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Fantastic, brooding and insightful if a little hard to follow at times It s a true tragedy that this modern classic hasn t been read by , or had the publicity it deserves. (((FREE PDF))) ☝ The God Boy ⇲ I M A God Boy, Sister, I Said You Don T Have To Worry About Me, I M A God Boy The Story Of Tough Little Jimmy Sullivan, A Boy That God Had His Eye On , Is As Vivid And Relevant Now As When It Was First PublishedI Recently Glanced Again Through Both This Book And A Catcher In The Rye, And I Really Think That, For A New Zealander Anyway, The God Boy Stands Up Better Than A Catcher In The Rye Gordon McLauchlanIt Is Moving, Exciting, Amusing Superlatively ReadableEH McCormick, LandfallIts Theme Is Relevant To Issues That Continue To Trouble The New Zealand Community Its Material, Densely Local As It Is, Is Triumphantly Handled So As To Indicate Wider Implications Its Characterisation Is Individual, Fresh And Memorable And The Art Of Telling Is Unusually Disciplined And SubtleProfessor Joan Stevens Jimmy is thirteen and he is looking back at his eleven year old self and trying to come to terms with the domestic violence he experienced in his home From his first consciousness that something wasn t right to acknowledging his need to hide his home life from others, and his fear that his parents problems were somehow his fault, the reader is shown the affects of abuse on a child While the content is disturbing and heart breaking, the writing is compelling It is spare and so evocative of the feelings of a young boy While a story like this makes us uncomfortable, it has to be told It is stories like this one that force society to acknowledge abuse and its affect on families, particularly children, and to hopefully be aware and willing to help those who are experiencing abuse Even though it was written in the 1950 s, it still resonates today. I like how the story is told from the perspective of an eleven year old boy He doesn t see the situation exactly how the reader might perceive it, I was busy trying to decode his innocent understanding about what is actually going on His world of warring parents eventually is destroyed when his mother, knocks her husband off. Just about the stupidest book I ve ever been compelled to read Those high school English teachers sure have something to answer for here Totally irrelevant to the life of an urban raised teenage girl. Very good.The first New Zealand novel to be selected for Penguin Classics A deeply moving story of a Catholic boy learning that simple faith is no protection from life s harsh realities A masterpiece. Simply heartbreaking to see everything through the eyes of this 13 year old boy who tries to work out the problems his parents have. You couldn t pay me to read that again Bloody school assignment giving us shit books A very important New Zealand novel Utterly New Zealand, yet with themes applicable to people and communities every where in the world I need book cases. A rather complex novel, entailing the effects of family abuse, endless arguing between Jimmy s parents and the such, on essentially, Jimmy s entire life Amazingly, the book is still relevant in today s society in New Zealand and across the world The layers of depth in this story is simply perplexing Excellent for a reading log, report or essay.