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A bit of a scumbag, a lousy lay, full of blarney, sometimes puerile and petty minded, after 400 pages I was fed up with this guy Still, this was an interesting read. A fantastic book and autobiography I can t believe that this man did all the things in the book. I both love and hate this book Boy oh, boy oh does it start good, describing a game of ringolevio on the streets of Little Italy in 1950s New York Ringolevio is a sort of kid s wargame in which the object was to capture the majority of the opposing team s members and hold them in a prison while fighting off any attempt to free them It s a kid s game, innocent and brutal at the same time Grogan s at his best here, limning the New York streets with hardboiled prose, slapping down the names of gang members, streets, describing how a starter s pistol shatters a window, and how the game reaches a tragic end.This is a sort of autobiography, though Grogan s stand in is one Kenny Wisdom, one of those allegorical names that you wish you came up with but didn t yet might someday rip off for your own novel Kenny is unbelievably street wise, smart and strong, savvy One moment he s a junkie the next he s in prison the next he s a proletariat sap who wins a scholarship to a tony academy And we believe it all Not because it s believable, but because Grogan lets it all spiel with a ease and naturalness, just word after word This is what happened.So in a way we believe that Kenny Wisdom broke into Park Ave apartments and liberated the wealth he found there We believe that he amassed enough of a fortune to tour Europe without concern To spend liberally To see what few have seen Kenny Wisdom apparently lives a charmed life Soon, however, Kenny realizes that he s living a lie He s noliving an authentic life than those he sees on a movie screen He s merely playing the role of Kenny Wisdom and as such he must create his own life After some consideration he names himself Emmett Grogan It s at this point that the book completely falls apart as literature Up to here it s been a kind of roller coaster, a thrill ride of rebellion and anarchy, an American middle finger to expectation and conformity That spirit continues from here, but the writing doesn t follow suit.From here, Emmett is a reporter He sees and writes He uses his book as a pulpit Emmett Grogan is one of the founders of the Diggers, a group often called anarchist that created an alternative to the Flower Power mentality of the times Grogan s point of view is essential be change you want Don t just suggest how to clean up the slums, simply clean them up Show people that the world is theirs if they have the guts to take it It s likely no coincidence that Emmett Grogan shares initials with another famous anarchist.Yes, his book suffers in the second half He can t pull off the story of the Diggers with panache But that doesn t mean it s not important According to Emmett, the Diggers had a profound influence on the 60s counterculture Exposed to Leary, he decried him as a fraud Given Jagger, nothan a puppet Ginsberg he respected Burroughs was the man Dylan fares well.For a man that shunned the limelight throughout his career this book makes no sense Here, Grogan is a stage hog He dominates, pushing everybody else aside, condemning, cursing, ranting What s the deal, Emmett Grogan probably had revolution down better than any of his contemporaries, that it was better to lead by physical example than academic rhetoric This is not a good book It is, however, an essential one. Loved his story An interesting book that is weirdly inspiring Before you exit this review hear me out Although his lifestyle was quite flawed Drug addict, sexist, selfish Emmett Grogan was unafraid of the cards life dealt him, he took it on the chin and was unafraid to fight for beliefs and do the things he wished to do. Is this truth and autobiography orhistrionics than history I don t mind that Eugene Emmett Grogan calls himself Kenny Wisdom for this first act of this memoir anythan I care that Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse Five is not the real name of Vonnegut s comrade in arms Edward R Crone, Jr I don t know that anything is not factual here, it may all be psychologically correct Grogan did not appear to care enough about fact checking as to filling in details like looking up the name of Caresse Crosby to identify the Italian village s benefactor he heard about, etc So, maybe some things are misremembered, or whatever Either way, this is an activist who started on the NYC streets as a ruffian and user and died there at 36 from an overdose In between, he traveled, he co founded The Diggers and found a place in between Robin Hood and The Salvation Army to put his criminal inclinations and prodigious energy to work making a free frame of reference for hippies, Black Panthers, Methodists, runaways, andto consider as a lifestyle alternative Such prodigious energy that there was actually noone Emmett Grogan than one Dread Pirate Roberts This author only calls such instances frauds and doesname calling than name dropping Timothy Leary wasdrug pusher than prophet, Abbie Hoffman a plagiarist and Eldridge Cleaver crazy and homicidal This is a unique journey through the 60s Like most stories of that decade, something coalesced post Beat that seemed beautiful full of potential while blossoming during The Summer of Love only to descend into murders, lost friendships, and substance abuse before the 70s were underway. I wrote this book Signed, Emmett Grogan. As a good read not so much As a faithful account, at least of the 1966 period when I knew the Diggers, the best you will find Because he wrote about these events soon after they took place, this book is a reliable chronology and examination of the time and place a far better resource than all the CNN, Monterey Pop, and Woodstock retrospectives that fixate on the same celebrities and the same hype.First a disclaimer, in that I have not read the entire book, but found a PDF of Part Three pp 201 498 online So I ve not read about his early life, and don t especially plan to.Clearly Emmett was no writer I agree with readers who find his writing arrogant, full of braggadocio, self centered I ll even add petulant, incoherent, cryptic, and ineffective as his account moves into 1968 69 Emmett wasn t like that in person I remember him being very unassuming and treating us all as friends and equals the opposite of the attention seeking Abbott Hoffman.In 1966 I was 18 and Emmett was 23 I knew him and Billy when they started making the stew and bringing it to the Panhandle Like he says, we invited the Diggers to make their stew in milk cans at our kitchen a few times After the Thanksgiving at the garage store on Page Street I migrated to Manhattan s Lower East Side At separate times in 1967 I ran into Emmett and Billy on Saint Marks Place once or twice and also knew Abbott Hoffman I never saw them again I thankfully missed out on the so called Summer of Love in SF I came back to the Haight in May 1968, and I wasn t into all the politics But the Haight had become just like Emmett says a real zoo and all the good vibes were gone. *Ebook ⇲ Ringolevio: A Life Played for Keeps (Citadel Underground) ⇰ Ringolevio Is A Classic American Story Of Self Invention By One Of The Mysterious And Alluring Figures To Emerge In The S Emmett Grogan Grew Up On New York City S Mean Streets, Getting Hooked On Heroin Before He Was In His Teens, Kicking The Habit And Winning A Scholarship To A Swanky Manhattan Private School, Pursuing A Highly Profitable Sideline As A Park Avenue Burglar, Then Skipping Town To Enjoy The Dolce Vita In Italy It S A Hard Boiled, Sometimes Hard To Believe, Wildly Entertaining Tale That Takes A Totally Unexpected Turn When Grogan Washes Up In Sixties San Francisco And Becomes A Leader Of The Anarchist Group Known As The Diggers The Diggers, Devoted To Street Theater, Direct Action, And Distributing Free Food, Were In The Thick Of The Legendary Summer Of Love, And Soon Grogan Is Struggling With The Naive Narcissism Of The Hippies, The Marketing Of Revolution As A Brand, Dogmatic Radicals, And False Prophets Like Tripster Timothy Leary Above All, However, He Struggles With Himself Ringolevio Is An Enigmatic Portrait Of A Man And His Times To Set Beside Hunter S Thompson S Stories Of Fear And Loathing, Norman Mailer S The Armies Of The Night, Or The Recent Chronicles Of Bob Dylan, Who Dedicated HisAlbum Street Legal To The Memory Of Emmett Grogan This is the strange but true story of a working class Irish kid from NYC who eventually became one of the core founders of The Diggers , a radical, anarchist, collective serving free food to people in Haight Ashbury as well as providing free clothes, and some social services to folks during the Summer of Love On the way to Haight Ashbury he works as a criminal in NYC, flees to Italy, lives there eventually studying film, goes to Ireland and works with the IRA, becomes a porn writer in London, then comes back to America joining the San Francisco Mime Troupe, which was different from the stereotypical but interesting miming associated with Marcel Marceau Ringelevio was the name of a street game that he played as a kid in his neighborhood. An amazing story A really really amazing story Emmett Grogan s account is nigh on unbelievable but true though hyperbolic account of his rise from the streets of Brooklyn through heroin, high class jewel thievery, the Mafia, Film school in Rome, the I.R.A., and finally the Haight Ashbury underground during the mid and late sixties Some parts of the story are pretty hard to take especially when sexism, racism, or homophobia raise their heads However the stories of the Diggers in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco and the births of the community anarchists and the free food movement are fabulous and the early part in New York is magical.