friend He has become a lumberjack and sworn off all women Entirely.When Vivian decides to venture up to Jake s cabin sparks fly but will either be willing to let go of their own rules for a night of intense passion This was a super quick and smutty read It was fun for sure but parts seemed to be a little far fetched although I suppose if you think it s only going to be one night you may as well make the best of it and go for everything Vivian was coming off a bad relationship and immediately was attracted to Jake and everything he brought to her with his intense passion and alpha style It was pretty clear that Vivian loved this about him but never would have pegged him for her type.Jake was steering away from all women but there was something about Vivian that brought down all his walls Given that Jake had not been with a woman in 5 years I wasn t surprised at all with his intensity towards Vivian.The book was a fun read and very hot VirginQuinn has been in love with Isabel since he was 10 years old When Isabel learns that she will be moving for her senior year will Quinn finally tell her how he truly feels about her When Isabel has to tell Quinn her heart is breaking but when she learns how he feels and that he has been saving himself for her does she feel the same How far will Quinn go to be with Isabel At first when I saw the cover I was expecting Quinn to be much older than high school so when I started reading I initially taken by surprise That being said this book is a quick read acting on your first love.Quinn knew he would only have this chance to show Isabel how much he loved her and knew one night could change everything He was ready for the night and definitely knew much about satisfying someone than a high school teenager generally does I was definitely impressed with how far Quinn went to show Isabel how much he truly loved her Quick read on a first true love.Baby FeverDex is 39 and realizes how much he wants a child The bad boy has always had a secret crush on his best friend Charles s little sister Eva Does Eva feel the same and will she believe that he only wants to be with her Eva is 29 and is a waitress at a bar When she is hot on by a drunk guy one night and Dex comes to her rescue will the love she has secretly had for him for so many years come out This is a quick and fun story about two people who have always had feelings for each other but kept it under wraps due to their age difference and Charles.I do like how they both waited until they were older and both were ready to settle down before trying a relationship with each other.Fun and quick read Lumberjack 4 starsVery spicy Great for a weekend or vacation book Jake has been hurt deeply but once he has a taste of Vivian he s all in I liked that he sat back and waited for Vivian to make the choice to come to him I enjoyed Vivian s confidence and that when faced with the choice of her future she picked Jake.Adult readVirgin 5 starsI so enjoyed this book Quinn knows what he wants and he s never wavered Isabel can t imagine her life without Quinn, but I like that she had faith regardless of the distance between them I liked seeing them as an engaged couple and again as new parents Lovely ending.Adult readBaby Fever 3.75 starsFast and spicy Great weekend book Dex is finally ready to admit his long held feelings for Eva and he does it eloquently Eva gets the man she s been wishing for and a whole lot Adult read Hot menThis had several stories about hot men who go after what they want and get it They work hard and treat their women even sweeter All 3 books are alpha overload to the max Books 1 3 for.99 Already read for free on KU but worth it for.33 book Sweet and SexyMs Snow gives us three sweet and sexy tales filled with over the top Alpha makes and tons of Insta love for the women who have caught them.