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Picture book about Katherine Johnson that includes some life details that haven t been in other picture books.Like the emphasis on her supportive family.When the book wants to say that something is wrong, it uses a math equation that isn t equal Example As wrong as 10 5 3 The illustrations really add to the story. An inspiring picture book biography of an amazing woman Doesn t give a lot of information on Johnson, but a good introduction for children. Both the story and the pictures are magical in this STEM biography picture book of Katherine Johnson Who wouldn t be inspired by her tale She was super smart and moved up grades before professors had to create new classes in order to teach her what she insatiably wanted to know and THEN ended up using in her job at NASA doing the calculations for space travel She was a trusted computer who calculated orbit and return and fought back against oppression she deigned to enter the meeting of all men when she was entitled to be in the meeting it just hadn t been done before that a woman attended and she pushed the boundaries of women in science and particularly black women in science This is endearing, hopeful, uplifting, and a powerful example of how women shaped and changed the world The cover is everything. This story is not a new one Adult readers meet Katherine in the popular book and movie Hidden Figure This book brings that story down for children to read and learn about Katherine is an important historical figure because she proved that you can be both a woman, and black, and still do impossible things like help launch people into space The story is well written, easy to understand, and keeps the reader s attention The illustrations are beautiful and a perfect match BBRC AtoZofpicturebooks Very well written introduction to Katherine Johnson and her outstanding courage, determination and skills The story is appealing and interesting for youngsters and the back matter is excellent and inludes both an author and an illustrator s notesVeronica Miller Jamison s illustrations are lively and fun with numbers and math cleverly included A terrific STEM book but a great choice for any picture collection. A great picture book biography of Katherine Johnson and her important work for NASA during the space race The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is simple enough that it can be used with younger audiences Highly recommended |DOWNLOAD PDF ♖ A Computer Called Katherine ☪ The Inspiring True Story Of Mathematician Katherine Johnson Made Famous By The Award Winning Film Hidden Figures Who Counted And Computed Her Way To NASA And Helped Put A Man On The Moon Katherine Knew It Was Wrong That African Americans Didn T Have The Same Rights As Others As Wrong As She Knew It Was Wrong That People Thought Women Could Only Be Teachers Or Nurses As Wrong As And She Proved Everyone Wrong By Zooming Ahead Of Her Classmates, Starting College At Fifteen, And Eventually Joining NASA, Where Her Calculations Helped Pioneer America S First Manned Flight Into Space, Its First Manned Orbit Of Earth, And The World S First Trip To The Moon Award Winning Author Suzanne Slade And Debut Artist Veronica Miller Jamison Tell The Story Of A NASA Computer In This Smartly Written, Charmingly Illustrated Biography A Computer Called Katherine How Katherine Johnson Helped Put America on the Moon is a children s picture book written by Suzanne Slade and illustrated by Veronica Miller Jamison It chronicles the life of Katherine Johnson an instrumental part of getting the first man on the moon.Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson is an African American mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S manned spaceflights During her 35 year career at NASA and its predecessor, she earned a reputation for mastering complex manual calculations and helped the space agency pioneer the use of computers to perform the tasks.Slade s text is rather simplistic, straightforward, and informative It detailed the childhood of Katherine Johnson and how she loved counting and numbers It also detail the trails that she had to face when she wants to go against societal norms, because the color of her skin and her gender There is an additional and helpful timeline in the back of the book that shows her life s work Jamison s illustrations are drawn rather well, reminiscent of vivid watercolors, and depict the narrative rather well.The premise of the book is rather straightforward It depicts the life of Katherine Johnson from her early childhood through adulthood It is a wonderful introduction to an important chapter in history and an incredibly inspiring woman who helped changed the world It stresses the important messages about perseverance and the courage to break through barriers in order to achieve dreams.All in all, A Computer Called Katherine How Katherine Johnson Helped Put America on the Moon is a wonderful book about perseverance, courage, and hard work through the wonderful example of Katherine Johnson. 6 6 2019 Fabulous illustrations I appreciated the way math infused so many pages, for example on the 3rd spread, when the text discussed the conflict over racial segregation and the challenge of women joining the work force, the illustrations used two angles to highlight the ways in which the groups were moving apart I also thought the text did a credible job of highlighting the challenges Katherine faced as a woman AND as a person of color I found it interesting that on the 6th spread the text discussed the fact that Katherine found the right job, because the research center was hiring women Race was not discussed However, the illustrations showed Katherine working in a room with other Black women This is especially interesting because the author appears from her photo to be White, while the illustrator is Black.One of the things that has often struck me about Katherine s story, and that seems to be underplayed, is the sacrifices her family made for her to continue her education This text does briefly allude to her family s move of 120 miles so Katherine could go to high school when she was 10.This book is a must have in any elementary library collection. Kathrine Johnson is a mathematician for NASA In her time period there were nearly no opportunities for women in the field of math She was finally able to land a job at Virginia research center while doing her career but also advocating for women engineers This book has complex ideas for the age recommended There are inferences referring to racism and sexism which could perhaps be something 4 8 year olds don t understand This era is one for children to know though Teachers or parents can explain the civil rights movements, the space race, and the role that women were expected to play in society at this time I admire Kathrine s persistency when it comes to knowing how talented and intelligent, she is and not stopping until she worked for NASA I would love to show young girls this book so they can understand that they can do anything they set their mind to even if it is considered a male dominated work force I love this book and will have to buy the hard copy for my future library.