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The story was so intense and entertaining but the ending was so abrupt I am a HUGE fan of Lee Wilkinson s novels This book ranks right up there with the best of them The book moves at a steady pace with plenty off action in almost every scene Cass takes an innocent trip with her fianc to attend a weekend retreat at the home of her fianc s boss The boss had a secret agenda that kept her jumping through hoops throughout the entire book There were no crazy ex girlfriends hanging around and no surprise pregnancies thank goodness Although perhaps an ex boyfriend or two There was plenty of dialogue between the lead characters And although the story is mainly told from the point of view of the heroine, we also get periodic snippets of thoughts from the hero We can see how his ideas about her are changing and see how he is falling in love with the heroine instead of just dropping it into conversation at the end I do wish there had been a longer,passionate ending to the book but the lack thereof does not detract from the rest of this amazing book I have owned this paperback book for many years and I am now considering purchasing the kindle version so I can read it anytime, anywhere I am writing this review because I was shocked to see the low ratings ons website If you are a true romance junkie and like books in the Harlequin Presents line, I encourage you to buy this book I also recommend That Devil Love also by this author Helen Bianchin is also one of my favorite Harlequin authors. Even with his blonde hair, I loved his deviousness and stupidity but I neededgrovel from him. This was 5 stars book until last chapter either the author ran out of word count or has rush of blood to the head I felt robbed of proper ending. ( Free E-pub ) ☢ The Marriage Takeover ⚕ The Groom S RevengeCassandra Was Determined To Impress Lang Dalton, Her Fiance S High Powered Boss And His Glamorous Party Seemed The Perfect Opportunity Only It Turned Out To Be A Setup Lang Wanted Cassandra For Himself Cassandra Refused To Let Lang Hijack Her Wedding Plans, But He Had A Seductive Hold Over Her He Was Gorgeous, Sexy And He Was Blackmailing Her Loved the bookuntil i reached the last two pages Seriouslythat s it .. His BIL became obsessed with her BIL and his sister killed in car crash He blames her for causing trouble between them He sets her up by giving her a job and starts to develop revenge plan She gets engaged to her boss He lured them both the San Fran He send the fianc off to LA with promise of promotion He drives her to Las Vegas to his casino and seduces her Cassandra was determined to impress Lang Dalton, her fiance s high powered boss and his glamorous party seemed the perfect opportunity Only it turned out to be a setup Lang wanted Cassandra for himself Cassandra refused to let Lang hijack her wedding plans, but he had a seductive hold over her he was gorgeous, sexy and he was blackmailing her. What is it with women easily forgiving the men Hero I am sorry i lied to you and married you for revenge I love you Heroine i forgive you since you love me I love you too Let s live happily ever after Meh Really Is it that easy to forgive someone who planned to destroy you